Sunday, November 19, 2006

random normality

Well, my mate made it to South Africa safely, he just emailed me from an internet cafe to tell me so. The Riders for Health African Enduro ride starts tomorrow. Bet he has a sore arse in a few weeks ROFLMAO

We have a new recruit for the crew going to Superbikes at Phillip Island in March. He has no idea what he's in for! Max Biaggi will be making his debut on a Superbike and being a rabid Max fan for years, he's in for a huge shock at the change in my personality. In RL I am extremely shy and quiet unless you know me really well. I'm so bad sometimes that I stutter when I first meet people. I do tend to get excitable while watching races though *G* and because it's at the start of the season, so I'll be even more bouncy than usual.

Then we all go out for dinner and don't give a toss about eating heart attack inducing food or whether the alcohol is a wise decision after being in the sun all day. Me drunk? Never. heh.

I just got a new office chair, it has a tilt back and everytime I lean back it triggers my windmill reflex [ arms in air waving wildly, legs and feet flung up trying to break my fall] I've done it about 5 times today already, so that's my excercise for the year done.

Yes, it's 2.30 am here, so I'm a bit more random than usual. Sorry. Errr, not really. LOL

Hearin' - Wake Up - The Living End
Feelin' - Sleepy

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