Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm bloody glad I ain't a rockstar!

cos there is no way I am going to drop from a ceiling in a sheet.

Went to see Pink's funhouse concert with D2 at Rod Laver on Tues night, excellent! Although the drive down was terrifying due to the heavy rain and icy road :-( then on the way back we had heavy fog!
And as if I just conjured it's pouring again now :D

I said I wasn't going to buy anything but in the end I bought a mug, tshirt and poster. I really must erase the "S" off my forehead!

Every single guy in the audience was waiting for the pink love heart to come adrift :D I should have pics next week as the daughter still has them.

The reason why it was a drive down was because the teenage boy in the family has suddenly discovered an intense need to go to school every day. Usually it's the opposite and I drag him kicking & squealing all the way, so I have concluded that there must be a female incentive :D

Husband likes his new job. So I guess that means we are staying.

Nightynight :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Forging Flowers by Fire...

I think I may have been a bear in a former life, I feel like hibernating as it's so coooold here. I feel a lot better now and hubby has also been saved from being nagged to death by being gainfully employed. We also succumbed to marketing ploys and got a Mr T flavour waver thingy that I am still to test out.

I had a great birthday in the end and a little bit late, thanks everyone :D I got an Epson printer that prints archival ink so that I can explore mixed media further. I also got from the lovely Ann O'dyne some beeeeyotiful cards with Illuminated manuscript images that in order to prevent from becoming soggy as I drool over them are going to be framed and put on my studio wall. She has impeccable taste in gifts does Ms Ann O'Dyne! Tuesday night I'm off to the big smoke to see Pink in concert with D2.

Here has what has been keeping me busy apart from kids, flowers forged by fire LOL I have lost track of the number of times I have burnt my fingers or stabbed them when sewing in the delica beads *grin* The dark one's are for D2's wedding and I need to make lots and lots and lots! The rest were test one's but am thinking of chucking them in my online shop and selling them. I love the white one's :D No clue how much for though, so will ponder a day or 2 :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know I promised no more swine flu jokes...

so how about a tshirt instead :D

you can buy one here

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

sick kidlet

D2 woke up covered in blood today from a nosebleed, so we're waiting to hear what is going on. Her neurologist wants to see her tomorrow but also wanted her to see a GP today as well. She's been at Emergency since then as she couldn't get in to see a Dr anywhere else and at least they have her medical history with the seizures & medications she's on. The Emergency Dept even tried a few clinics for her but no go. She just sent me a text to say they've moved her into a different room as her nose started to bleed again :-(

Hopefully it's nothing, she said she didn't feel like she'd had a seizure.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we've had youngest home as well, he must be okay as he just came in and asked if he could go to school tomorrow LOL
No he doesn't have swine flu.

I've been torturing some fabric into flowers and now I am sewing seed beads onto them, one tiny bead is stuck under my keyboard randomly sticking a key LOL I've tried vacuuming it out but the little bugger is playing hide and seek with me!

I also got some cam coloured wool, so am making the youngest 2 beanies and scarves from it.

Sorry, I know this is a bit disjointed but I'm worried about the kid. Anyway, back later!