Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moving along..

Hubby is defintely getting out but staying on as a reserve. We are moving to Bendigo in January sometime. YAY! Air that won't smell like an exhaust. Not so many people.

Close enough that I can still go to important stuff like Motogp and WSBK at Phillip Island. Close enough I can catch a train or drive here to go to anything interesting at the Art Gallery or for a Conference.

I finally lost patience with the *adult* children and made them swap rooms which is what I wanted to do months ago and got told No. Well. I won. One is moving out in less than a month and going to live close to her 2 eldest.

She's getting a webcam though so the baby can talk to me and I can sing Galumph went the little green frog to her. Nana singing is once again her favourite entertainment,the record is 46 renditions complete with silly faces, animated hands and funny voice. 

BTW, I got my new cd and it rocks. Tracks I haven't heard.

I'm pretty weird with music, don't know why but I visualize music as well as hear it. Music marks memories in my life as well. I use music to create imagery to paint. and yes, I dream in colour too *g*

Seriously, Wayne Carey should STFU. It's people who make comments like that about people who have depression are the reason why people are hesitant to get help or talk to someone. Next he'll be whining  that's he's a victim of tall poppy syndrome. *snort*  So, I guess it must be great to have no shit happen in your life. Ignorant twit. 

Hopefully everyone will be feeling better tomorrow and life can go back to normal. Well, my version of normal at least. Took D3 to the Dr today as the flu has gone into her chest and now she needs antibiotics.

Took the prexige to the chemist for destruction, so only have the high dose painkiller which I hate taking. Dr's going to do some research for me. I went and bought a bottle of Dr Red's punch immune system stuff. See if that helps.

I'm off to sleep.

Hearin' - Erased : Annie Lennox

Readin' - Illustrated Manuscripts of the Western World.

1 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Hey you!! Congratulations on your impending move to cleaner air! I think you record your version of LGF and put it on Youtube so we can all share in the amusement...

Seriously, does anyone listen to what Wayne Carey says? I see his mouth moving and all I get is "I'm a giant dickhead. I'm a giant dickhead." ....

There's a word that describes people who visualise music - sound as colour and all that... Of course, it just slipped my mind as soon as I needed to use it....

Anyway, good to hear that you are doing well!