Saturday, August 18, 2007

Running Away from home

We did a midnight run to Macca's for flake cones. Didn't tell the 2 youngest where we were going as we snuck them out the front door. Halfway there Yoda says "Where are we going?"  The Dad answers " We're running away from home" Yoda then asks " Well, how come you're taking us then?" My answer ?

"You're under 18 and we have to by law." heh.

Went to Medicare today, the line was out the door.  They were really quick though and had more than 2 service points open, which was a surprise. Anyone seen their new posters about Customer Service?

I particularly liked their sign thanking me for visiting and urging me to *Take Care*  Rightio then. Nothing like fakefeelgood promo stuff while the healthcare system is overloading. Healthcare and it's underfunding [ along wth Education, specifically Arts & Music] has long been my bugbear since Yoda was born and the political stupidity involved became obvious. The problem is not restricted to one particular political party though. Moving to an American based system is not the answer either as it creates exactly what Medicare was supposed to prevent. Lack of access to healthcare by people who can't afford it. People with private healthcover can't afford to access the private medical and dental system a lot of the time either, due to the high gap cost and lack of *approved* providers in their area. All done under the guise of *reducing* the cost of premiums.

How about removing freaking Sport& Gym Membership or Massages first? and making it cheaper for Health, Glasses and Dental rather than *extras*. It was alot cheaper before all that crap came into the picture.

See? Get me on those 2 subjects and I'll rant forever.


Hearin' - U & Ur Hand : Pink

Readin' - Nothing cos I haven't been able to go to the library :-(

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