Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not really a political post...

but has anyone noticed how the *age* word has been bandied around again? As in, too old, not up with the times etc and all those other buzz phrases?  A mere few months ago  we were being told by the media that people over 50ish could still work and had valuable contributions that shouldn't be tarnished by a number. You know, so we don't become a future drain on the young one's pockets.

So... how come the same media are now saying the PM is too old to run?

What about issues? or can't they be bothered to write a real story with facts other than his age? and why are we now suddenly ageing after aging for a really long time? I can think of plenty of things other than his age to complain about.

The recent return to age bashing is getting old [no pun intended] We spend years getting old enough to do stuff, only to miss out because we're too old!  Happens in sport too, I personally think if you still want to do stuff and are still capable, then it's put up or shut up to all the too old comments that are going on. 

Wait your turn Whippersnappers, we nearly oldies ain't done yet and if someone tries to jump my queue, they'll get smacked with my walking stick!

I obviously am not young enough to know it all, nor old enough to have forgotten it all.

Hugs Bugs!



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