Tuesday, August 30, 2005

social nerd

I feel socially inept on the net.

3 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

Socially Inept' my keywords of the week. Had my rarely seen father age 82 in my presence for 3 nights and thought I would go mad at the banality of his conversation. mad. YOU are NOT 'socially inept' trust me.
Just found (thanks to Ladycracker) this great site I must share with you


pinkme said...

Me too! Maybe we can start a group!

antikva said...

Thanks Brownie :-) Hey, did you get through the storm last night ok? My Dad & I are similiar & have rip roaring arguments cos we're both stubborn & have to have the last word LOL That's a great site, I'd swear I made that Simplicity pattern in Home Ec. heh.

Hi Amy! Took me a sec to work out who you were! Your blog is great, I loved your loo story *g*