Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hazy days...

Eek. 7.30pm and the temp is only just starting to go down again. It's still 40.5C [ it deserves a big C when it's this bloody hot!] I drove down to IGA today and think I seared my fingertips off on the steering wheel after going 2 metres.

We have a HUGE spider on the front door window strip and of course we get a power person rock up to ensure I know how much his company can save me.

It doesn't seem to register that I say No politely, they just keep yammering their spiel. BUT. heh. the spider freaked him out and he left rapidly after I pointed it out and expressed concern that it may jump on him *grin*

I may keep my friend the spider for a bit longer! Well, as long as the door snake keeps him outside anyway :-)

Hopefully we'll have the keys to our house this week, it's such a pita living out of boxes again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Knitting in summer...

Have had a crappy week, hopefully will pick up. OH is looking for a job again. I'm waiting to open my shop online as they are changing the site so as soon as I have a url, you will all know. So as I don't have worry beads, I made this, my very first beanie and scarf! I found this gorgeous soft and light pink wool, perfect for my friends granddaughter. And as an added bonus, they fit! LOL

In the picture you can see my desk disaster and my model's head is sitting on an image I've just started LOL

and then I made my own knitting looms as I couldn't find smaller one's. Yes, I know it's wonky in this pic, I did fix it!

And now I've started making myself a shawl for winter and cut out some more kreepikats.

I hope all my friends here cope with the heatwave okay, I will go sit in the freezer if I have to!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The CFA are emergency vehicles

To the knob at the Beechworth Bakery Bendigo intersection this afternoon...
You ARE REQUIRED by LAW to give way to an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens going. Just because YOU think the CFA are not emergency vehicles does not make it so. I'm sure your business was much more important than theirs. You are lucky that you chose to gob off through your car window as plenty of people who were stoppped were ready to thump you.

I hope it was your freaking house that burnt down you pompous twat.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A thing of Beauty

Here is the brooch CopperWitch gave me, isn't it gorgeous! This is it's first outing out of it's packaging as I am scared of knocking coffee all over it. Now that I've taken that first step I shall carefully place it with my fave jewels and wear it with the 2 jackets I have not yet worn as I had nothing suitable wear with them. Wonder how she knew I needed something? I so wish I could embroider like this...

Now, after my lovely day out yesterday I have been inspired so need to get back to madly flinging paint and gold around :-)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fabulous Fashionista's & Fella's I got to meet...

What a great way to spend a Sunday. Meeting Fabulous Fashionista's and Fella's and also viewing Fantastic Frocks!

If you are ever invited to a blog meet with the wonderful bloggers of Melbourne, I highly recommend you go,go,go as fast as you can.

I do admit to being terrified about meeting in real life people whose lives I follow by written word and emoticons. They are all warm, funny and wonderful people who I am glad to have met and hope I am invited to the next blog meet. It was as exciting as meeting royalty so I am sure I blathered and bounced like a puppy.

The frocks, shoes and hats were marvelous to look at and one of us who shall remain nameless even flashed the Queen's dress. I was carefully studying the beading of the dress at the time however I did have enough cash to bail her out if required :-) I had a wonderfully knowledgeable tour guide in the form of Copperwitch which made it an interesting and entertaining trip around the gallery.

Copperwitch gave me the most beautiful embroidered brooch on a cushion. Very detailed, delicate and gorgeous, it reminds me a of a cameo but with flower embroidery rather than a face. Lovely :-)

I should also mention that if you plan on visiting the Fashion exhibition here to please book the cafe ahead of time as it's not run the way the majority of cafe's are. More a reserve a bloody seat 6 months in advance if you want coffee type of place. I've never had to reserve a table just to get a coffee before. Very odd. If not for the frocks, I would have suggested we all nick off to Beechworth Bakery. There are also no picnic tables or benches, so bring a blanket [ I forgot ours *sigh*] but it was quite nice chasing the patch of shade around under the tree.

I'm off to go out for dinner with Feminoz and her kids with all of ours. We're showing her the fine dining area here, which is to say, they have airconditioning set to snow *g*

Thanks to all of you, I loved meeting everyone and had a great time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

summer daze

sorry, it's been very hot and my brain has turned to mush. Right now at 6.46pm it is still over 40C and I am melting.

Ice cream for dinner sounds wonderful.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Engagement...

We hopped the freeway yesterday and zoomed down to Melbourne for the engagement party. Had a good time, ate too much and then we came home again.

One of my friends was being chatted up by one of the young guys, was so funny. I stood there and listened and tried not to laugh. heh. She was being so polite. I was tempted to stand behind him and make faces at her and had to walk away so I didn't do rabbit ears. So childish I know.

We had a windy incident and the Bride2bee ended up wearing a red vodka cruiser all down her back with some potato salad and pav trying to join the vodka party.

The boys played cricket, Son showed his genetics and held the bat like a baseball bat and swung madly at the air. His mate made a good stand at the wickets and then was clean bowled by a drunk bowler *g* The boys were great though and took it all in good humour and didn't seem fazed they were playing cricket with a bunch of drunks!

And noone managed to get locked into the auto loo's. So all in all a good day.

Lots of photo's were taken and if I can pry the camera off the other daughter, I'll put some up later.

Should have the keys some time this week to the house. I want to clean and bug spray before we start the move. But want to start the move NOW. LOL

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm off to gesso some more boards and sand the others down.