Thursday, November 09, 2006

a tomato a day...

Yesterday was a public holiday here and my partner in crime Dragonsand came over for a visit. We worked through some stuff, had a natter about art as artists do. Then he helped me pin put the new hide and sand it down with pumice sand. We have no fingerprints left *g* and the neighbours now *know* I am nuts. Thanks Dragonsand, you did good and saved me from many hours of work by myself. Although, you could have told me I was still wearing the facemask on my head like a hat. heh.

I can't get used to daylight saving, it's thrown my whole system out of whack. Being a North Queenslander, I am not used to it. I think it's why my curtains are fading quicker than normal, hey. Ok, not really but I thought I'd chuck that in to see if you were still awake.

Not so good news this week, my FIL has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He's going for bone scans to see if it has spread before they decide on treatment. He gets tested regularly as his Dad had it as well, so it's been caught fairly early on. Phew. I like my Inlaws, so it's been a bit hard.

We just had a new fresh fruit and vege place open up down the road. Cheap prices on most and it doesn't go off the minute you get it home. They have absolutely the best tomatoes around as they were originally tomato growers. So, hubby is going to be eating lots, as well as tomato sauce. Usually I sigh when he slathers TS over everything, but I've learned that Tomato Sauce has high levels of lycophene and so helps prevent prostate cancer. FIL stopped eating tomato anything about 5 years ago after he had a bout of gout.

Well, that's about it for now. The youngest daughter is in exam mode and got a job working at a restaurant on weekends, so she's happy. The middle one's car is almost ready for the road [ACK!] the eldest is 12 weeks along and throwing up every 5 seconds. The son is creating his own computer games and needs to clean his room.

Hugs everyone.

Feelin' - Sad
Hearin' - The Police Chopper coming in to land at the airport.

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