Monday, December 08, 2003

Hiya all..... ok, here's the deal, the new line is called Ancient Elements BUT someone has the .com already,so I was thinkin' that the name in another language works as well OR you might think of something really cool here are the choices or e-me with another idea :
ancient elements
Italian: elementi antichi
French: éléments antiques
Portugese: elementos antigos
German: alte Elemente
Spanish: elementos antiguos
Irish Gaelic: Na dúile ársa
or variation ancient element
Italian: elemento antico
French: élément antique
German: altes Element
Portugese: elemento antigo
Spanish: elemento antiguo
Esperanto: antikva ero or elemento

or I guess you could mix "n" match languages. I will give whoever comes up with the one I use, a BIG HUG :-) Oh yeah, and a original print from the line. *G*
tonight I am doing a test run on the laptop LOL! this is gonna be interesting...
My favourite saying at the moment... ( ps, it does prove I have a romantic streak *G* ) If you want the english translation, e-me :-)
"Ná scaoil mé go deo"