Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pebbles the human cat

We got Pebbles [she's 8 now] about 5 years ago after she was tossed out of a moving car on the Bruce Highway. She'd been abused and starved but after a few weeks settled in happily to the family. Because of her former life, she's never really grown and people often think she's a kitten. Pebbles bonded to me first, so she sleeps on me and follows me around the house, sitting on me and holds my hand LOL which is the weirdest thing I've ever seen a cat do.

Poor Pebbles is having a really bad weekend. She had some kind of seizure, couldn't walk without falling over sideways and her eyes were bugging out of her head. She made it all the way back upstairs to our bedroom to me [with kids and hubby in hot pursuit] and ran into the blanket box at the end of the bed. Ouch. Poor Simba was even trying to help [our siamese cat] and the girls were crying. I was worried because she'd previously had a fractured skull and may have developed epilepsy.

We raced to the vet and they've done bloodwork and it appears she has ingested something toxic. What, we have no idea. So, back this morning to get another bloodtest to make sure that she's not getting into whatever it was [some kind of plant or grass is the vet's guess] again. Anyway, the vet nurse is new and held her wrong and accidentally choked her instead. Pebbles went nuts, good thing he'd clipped her claws first or there would have been blood from everyone in the sample.

I had wisely legged it out the door leaving them and hubby to it, but all I could hear was the cat screeching. I went back in and she practically launched at me and tried to burrow under my arm. Poor baby. She finally calmed down after I cuddled her and talked to her. She was so freaked she was panting like a dog and growling at everyone.

So, because the 1st attempt failed we had to leave her there for a few hours. They managed to get the blood the second time, but she's a very unhappy cat. She's hiding in my workroom in the shelves so noone can get to her with a look of total distate for the world.

I feel like an absolute bitch.

Because Pebbles is so unhappy I have been sitting in here so she won't have to move around the house looking for me. I have been making double sure there is nothing in here that she could have gotten in to. I don't have anything toxic, but just making sure!

*Sigh* now the kids are all grown up I have to cat proof the house instead of child proofing. LOL

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