Sunday, August 14, 2005

Oh noes!

Last night I worked on the new domain, except for the portfolio part as I still need to get some pics of images I've sold. I set up a new email account for it & happily emailed all my clients with the new email, sent some personal emails & replied to an email list I am subscribed to.

Today I realised that I had set the signature block in OE to ALL outgoing emails, not just the new business one. DUH! Now everyone subscribed to the mailing list I replied to has my mobile number! aaargggghhhhhhh.

Anyone have spare brain cells I can borrow?

The wind is howling outside & we have a gale warning [almost like being in Townsville again LOL] the kids have asked if school will be cancelled tommorrrow [snerk] I hope not, I've got things to do, like go to a movie *g* Yes, I am vertical again, altho I am walking verrrry sloooowly. I have to get out of the house or I will start screaming.

I found a pair of black leather pants dating from my misguided youth, so I'm going to cut them up & use them for a book cover. It's not like I'm ever gonna get my rear into them ever again! I think I'll keep this one for me though as I wore these to the very first concert I went to, which was Skyhooks at the Townsville soundshell.
We didn't get many big name acts up there, so this was a huge deal & altho we had tickets, it was more fun to sneak in under the fence & leg it before security nabbed us. We were very proud of ourselves LOL

Feelin' - happy
Listenin' - Made in Heaven - Queen

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