Saturday, November 11, 2006

upside down like a fruit bat

Someone at Dell obviously has a sarcastic sense of humour.
Youngest was playing a game on my desktop and hit Ctl+Alt with the down arrow and the screen flipped upside down. Apparently, there is a setting on the graphics card that says *Enable Rotation* It was set to rotate 180 deg each time.

WTF????????????? Why would anyone want to turn their monitor upside down? Why would that even be a default factory setting?

Both kids at home ran for cover, the youngest thinking he was going to be the new monitor holder upper for the next 10 years. I wonder how many people have had a heart attack or stroke induced by high blood pressure when their screen suddenly flips? In order to fix it, you either have to stand on your head, tip the monitor upside down or have good skills in reading and scrolling the opposite direction you're used to.

Good thing I have a laptop, so googled upside screen and the first entry told me the problem. So then, I held the youngest up by the ankles and made him do it.

LOL. Nah, I practised my reverse scroll skills and fixed it. Then I went in and unticked the *Rotate Screen* box. If hever does it again though, he will be hanging by the ankles *G*

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