Thursday, August 09, 2007

Check your reality cloak at the door...

I am hanging out for the new Die Hard 4.0 movie to be released here. I am trying to avoid anything remotely review'ish or critic'ish but I have to say, I watched a trailer of it with the most awesome stunt involving a chopper. Apparently Bruce Willis has done all his own stunts in this one, so it's sounding great so far. No CGI to distract me as I look at how they did it, instead of what just happened.

Then, today I clicked on a critics review...

and have to say, oi, nutjob, it's entertainment not frickin' brain surgery! I am not expecting some highbrow epic. Everybody already knows what the storyline is going to be along the lines of. I don't really give a shit about the plot apart from the good guy wins and saves the world. As long as it has a storyline that you can follow without having to analyse your eyeballs for clues later, I'm happy. People need the obvious sometimes. 

Bruce Willis has always been really good at saving the world too *G*

And of course they brought up my current pet media peeve, age. Gawd blimey. Someone grab my eyeballs as they roll past them and post them back please.

I hope it blitzes the box office and makes them look like dimwits.


1 Even Wiser people reply:

Anthony said...

Well, I must say...I quite enjoyed my visit. Given that, I've included you in the new installment of Surfer's Paradise.

Couldn't pass up the DNA test. Very interesting. Posted my results straight away.

Got a good laugh from the mmmmm! post. I love chocolate candles as well. But, of course, it was the inventory of stuff you provided that was truly great.

Gotta love business accountants. HUH!!

As for this post, I'm afraid that all too often critics are critical because they think that's what they have to do. Realism, reasonableness doesn't count for much.

As for the 21-year-old, I would have to guess at least a bit longer. Sorry.

Should you have a chance to come for a visit to The Lives and Times... I'll look forward to any comments you may have to offer.

I hope this link serves you well. Should you be interested in a permanent link exchange let me know, eh.