Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hmmm, the thing about making blueberry ink? It makes your hands blue if you forget gloves. DUH.
I got raspberries cheap for $1 a punnet so I'm testing them as an ink as well. Blueberries are 6-98 for 150 gms. My eyebrows shot so high, I won't need a facelift for years *g*

I'll have to get Dad to send down some mulberries to use as well.

I also need to make new glair. If I use what I have now, I won't need to paint any beards or hair, I can just put glair there and they will grow all by themselves. Eeew. I spose I could market them as Living Art. heh.

Ok, I'm off to keep playing kitchen chemist. Catchya's

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Slipping & Sliding

I had a fun day today.

Some freaking moron idiot changed his mind about turning the corner at the roundabout & planted his foot on the accelerator to get through.

I was already moving out into the roundabout as he had his indicator on to turn, so I accelerated to get out of his way and the back end of the car slid out, hit the concrete barrier and bounced back out, no damage except it stuffed my wheel alignment. All I remember is he was a dark purple truck/van.

I stoppped and so did the other truckie that had seen it all and asked if I was ok and something about the fuckwits on the road this side of Melbourne. He didn't get his rego either, but if I wanted to make a complaint he'd give me his details. I was a little amazed as normally noone would stop.

It's true, for some reason the SE side seems to be busier with more trucks and 4 wheel drives than the other side of the river.

Also, honestly, I really think they should bring back the Give way to the Right rule as everyone on your right never stops anyway. Too stupid to actually know and comprehend road rules.

So, make it easier for them, they can't understand the concept of give way to vehicles who are there before you. Much like Amber & Red lights don't mean pull out to the middle and turn out quick when the light turns red or plant your foot to beat the red light.

Highlighting the moronic turn driving life has taken this week is the ongoing saga of the running of the bulls. For years, the parents park in the back part of the school grounds, all in rows, well, sort of.

This year we had some daft cow who was told you can't park past the end of the cricket nets go absolutely ballistic. She said there was no white line indicating she couldn't park there [errr, no, but you'd think a gajillion kids walking past her would be a clue of how dangerous it is to park there & why we have the imaginary do not cross line] So, they've had to draw a white line across the entire length of the carpark area, just for her.She must feel really special now. Wonder what she'll do when they put up the plastic barriers for damaged grass and we get to play obstacle course. I can hardly wait for that tantrum.

I've made a deal with the devil Immun Specialist, I can go back to making my own paints & inks as long as I don't use any of the toxic pigments & wear gloves, face mask etc. I didn't have the heart to tell him. LOL. So, I'm making some blueberry ink instead and researching a couple of others. It sounds simple I guess, but takes time to check lightfastness and how stable it turns out to be.

Ooh, I also bought a new sable brush. It's so pretty I may put it in a shrine and worship it every day.It's verrrry pretty. See, I told you all, I can be bribed with pretty shiny things very easily!

Well, I'm off to research some more. Hope everyone is well.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Elite ArmchairAthlete

Well, this week has been interesting in many ways. I didn't go down for the WSBK. I did get more gesso made for gilding. I also got given [yes, I almost fainted dead away] some platinum leaf to play with. So, as a thank you, I am going to use some of it to make an ATC for him. I'm also playing around with Melaleucas bark [paperbark tree] that some kids had ripped off a tree near the school. I don't know if I can salvage it for use in an art piece though as the outer sides look like they've been burnt from car exhaust emissions. Hopefully I can peel that part off.

Speaking of which, if you want an ATC, email me at antikva at gmail dot com and tell me your favourite quote, colour and mailing addy and I'll send you an original signed miniature artwork. ATC's are 64 X 89mm so don't expect a full size artwork. These are free and come with no strings. Some may have gilding, some not, it depends on what I do at the time. May also take a couple of weeks.

My left shoulder has been sore ever since I first fell down the stairs, now it appears I have a small tear in my rotator cuff. So the moral of the story is: Always drink before you fall down stairs. You don't tend to think quick enough then to grab the rail and yank your shoulder out of it's socket.

I now have to do special excercises in addition to the other excercises to stop me turning into an elite armchair athlete. No longer am I allowed to fling my hand to my brow in anguish [damn. there goes my drama queen fantasy!] or raise my arm while I am sleeping. But,I am allowed to smack the MOTH one for waking me up to tell me to stop raising my arm in my sleep. heh.

Well, I am off to work on a new image. Nite all.

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