Saturday, August 13, 2005


Ok, I think I finally got everything working correctly and the network secured LOL I hate the technical side of computers, drives me nuts!
Not much happening anyway, still not moving around much, but it's getting better.

I just got a great batch of glass beads from Ebay, they are destined not for jewellery but attached bookmarks to some of the handmade books I'm working on.
I'll have some more artwork up by the end of the week, and have nearly finished my new site [ YAY!] I've also caught up on some books I've been meaning to read & even watched a couple of dvd's. Amazing, I don't feel so behind in the social whirl of reading & movies anymore *g*
BQ2 has me bidding on drum sets & bass guitars on Ebay for her *roll eyes* I am also frantically looking for a quality set of ear plugs for me LOL I am the most tone deaf person you could ever know, so it's a good thing she takes after her father for the musical side LOL

I have also nearly finished re-entering all the family tree data I lost when my old comp died, so now I just have to find the scans I saved.

Well, cheerio cobbers *g* I'm off for a snooze *g*

Feelin': Annoyingly cheerful
Listenin' : Play Me - Adam Thompson

1 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Ouch - hope you get better soon. I know about picking up children who look like they weigh like feathers and the ensuing back pain...
Drums heh? Bless her.
My seven year old has just started playing the recorder. Remember that little gem?
Take it easy and get well soon.