Monday, January 15, 2007

Watching the bikes go by

Yoda is going for another ECG next Monday, Dr doesn't seem worried but just wants to check it out. He says it could be caused by the virus he'd had.

See how useless I am at taking any kind of image that requires a camera. This was Max Biaggi screaming past while we were at the track and no, Yoda is not really giving me the finger. LOL Apparently there were crashes yesterday, but we didn't see them, so they must have been before or after we left. The riders are ok though.

It was a pretty good day to go, was pretty cool but didn't rain so the kids enjoyed it. Yoda was enthralled at how fast the bikes go, he said they don't look that fast on tv LOL
The ducks were well fed by the 2 of them though, they kept wandering off to feed them and hubby had to keep whistling to get them back to the fence. I kept telling him not to whistle [ they're not puppies! LOL] so he'd do it again. Finally, I gave up! I think the 2 riders doing promo pics on the track thought he was whistling at them, was very funny though, but embarassing.

As we were walking up to the pit roof, Troy walked past into his pit, Yoda casually says hello to him. Troy said Hi, how's it going". Yoda didn't even realise who he was saying hello to. He just thought it was some random track dude. heh. The guy in our group was shocked that Yoda was *forward* enough to say hello to one of the riders. Poor Yoda was totally bemused and got the *all adults are nuts* expression.


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