Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have a theory...

about a conspiracy! LOL
Ok,here goes, while I was doing my treatment, I found my skin thinned & became dryer. I could only use "very" soft toilet paper. So, I found a brand I liked that was very soft & it became "the" essential brand, even better, if it was on special. Except...I have discovered a peculiar trend in TP fashion. For a little while it's fine & soft, everything seems ok, BUT, then after a while, the composition of the paper changes and it is no longer as soft, this usually occurs after the "special" of the brand in question finishes & takes place a month or so later. At first, I thought I was imagining this
peculiar phenomonen, but, no, I'm not and I have tested this theory with several brands.
Soooo, there ya go, only buy the advertised *soft* toilet paper on special or risk the sandpaper effect!

Well, now that I have shared this wisdom with you, I must go & take Yoda's lunch to school for him. He left it sitting on the kitchen bench. Sadly for him, I left my bag at home, so he couldn't have tuckshop. I think I foiled his master plan. heh.

feelin' - accomplished
hearin' - Live at Knebworth - Robbie Williams

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