Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a safe and happy night/day.

Don't do anything I wouldn't *g*


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've never seen one of these before...

This is the stove in our house. It's not painted so must have been that way from the Manufacturer. It reminds me of those saucepan sets in the 70's, you know, the lime green and the burnt orange one's. Talk about retro! This may or may not have been the deciding factor for us to buy the house *g*

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a weird thing to happen...

Last night I ate a packet of plain potato chips [ you know those small multipack one's] and ended up in the Emergency Dept until 5'ish am this morning. Allergic reaction, my throat and face started swelling and I couldn't swallow properly. I also had a rash which wasn't all hives but made me look like I was sunburned. But was really bloody itchy!

So, off we trotted and amazingly there was nobody else in the waiting room, so they saw me pretty quickly and gave me some drugs to stop it. Because I have so many drug allergies anyway, they gave it to me by an IV port so they could reverse it if I got worse. I'm a pain for needles anyway, they always have to use butterfly one's. Oh ok, KID size! LOL

The Nurses and Doctors were all fantastic and kept coming to make sure I was okay. Definitely changed since the last Emergency visit I had years ago :-] Altho, that could be because it was a different State and Hospital!

I went to sleep [ phenergan always knocks me out] until they told me I could go home but Poor old hubby had to sit there and read back issues of Woman's Day LOL

So, swelling is mostly gone, I'm still a little itchy but it's bearable.

Potato chips are now banned in our house.

While we were at the hospital the kids rang to tell us that there were 2 huge spiders outside the front door... they were gone by the time we got home :-)[ the spiders, not the kids]

Friday, December 26, 2008

And so this is Christmas...

Well, that's done and dusted for the year! Now we start the birthday loop.

Christmas eve the local CFA came around with sirens and lights handing out bags of lollies for the kids. Was great fun.

D2 got me a ticket to see P!nk in concert in June in a pink card in a pink handbag wrapped in pink paper, along with a P!nk cd. Still picking my jaw up off the floor. I also got a dvd player/boombox cos hubby is sick of me pinching his portable dvd player LOL So son will inherit my cd/dvd stereo, he's happy too LOL

Son got PS Guitar Hero and a fishing rod set as well as a beach towel amongst other loot. I'm sick of hearing Barracuda already! hehehe.

Youngest Daughter got an electric guitar [ she already has an amp] and a handmade [ not by me] spiderweb gothy necklace. D3 & D2 got manicure/pedicure machiney things as well. I also found D2 the perfect gift, a chocolate stiletto shoe in a pink bag ROFL So they were all happy with what they got, so we didn't have to go back to exchange anything. Phew.

Hubby is getting a portable spa but has to pick the one he wants, so he got a gift card for it.

I made WAY too much Potato Salad and Choc Ripple cake, but Oh well. D3 made gingerbread men at 2am Christmas morning and decorated them. She even iced names for each person! LOL

The cellophane on each plate is Reindeer and Snowman poo from Santa [he ran out of coal] bags that I made for everyone :-) So funny seeing their faces! Of course, it was Cadbury's Christmas Balls and Smarties.

So now we have the rest of the school holidays to find stuff to do. Son wants to make cupcakes, go fishing and I've been checking out the fossicking in the State forest info. His mate is coming up for a week as well, so they should be kept entertained.

Then we have the engagement party and the moving into the house and the blogmeet up here as well. It's going to be a great month!

Oh, for the crafty peeps who love op shopping, the local Vinnies here is moving over the road into the old furniture shop, so will have tonnes more stuff. Plus, right next door to the Art shop on High St is an Op Shop but not sure what it's name is yet, will find out next week when I go back in. Think it might be a Brotherhood one. It had a lot of vintage fabrics, wool etc and was really cheap. If you want the exact addy, just give me a yell.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MIL update

MIL's retina has not detached yet. It's something to do with the jelly [?????] in her eye. She has to take it easy *snort* and if it gets worse she has to go straight back up to the hospital.

Anyone wanna take bets it gets worse during Christmas lunch? [no, I'm not having a go at her, it's just knowing our family crap happens just at the wrong time LOL]

Well, our christmas is about to start, so I hope everyone has a lovely day and eats, drinks and be merry. See you on the other side :-)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Due to family commitments on Christmas Day and travel time, we have our Christmas at home with the kids on Christmas Eve. Soooo... I hope you have a wonderful happy day filled with laughter and memories to hold.
Love from me :-)

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Random Ramblings

I'm feeling very random today. Don't know why, probably just tired.
Wrapped everything to within an inch of it's life, all of a sudden the 13 yr old has decided to be inquisitive [ gah, I hope that's bloody spelt right.] and I even told the 19 yr old not to shake or feel up the presents [ Hi chicklet, I know you're reading cos I am not up that late at night :-) ]

Tonight I'm making the first log for our Christmas tomorrow if it happens, if not I have a lot of choc ripple biscuits in the pantry. Oh well.

MIL has just gone to the hospital as her retina is detaching. Don't know how bad yet, we are waiting to find out. So, we may be down in Melbourne tomorrow as well. Waiting to find out tonight what is happening.

Still working on stuff, got some more barbies and am pondering their fate.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

playing with barbies

altered art dolls in progress. While they are drying I've made a face mould and glued it to a canvas, not sure why yet, but it'll come to me :-)

vanilla soap

making vanilla soap [rebatching] yes, that's a wooden ruler. I couldn't find my wooden spoon.

lazing about

I fell arse over teakettle in the street yesterday after coming out of the Art shop. The strap broke on my shoe and I ended up with a twisted knee [yes, of course, the bloody bad one!] and a sprained ankle and landed on the bones I'd broken in my foot years ago.

Guess what I'd just bought? LOL plaster cloth! Hubby said I was being prepared. groan.

So, came home with packets of frozen peas hanging off me like I was an installation piece. LOL
While lying abed diligently following the RICE procedure I tried to watch Dark Knight but kept falling asleep because of the painkillers. So now I've put my sleep pattern even more out of whack and STILL haven't seen the whole movie. I feel hungover today and I didn't even have the fun of getting that way as I couldn't go to the Christmas party *pout*

I disassembled Barbie dolls instead and cut their hair off. heeeheee. Then I wrapped them with the plaster cloth to use as a base to make them into art dolls. I did take pics but the camera batteries are flat, so will out them up later. As soon as they're dry I'll sand and gesso them.

I made some vanilla rebatched soap the other day, so just have to cut it up and put into organza bags with some pretty bows and voila a couple of Chrissie presents are finished. Everything else I'm putting in the mail tomorrow. And then I am done except for the cooking part.

I have to make 2 lots of my potato salad and 4 chocolate ripple logs on Tuesday, so will try Copperwitch's freezing idea for the logs, that way they won't go all ick on the way to the Outlaws on Thursday. Probably have to go buy more flakes to crumble on top by then though *g*

Christmas eve the future bride'n'groom arrive, so after the local Firies do their Merry Christmas lolly run we'll have dinner then presents.

Oh, I changed my mind about etsy atm and am running with a shop at

Hope you're having agoodweegend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

mmmmm, what are you cooking?

says hubby and son. It smells yummy.
Pudding guessed the son.
Cake guessed the husband.

Daughter had a giggle which made the camera a shake as she was taking process pics.

says I. Neither. Vanilla Soap.

Oh. says both. ROFLMAO

I am SO mean!

In other news someone who saw stuff I've made has encouraged me to sell them. and given me a price range. So, I be opening my own Etsy store *g* with a range of necklaces and bracelets. Plus, I'll be putting original art and prints up there as well as at Art Wanted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

and she's off like the energiser bunny....

We bought a house today :-) I'm still freaking out that OMG!!!! We bought a house. We have to stay here now LOL

Boing, Boing, Boing.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am having such a spectacularly crappy day that even my Pollyanna tendencies have run away and hidden from the cranky headspinning witch side of me.

Tomorrow is another day as they say, so perhaps I will be back with some happy news and some art stuff.

"I am the last dragon!" - Draco [Dragonheart]

I was going to tell you all what the kidlets are getting for Christmas, but the youngest daughter has been reading my blog. So, I won't now. hehehehehehe

Although, perhaps I should put my list up? :-) A new book is out by one of my favourite authors.... hint hint.

What I can tell you is the future SIL was nicknamed Mario by youngest, so I've found a vintage tie with Mario on it, so that's what he's getting :-) Brand new & wasn't exxxy either, so that's always a good thing. I might make him a matching pair of cufflinks in polymer clay. All the nieces are getting a necklace and so are my sister and Mum.

Headache has been lurking all day and I had to drive the brontosaurus today as my car's harmonic balancer [ heh. maybe that's what I need fixed too] is still being fixed. I have to take a break from the necklace making and so I am going to work on paintings for a couple of days.

I'm off to bed as I've taken a painkiller and I keep making data mistakes. 'Nite Owls

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Dance!

I knew yesterday was not going to be a good day when I woke up at 5am with a beginning migraine. It got worse when the harmonic balancer in my car decided to croak it. Good thing I married a mechanic :-)anyway the day just went south even more, so I went to bed early with painkillers and snored the night away.

This morning hubby checked the PO box and look what Anne sent me :-) [insert happy dancing here]

So pretty! and perfect [ Wonder how she knew about my addiction to diaries? hmmm...] Check out the card on the right, it's an illuminated manuscript :-) and she wrapped it beautifully as well, with a vintage Santa image as well! Thank you so much Anne, so lovely and it's really appreciated *biggrin*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last day of school....

We had a huge fire here today, the beautiful old church on High St burnt down :-( so of course, D3 wanted photo's. I think I'm still trying to get the smoke out of my lungs.

I finished the necklace for the little gothy one. I think she'll like it, it's too dark to take a pic cos OI forgot earlier, so will whack one up tomorrow.

I made some cold porcelain clay today and used some moulds to make faces, then decided to test the hands/feet moulds. I'm making some art dolls for the girls for Christmas, so just need to wait til tomorrow for them to dry, then paint and glue them on.

creepy looking things....

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Hey big spender.....

I've been spending my share of the money the Govt handed out today. Haven't got it, but I'm still spending it LOL

Apart from the boring bills, I bought some items from my favourite jewellery supply place, got my mitts on some cool fabric pieces to make some art dolls with and bought some beads and spacers as well. Oh, and I also bought some Art supplies from my favourite Art shop in Melbourne. Never left the laptop either!

As I was so tired after all that contributing to the Big Spend of 2008, I hoofed it down to the bakery and had coffee and a vanilla slice. Yum.

Daughter2 is getting married :-) so she rang me and spent an hour on the phone telling me about the dress she's picked and having an engagement party in january. Plus, the church and how to have a reception for 80 on a shoestring, plus we're not really into big flashy things that cost a house and your firstborn.

I suggested champagne and chicken brunch, which is what we had. She works at Safeway, so she shouldn't have any drama's getting chooks and champers on special, plus she'd get staff discount. And, apparently I have to make my potato salad for them all. Uhoh.

Then it was back to my mad photoshopping skillz to make some artwork look like artwork instead of a flat biscuit. You'd think someone who'd done photography 4 times would be able to take a photo, but no. D3 did not get her talent for photography from her mother :-)

In amongst all that, we got news that our granddaughter is now living with her Dad and brothers fulltime. Eldest will still have access the same as with the boys. I'm sad but relieved. I'd hoped she'd get her act back together.

Anyway, am exhausted, so I'm off to sleep.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008


This is part of what I have been up to. I've finished designing and printing Swing tags and Business cards as well, the new website will go live this week once I've finished it completely. I also have some other things I've been playing around with, so will whack the pics up sometime tomorrow.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


I didn't think anyone visited this blog apart from one or two gluttons for punishment.
I just signed up to blogfrog and blimey! a lot of you do... better lift my game and get some real stuff happening here. but, thanks :-) to all of you who do read, I'm very grateful.

Oh and yes, I have been blogging for 5 years. Scary. Lots of drafts hidden away though!

Anyone want to help me clean black printer ink off my desk, hands and face? A brand new official brand replacement cartridge exploded all over me today when I was printing off some business cards and swing tags. GAH!

Back later.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Sorry, been very very busy!

and today I have spent sorting out the bulk freshwater beads I ordered and they mixed all the colours together *sigh*

And now I am longing for chocolate ripple log cake. with flake sprinkled on top.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, I forgot!

Old age catching up with me!

Hubby got a fulltime job, so looks like we're staying here.


Mum & Dad are off gallivanting back up the coast and my sister is on her way down. My cousin is somewhere around the general area as well, so we're having a full house before Christmas. I'm feeling less pissed off at the world and getting back into the groove now. I must have been missing my Mum :-)

I've been having some issues with dexterity lately, so I've been doing knitting and crocheting with wire and beads to help. These are the beads I chose to make a necklace that I forgot to take a picture of before I sent it off. I'm making a redback spider one for the youngest at the moment so will put that up when done.

Plus I'm making a beanie on a knitting loom for one of my friends grandchild, so hopefully it will look like a beanie and not a dead ferret or something! Oh, and I'm making the beanie in wool, not wire *g*

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Did you know we have a public holiday here tomorrow? No? neither did I.

My day went to shit, so I thought No probs, will just post everything off tomorrow morning. Yeah. Errr, no. GAH!

Reason my day went to shit is because my 13 year old son has a bad habit of sliding around the house, he also has a bad habit of leaving staples in his carpet [ WHY? I have absolutely no freaking idea! I wouldn't have thought it's a trendy decorating statement]

He now knows why it is not a good idea to combine both bad habits. and lucky for him he didn't get blood on the carpet.

He's fine now, although it hurt at the time and really hurt when I slung his foot straight into a vat of betadine. Nothing an icypole and vanilla coke along with some stitch thingys and a hug didn't fix. Oh yeah, and the day off school.

So, sorry, but Thursday is mail day now for all the parcels/cards/letters I was posting out.

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Huggles everyone!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My feet hurt!

I forgot to let you all know that my parents were here, so I wouldn't be around until Mondayish. Sorry!

Today we did the Dragon Museum and garden tour, watched a wedding, then went on the Talking Tram tour and then to the RSL for dinner and so they could play the pokies. We have to go back and get them in an hour :-)

I am exhausted! Photo's later.

I've been showing my mother [knitter/crocheter extordinaire] how I crochet with wire and beads. She says I don't crochet properly, but her Mother is the one who taught me Apparently I hold the hook and wrap the wire/crochet cotton like I'm knitting. Whatever! it works. LOL

Tomorrow we are off to the Market in the morning and then that is the extent of my here's where we live now tour *g* They leave Monday to go to Brissy to see my little brother. Hubby starts a new job and kidlets go to school, Tafe etc.

I've been doing some freelance work designing some embroidery images. Different but fun. I'm itching to do a full on just for fun painting though! and I got asked to teach some gilding classes, so that's cool. I'm finding work around the place, finally. I hate moving to a new area to start again. It's draining.

Now, I'm off to bed. very.very.sleepy.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the studio...

So, have made new batches of gum ammoniac, pounce and gesso. Did you know that cuttlefish bones REALLY stink if you get too close when grinding it up? Ewwwww.

Today I have been gilding and now just have to wait out the drying time. I've been doing initials and smaller stuff rather than full on illuminations. Making Christmas cards to send out, want one? I'm making them with gouache, 24ct gold and Arches HP Satine. Email me name and postal address. I swear I don't have enough energy to stalk you, if you're worried. Oh, and don't wait until later, cos you'll probably get an Easter card instead! hehehehe.

I took Ann's advice and decided not to keep shoving furniture & stuff in the studio around as I am still feeling less energetic than usual. Hopefully the ants in the pants will return soon and I'll be happy. I have been walking for 30 mins but then have to have a nanny nap to recover.

Hubby went away for 2 weeks to the tropics, so I'm a tad jealous. He is working though, so I'm not that jealous LOL

We finally bought a new dishwasher as the one I had is 19 and only works erratically [the youngest daughter] so I sucked it up and spent the money. It was on sale though, $495 for a Dishlex is cheap!

Well, must twaddle off and start dinner.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Back again!

Well. That was not a fun break. I missed going down to Phillip Island for Motogp for the first time in years. I had pneumonia for the 2nd time, except this time it was in both lungs, apparently it was viral and then turned to bacterial. You know it's going to be bad when even the soles of your feet hurt while you are lying down.

Anyway, I am a lot better today. Last Friday I honestly thought about my mortality and of course scared myself stupid. Mind you, the Dr helped with the OMG!!! I don't wanna die bit, so I did exactly what I was told to do, rest, drink plenty of water, take antibiotics religiously and various puffer thingys. Then promptly had to add another allergy to my list of medication I definitely can't take again or the mortality question will raise it's ugly head.

Now one of the kids has had it as well, but he should be well enough to go back to school on Monday. We both just went for a follow up visit and the Dr has pronounced us well on the path to healthiness again. TG.

Mum and Dad diverted their holiday and came here earlier as they were a bit worried after talking to hubby. I had 3 days of my Mum looking after me *g* They've gone now to Geelong to see my Aunt for 2 weeks, then come back here for 2 weeks before chuffing their way back up to Brisbane to my brothers place.

You should see the mess in my studio! I have to reorganise again after the rearrangement of the house for visitors. sigh.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Will be back in a few days.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I absolutely love this! Totally worth watching.

They can be found at Myspace or their site

Go on, shake your bingo wings with me *g*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Softies for Mirabel

Pip has put up the last round of auctions to raise money for the Mirabel Foundation, so this is your last chance to grab a gorgeous soft toy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sorry, am under the weather. Ever since I had that blardy pneumonia a bug only has to look in my direction and I glom onto it.

Back tomorrow with some pretty shiny things :-)
and a place I found to buy some vintage patterns by download.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, the weather played a nasty trick today. Beautiful weather all weekend, then wham. Gale force winds and biting cold rain. Harumph.

Of course the bloody shed door had to fling itself open at the height of it. The cat stuck her head out the door, then looked at me as if to say "You're going out there? Are you crazy?". When I got back inside she was laying on my chair in front of the heater.

I finally found an old arcade game that my MIL loved to play and wanted a copy of. Rodent's Revenge. All anyone could remember was something about a mouse and a cat. I've been googling it for a while trying to remember what is was called. It came out on W95 and if you want it as well, the link is here works fine on Vista as I have been playing it all afternoon LOL

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh noes! Wahhhh

Anyone have a broken microwave? I need the glass turntabley thingy that you put food on. I use them as a palette and mine is broken :-( or know where the hell I can buy one from? Short of stealing mine out of my new microwave [ somehow I don't think I could justify why I pinched it for paint LOL ]I have no clue.

I have no idea why but goauche seems to mix better on them, must be magic :-)

Apart from that, I have done absolutely nothing today except watch V8's [ well, absorb the race through my eyelids would be a better description! heehee] and read a book.

We bought the beanbags btw ROFLMAO should have seen us putting the beans in. I am but a shortarse and hubby kept lifting the bag up higher while I was coaxing the beans out. Grrrrrr.

I read the instructions that said to fill the bag while in the bathtub but decided that as a grownup I could handle it. We're still picking the bloody things up.

What's even funnier is hubby has been full of static the last few days, every time he touches something or someone he shocks them. Anyway, the beans keep attaching themselves to him. If he keeps this up, he'll pass for a snowman!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking a deep breath...

and jumping back in.

I've entered an artwork I just did in a competition.

Details and image at a later date.

OMG. I am absolutely freaking out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Messin' with the kids

I bought tickets for St Kilda vs Collingwood semi for the 2nd eldest and her bf yesterday. And actually got great seats for them. Wasn't on purpose but shhhh, they don't know that.

So, she rings me tonight to ask if we want to send the 2 bratlets down for the Royal show. Errrm, no, says I, but, you can grab me a show bag. A Hoff show bag. [The contents of The Hoff showbag, which costs $16, include The Hoff Wig, The Hoff Love Dice, The Hoff Headband & Wristband Set and the The Hoff Dollar Bling Necklace.]

She still thinks I'm joking.

Yes. I think I found my personality again, it was obviously on an extended holiday along with my sense of humour.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to look like an idiot without any effort required...

change your mobile phone and chuck away the sim card packaging without writing down your new number. Then, ring important places to change your number and realise you don't know it! DUH!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nice knowing you all!*

There's definitely one positive if the world comes to an end tomorrow...

I won't ever have to listen to the teen next door playing his doofdoof music so loud it vibrates my entire house ever again. The minute his olds are out the door he turns. it.on. EVERY.DAY. MDK to the MF. Nah, I actually have a present that I am going to leave on their doorstep for him...

NO! I am a nice person *g* doesn't mean I haven't thought about ringing the elec company and telling I'm moving and making an error in the addy LOL. I have a wonderful wireless headphone set that I am going to put there. Maybe he'll get the hint.

We did notice that the beanbag chair thingys we want are in the catalogue for BigW that came the other day. The sale starts on the 10th, so it's the Day after tomorrow sale *g* Perhaps they think everyone will be so relieved that we didn't go bang that we'll all rush right out and buy stuff on sale. ROFLMAO

* ermmm, just to clarify, I am in the world is not coming to an end because they flick a switch camp. They've had smaller one's of these for a long time. Plus, ya know, blind faith and all that jazz :-)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Softies for Mirabel

Pssssst...wanna see some great softies? Go here and you can even own one! Not necessarily for a child in your life, you could also buy one for your inner child *g*

Meet me at Mikes Ebay store

Meet Me at Mikes has a blog here which explains what Softies for Mirabel is about :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I had a big clean up in my studio last night. Tossed images I've been working on into my trunk and locked it back up. Strange how something happens or you talk to someone and things change and you realise you've been on the wrong track. Oh well.

The new stuff is working well and I finally have a connection to them.

I also found in my ratpack a cd of a Uni assignment for Video Editing. I uploaded it to Youtube to watch as I don't have a mac anymore. We got a HD for this. I can't believe how young the kidlets were!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

On being a Fantastic Frog and Muso Magic

I had 2 fun days last week...

I volunteered to help out at a Muso Magic [ go, click, I'll wait till you come back, drop down the recent school workshop box and it's there :-) ] workshop run by Adam Thompson [ ex Chocolate Starfish singer] If you ever get the chance to help out, jump in both feet. Or, if your kidlet gets the chance through school to do the workshop, sign the permission slip and send it back immediately by registered mail to the school *g*

Yes. It's that good.

Yes, it's motivating but not in a visible way. Adam transmits his energy out to everyone there and you just kind of absorb it. He doesn't waffle on about being positive etc it just happens naturally.

The kids have heaps of fun as well as learning to write a song and perform together. Adam and his team are excellent at what they do. You can't top Adam and Glenn [Goat Man] I wish I could bottle the magic they really do create. Seriously.

2 days and I know all of the kids went home feeling great about themselves and are now probably thinking of things to do that they would never have dreamt they could.
The kids wrote and performed the most amazing song and got up there and sang it like they were rockstars!

Made me feel great too :-) watching it happen. I got goosebumps when the kids performed it live on stage for the first time. And I am still feeling happy.

I'm really glad I got to meet Adam, Glenn and Linley and see them as people who care and are excellent at what they do, rather than just a name and picture.

PS. And, yes, Adam Thompson sounds exactly the same while jumping around with kids in a room as he does on a cd. Even with an iron on his head. The Goat man is one cool dude too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Groundhog Day

Remember that movie? I'm stuck in a special screening just for me. I try to be positive with the eldest and stay hopeful. At the moment though, that hope is slipping away. Tough love is aptly named, although it's tougher on the parents.

On a funny note [ which isn't really funny but more macabre] I heart Yahoo search. They've got the first husband pegged right with their alternate search suggestions for his name MUWAHAHAHAHA! I know it's mean to tease, but if I said it I'd get sued. LOL

Anyway, I have had busy fingers, I sent in my contribution for the Mirabelle foundation auction on Ebay that Pip from Meet Me at Mike's is running. This is my very first original designed and made by me softie!

Meet KreepiKat :

I've also made a version in polymer clay as a pendant and a print one for a tshirt. I've become rather enamoured of him, so if the cats in the house aren't careful, he'll be getting the best sun spot to lay in *g*
I'm working on a painting today but the photo will have to wait until the photographers get home :-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

What a load of manure!

Can you believe this freaking BS? The horses that survive Hendra virus get put down anyway! Why not put them down when they are sick then? Why wait for them to recover at all? Why put them through it all? If they're serious about the human risk, would that not be more logical to reduce it? The practical cynical side of my brain is also wondering who pays the astronomical vet fee's incurred while treating the horse?

I can't articulate the rage I feel for this complete and utter BS.

Hendra virus claims $200k racehorse Tamworth
The two-year-old gelding is being put down despite surviving the deadly Hendra virus that claimed four other horses at Queensland's Redlands Veterinary Clinic.,23599,24182088-1248,00.html

I know I haven't posted much. I swear I am really, really busy. Apart from the pneumonia putting me a month behind, I am also working on new stuff. Good news is that I am being weaned back off medication and can start excercising again.YAY. Plus, 2 pro photographers in the house, you'd think I'd be able to get photo's of artwork and stuff. no. not so much. They are busy too LOL

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Journalisation of a brain

My daughter is having the same problem I do when it comes to creative process.

"Where's your journal?" was the most oft asked question while I was at Uni. "Ummmm, right there with the rest of my work I would reply." Most often followed by " Well, where's your ideas and process for the piece?" which would have me explaining that it's all in my head. I go straight from brain to fingertip, with a short side trip to OMG, that looks like crap, let's start again. So, my journal would have multiple versions of the final image in various stages BUT with no clear path of why I went there.

I just can't journalise my brain. no matter how hard I try. BUT. I think I have found a solution to my dilemna. I'm going to work it like a swatch [inspiration, design or style] board then when it's finished, take a picture and voila! A visual journey of my creative process. Phew.

So. tried the theory out *g* and true, it did work. But now I get asked why is there a Robbie Williams poster hanging off the side of the board? and why is there a Max Biaggi photo in it as well? And why are there recipes for ham and vege soup? alongside paint test strips and lyrics to Puff the magic Dragon? and Library Due Date receipts. Pics of friends and family and dates to remember. One of my daughters photo's that has no direct correlation to the artwork in progress.

Very simple. That's my creative process for everything. It's all what makes me think of what that piece of artwork is about and where it came from.

So, Daughter is now working on her own board in the same way.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still in bed...

this is getting annoying. Apart from the idea of no technology in the bedroom going down the loo, you can only watch so much tv, read blogs and books before everything becomes too much effort. Amazing how bright screens can be, even reading an email was hard.

Poor kidlets come to visit their really young and cool Nana for fun stuff and all they get is the shrew in the bed asking if they've brushed their teefs and read their books. Oh, and had a bath. Although they're currently playing Wii bowling, so they're happy.

So, I've been stuck in bed since I came back from Melbourne, the house is a mess and if I venture beyond the sickroom I end up crying because well, the house is a mess! Poor hubby. Luckily for him, I can barely talk, so he's spared the yelling part. He tries, but we have incompatible cleaning methods, so usually I end up cleaning up his cleaning. To him, it's neat and tidy, I see a rubbish tip. LOL

I am starting to feel better tho, even starting to feel hungry & can at least sit up without my eyeballs falling out of my head. So tomorrow I'm getting up. I can't stand it anymore. I've been doodling in my art journal, so have some ideas. LOL although maybe not.

Toodles, everyone have a weekend!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vertical Gardens

I came across an intriguing link on another blog to this site called Vertical Gardens by Patrick Blanc.

What a great solution for small space gardening! The possibilities are endless. Instead of grafitti, they could put this on ugly concrete. Although, probably not in high smog areas like the tunnels. And so easy even black thumbs like me could implement it. If you click on detailed presentation he tells you how to make it using easily acquired items, seeds and cuttings. I'm going to do a trial run in miniature *g* the less death & destruction I wreak on the plant world the better, I think.

I have felt left over from cushion making and pvc plastic from our move as well as a metal frame from our old dishwasher wheel contraption. So, it's a recycling bonus as well.

I don't think it would be water hungry as it seems the felt would hold the water and reduce the amount it would require, perfect for drought areas.

So to me, all in all, seems like a great way to garden.

Let me know if you try it and I'll post pics of my attempt.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sniffles was the name....

OzFemme has been unwell, go make her feel better. Then come back here and make me feel better as I've since caught her germs even though we live in different states and with different germ factories kids.

I snuffled my way to Melbourne to see my GP. I haven't been able to find one here and he already knows the ins and outs of all the ducks. Youngest daughter also needed to have a blood test done, poor kidlet was not happy after. They tried many drinks of water and hot packs to try and coax her veins up with no luck. At one stage they were even looking on her hands and feet to see if they could get a cooperative vein. The Dr ended up doing it himself. From a very small vein.

Then I dragged myself* to Southland for some shopping therapy. and tissues.

I got the Countdown Spectacular 2 dvd that I have been chasing for ages. Big W is having a dvd sale, so we got some more movies. Handy now that I am stuck in bed feeling like fat cat has taken up residence on my ribcage. I also got the complete 6 series & Specials of One Foot in the Grave which is as good as chicken soup! I love that show.

We had fun trying to catch trains at both Sthn X and Flinders St. The line we needed at Sthn was closed [found out later that a train upline had a door stuck open] and at Flinders their display thingy was wrong, the other one was blank, with the added bonus of a track change to the blank side with no warning. Everyone getting on kept asking where the train was going. LOL

Well, I'm off to turn the bathroom into a steam room. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Hugs Bunnies.

* 2nd eldest drove us around, she's on L plates still, so got plenty of practice in. We were nearly in an accident as some silly cow in a tarago with squillions of kids decided to pull out from a side street over 4 lanes of traffic. All the kidlet could say once we pried her hand off the horn and the stream of obscenities subsided was how glad she was that her Dad made her pay the extra for good brake pads he installed. LOL Oh yeah, youngest piped up with "Wow. you sound just like Mum" Hmm.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Life in the country

Overnight I have succumbed to the evil flu/cold germs floating around. You would think that the fresh country air would scare them off, but no. Tomorrow I am going down to Melbourne on the train for the day...

Anyone want to take bets on the number of death stares I get from other commuters as I sneeze and snuffle my way to the SE suburbs?

To the [ahem]friendly person who emailed me : I'd just like to point out that I was not bagging out Hugh Grant in my previous post. I've just read his Wiki bio as well as a couple of interviews and from that I have formed the opinion that, no you are quite correct, in Real Life he would not be a sad loney git. Probably more a cynical smartarse like me and the lovely Anonymous commenter who actually comprehended what my post was about.

So, there you have it *grin*

OMG! When did this happen?

I have obviously been a closet Hugh Grant fan for years without even realising it.

And it hasn't been obvious, even to me. We bought some new dvd's on sale and I grabbed Love Actually as it was on special for $3. Anyway, youngest daughter and I are putting them away and she says "Would you like me to put all the Hugh Grant movies together?"


Yes. That's right, I wrote that correctly. I have enough movies with Hugh Grant in them to have a whole Hugh Grant category. When did that happen? I wasn't aware that I even liked his movies. So, I've been turning this over in my mind all night. It's a bit troubling, does this mean I like romantic comedy's? or, perhaps sad lonely gits?

I've always been the sensible one, head on straight. Not the one who watches romance and reads Mills and Boon and cries at weddings.

But apparently I am.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I am a meat popsicle.

It's 4pm here and I'm sitting in bed huddled under 2 doonahs and a cat. Heater going like the clappers and it is still freaking freezing in this house. 4c degrees. Obviously, I am so cold my brain is frozen as well as I just read the BOM weather report and it says..
Weather Pattern:
A vigorous cold front will move through the rest of eastern Victoria this
evening then further cold fronts will move from the Bight to cross Victoria on
Tuesday and Wednesday

I read vigorous as vicious. LOL I like my version better.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My son has a poetry assignment for school. One of his is called an Ode to Poop.

Kenny has a lot to answer for!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


My all time favourite music....

Phantom of the Opera by Nightwish

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Help? Where? Rhetoric over action strikes again!

Sooooo, the crisis people can't even find them a caravan or 2 to go where the house/garage was?

ROFLMAO. And people accuse me of being cynical. What a freaking joke.

Yes, I am a big fan of self reliance and responsibility, however, sometimes the help on offer is useless. Giving them a caravan and hooking it up on site and organising for the family to take part in an owner builder relationship to rebuild would be practical. Finding a civic minded builder to help would have been more practical, or even nominating them for one of the shows on tv, instead of a garden makeover they have a whole block they could make over. 3 years dumped into crisis accomodation where they have to pay rent and utilities does not help a family recover from losing everything.

And, the council waits till winter? Yes, that's practical help.

I'm not a fan of just doing everything for people, but putting forward other options other than short term crisis help needs to be incorporated. Practical help, not looks good on paper and pat me on the back help.

A CRANBOURNE family of eight is out in the cold after bulldozers moved in on their makeshift home.

Shortly before 10.30am on Thursday, two police cars arrived at the Darcy Court property to remove Vince Grant, his pregnant partner Karen Dyball, their four children aged 12 and under and Mr Grant's 76-year-old mother, Patricia.

By lunchtime, the garage they had been living in was demolished. Hours later, Ms Dyball went into labour a week early and was taken to Frankston Hospital where she gave birth to a healthy son David Bradley.
Read more

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's do the time warp again...

Time just seems to keep getting away from me.

We are moving my studio around [yes, again!] I just can't seem to get it into a proper workflow, so we're changing it from the 2 rooms into 1. I need an uncluttered easy to get to space in order to work and it seems impossible in this house. Could just be my brain though LOL

I am allowed to start excercising again [light only, no joint impact at all] so have chosen bellydancing ROFLMAO This should be veeeerry interesting!

I have my eye on a house, slightly out of town, in a smaller town. I am seriously sick of house hunting. The house we're renting has no heating and it's absolutely freezing here. Even the cats are getting under the doonah's. The first time, I thought hubby had suddenly grown a full pelt! We've bought heaters but they still don't seem to heat the house to comfortable. Then again, being a tropical girl it may just mean I am doomed to feel frozen forever down here LOL Hopefully by the end of the year, just in time for summer, we will be in our own house and I can paint the bloody walls any colour I like and hang a gazillion pieces of art if I like!

Oh, and have a straight floor.

Well darrrrrrlings, I must be off to see if I can create a masterpiece *g*
Luvyas all.

Friday, June 06, 2008


We wandered down to view the Archibald '08 exhibition which is currently ensconced in the local gallery. I was a bit hmmm about this years winner but seriously, the images you've seen on tv or photo's do not do the actual image justice. In person it is vivid and full of movement and subtle textures and shapes. I can now see why it was chosen as the winner.

The Heath Ledger image is also wonderful but feels very dark and foreboding. Although, that could just be my layering after his death. Mildly creepy and I felt like a bit of a voyeur looking at it. Don't get me wrong though, it's a great artwork and powerful, I felt like he was going to reach out and poke people.

One by Leslie Rice that was split into multiple images that you could barely see. In fact, I walked past half of it before I realised the frames weren't empty [could partially be the lighting though]

My personal favourite after the Del Kathryn Barton piece was by Hong Fu, Dr Joseph Brown

Afterwards we wandered across the road and browsed the Antique/Secondhand shops. I found a set of wooden cats that I hinted at hubby as my birthday present and a couple of beautiful marcasite pieces that I drooled over as well. Could keep me entertained for days in there LOL We decided to go to the Beechworth Bakery for lunch, which was really busy.

Then we came home.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am in my studio wondering which thought to release first :-) I've finally finished all outstanding webwork, so am freeeeee!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm back

I spent a lot of money at bookshop and drooled for hours over the manuscripts. Learnt a lot of information.

Proved beyond doubt that I really do not have any social skills whatsoever.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Antikva's big city adventure!

No cooking, No cleaning but Reading, Room Service and Restaurants for 3 days :-)
I'm off to Melbourne for this -

Conference: Imagination, books and community in medieval Europe
An international conference at the State Library of Victoria, 29-31 May 2008
This international conference will examine the role of the manuscript book in nurturing both the imagination and a sense of community in medieval Europe, focusing on continuities between medieval and early modern visual, intellectual and religious culture.

I had to change the commenting permissions, if you have any probs let me know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Question of the day...

Why do people join fan clubs if they're not fans? Numbskulls.

PS. I haven't been here cos I have been sick with some stoopid arse bug thing. Feeling better now though. Guess I better finish the redecorating LOL and put everyone's links back up before you all think I don't love yous all anymore :-)

PPS Don't you just love rambling run on sentences with improper grammar?

PPPS. It is absolutely.fricking.freezing here. We're not buying a house unless it has central heating to the wazoo and warmed toilet seats. GEEEEEEZ.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I blink and a couple of weeks whizz by...

Sorry, got a little bit carried away playing Mah Jong solitaire on Facebook lately!

I had my Mother's Day last Sunday as D2 and her BF were up for the weekend.
I got a true daylight work lamp, a sewing machine, some ugg boots and a Jennifer Fallon book, a set of Phantom mags and tyres. And, flowers. Score! LOL

Apparently we are now a holiday destination LOL Eldest is having her gallbladder out some time this month and we're having the baby here until she recovers.

I'm going to a conference in Melbourne on the 30/31 May. Imagination, Books and Community in Medieval Europe. Might have to take the grandaughter with me. heh.

I've been asked to do a 2 part gilding workshop, so need to get some work done to show them. All of mine have gone to their owners and photo's don't really show the gold glimmering. I've been doing test sheets for it to show the different methods of gilding ie. old method, modern method and writing out my recipes for ink, gesso and paint as well. I see my Immuno specialist in 3 mths, so hopefully he'll give me the ok to go back to using pigments.

So, I have one final corporate client site to finish off and then I will only be consulting for them. But apart from friends and family, I am done with web dev/design. Unless of course, I urgently need money to buy art supplies.

I've also been reading a lot. I've found 2 new Aussie authors, Jennifer Fallon and Fiona McIntosh I've found this cool little second bookshop and have been haunting his shelves. He has great old books on art that are reasonably priced. At this rate, I'll have to buy more shelves LOL DH says we shouldn't be looking at houses to buy, we'd be better off buying an old library or warehouse *snort*

Wel, that's it for this weeks enthralling instalment. LOL

Hugs everyone!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am not invisible anymore!

must be magic! LOL Nah, I think I finally whined at the right person. I'm going to be in Melbourne [again GAH!] at the end of May for a conference on Illuminated Manuscripts. Hopefully I'll have time to swing by and check out Michelle's latest exhibition entries. I really love her Happy Days piece. My friend Ty is moving back to Melbourne very soon, so I am really happy and dying to catch up. A couple more of the gang from Uni are also gravitating to Melbourne [ hmmm. funny how they all turn up just as I leave! LOL]] for work. So, I've been changing stuff around, not just furniture and hopefully everything will be ready to unveil on Thursday. I'll also have some news by then and hopefully be able to invite blackmail/guilt people into coming along. Well, I'm off to get some sleep. It's freezing here and I have a book to read :-) Hugsyasall.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You can see me

but I can't. Having a bit of a tech problem at the moment. Back when I can see myself again!

Definitely a WTF moment.

I bought a motorbike racing dvd [official] and just watched it. The sound track is not the sound of motorbikes as you'd expect nor some commentator waffling on, not even silence... Elevator music. and REALLY freaking bad elevator music. WTH were the producers thinking and WTF were the *official* lot who approved thinking. The only thing I can conclude is that noone watched or listened to it prior to approval. Either that, or they were all out to lunch.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Acrylic paint

I used to paint in acrylic but since Uni have painted only in gouache and watercolour. Decided to use acrylic again today and figured it was like riding a bike... Ahem. Nope. Not even close. I ended up grumpy that it dried so quickly and was really gluggy and thick. Back to gouache LOL Got some bookshelves today for my studio. I don't have enough storage space and I can't find anything unless I hunt through piles of books and reference material stacked on the floor. Which makes me even more grumpy. Afterwards I went to Dymock's to order a book and picked up 2 more Aussie SciFi Fantasy writers to read and a book for the boy. He's reading a series by an Aussie as well but I couldn't remember what number he's up to [ about No 7] so I got him the new Skullduggery Pleasant book. He's happy. His other sleep problem is caused by not having a book to read when he goes to bed. Didn't even factor that in. He's been read to since he was a baby then when he was old enough, he's continued to read before going to sleep. It didn't occur to me that he'd developed a ritual. And, speaking of which, I am off to bed as well.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

You put your left foot in....

I'm not an easy person to know. I tend to freak out if I'm noticed, then run away and hide. Not very good for someone who sells her own art etc. But hey, I do try. It's not helped by extreme natural shyness, I've taught myself to *switch on* when I have to although I tend to babble from nerves. I became that way because I spent many years hiding from one person. Look me up in the electoral roll, phone book etc and I'm not there. I'm a footnote in a court case. I'm not even really here. I'm hiding behind a business name. It's the reason I haven't put any more work up. It opens me up to being noticed and I don't do criticism or admiration well at all. Or anything really. I have been taking baby steps for the last few years and trying not to flinch but lately I have lost my nerve again and run away and hid. Having this blog is supposed to be my therapy and learning to have strangers wander through and feel comfortable. But then, some of you guys are family and some are RL friends and I find myself uncomfortable writing about some stuff or putting me out here. Then... Tonight I outed myself in a group to defend someone who I honestly admire. Some people tend to get being a fan mixed up with being a friend and are offended if they're not treated like a friend. I never make that mistake as I hate when people who like my work are all over me like a rash BUT have no idea who I am as a person. Anyway, I went in and said my piece. And now, I am totally freaked out all over again. But, I guess it's one foot in front of the other and I may as well keep going now. so! expect to see some stuff happening around here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photo's up

I just put some pix up from World Superbikes at Phillip Island.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My car

I just got back from Melbourne. I bought a car *G* A VN Group A SS replica to be exact. Of course, my favourite car is the Maserati MC12 but in the meantime this one will do me...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Space launch...

Anyone know how to stop a drafting table from suddenly releasing its locking mechanism and launching everything onto me with no warning?

No glass or water to be flung randomly around this time luckily LOL

Don't know why it's doing it, it's weight balancey thingy must be off. It was locked and I made the husband check it too.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HMAS Sydney (II) Discovered - Latest Search Reports


HMAS Sydney (II) Discovered - Latest Search Reports

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Riddle me this...

How the hell have I managed to GAIN [ yes, I am shrieking] 2 more kgs when I have stopped taking all the medication responsible for weight gain. GAH!

Hmmm. wonder if the scales are working properly?  Better not freak out just yet.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

76m2 and all I'm missing is my brain and a dvd

At this point I'm pretty damn sure I packed my brains in a box and labelled it PBO shed or lounge. That's what every box we have seems to have been labelled. And. not by me.

How the hell can you lose 100 cd/dvds in a removal under 200 klms? I am gobsmacked that they've been moved the length and breadth of the country but 200kms and they've run away from home! maybe they felt neglected?

Backups from 1994. Client files. Floppy disks Cd's and Dvd's from computer magazines, which btw I found every last one I ever bought since 1994 BUT not the freaking dvd that contains the software that is vital to a current project. Shit. i even found the disks for my Apple circa 1992.

I can buy the latest version of it but I'd have to play catchup learning the new stuff *pouts* and I LIKE the version I have from last year.

I think I need to need to listen to waterfalls or babbling creeks.

Friday, March 14, 2008

76m2 and all I'm missing is my brain and a dvd*

At this point I'm pretty damn sure I packed my brains in a box and labelled it PBO shed or lounge. That's what every box we have seems to have been labelled. And. not by me. How the hell can you lose 100 cd/dvds in a removal under 200 klms? I am gobsmacked that they've been moved the length and breadth of the country but 200kms and they've run away from home! maybe they felt neglected? Backups from 1994. Client files. Floppy disks Cd's and Dvd's from computer magazines, which btw I found every last one I ever bought since 1994 BUT not the freaking dvd that contains the software that is vital to a current project. Shit. i even found the disks for my Apple circa 1992. I can buy the latest version of it but I'd have to play catchup learning the new stuff *pouts* and I LIKE the version I have from last year. * Sorry, I'm not creative enough to do 2 posts at a time, I barely remember to make 1 a day sometimes!



Sorry 'bout the shoe box background! It's incredibly hard to find something to hang a necklace on and take photo's of it. My official photographer [hubby] is in bed and I can't take photo's to save my life [ as you can tell LOL] but you can at least get the gist of what I have been doing.

This one is for Daughter No 2. I was going to toss it as I didn't like the pattern but she loves it, so I turned it into this. It's pink. Yes. Not really me but anyway!

So, worked out ok. I am in the process of making more now that I have worked out how to finish them off. Buttons are cooking now, so should have pics tomorrow sometime. I have a lot of designs I've drawn, now I need to turn them into something wearable. I'm also planning on gilding in the morning and have been making gesso as well as charcoal to make new ink as it all had to be left behind :-(

Fun. The neighbours probably think I'm brewing something illegal ROFL

Yes, Rob, I know, I forgot. Will take a pic tomorrow sometime and put it up, I promise! It's not *that* interesting though!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hit the wall

I actually cried tonight, yelled at hubby and kids and nearly slammed the cat in the doorway.  I don't cry or yell very often so everyone took flight to hide, which is the reason I nearly squished the cat.

I'm thinking of putting up a reward for someone to find my bloody software disks.

I know they're in a box but have no clue which one as is labelled lounge or shed. I have a deadline and as I am a Ms control freak with perfectionist tendencies I stress out if something gets in the way. Although, as I said it's very rare for me to get to the frustation level of crying and yelling.

So now, I'm listening and singing along to Bay City Rollers *g*

Bye Bye Baby  [heh]


One of my blogging buddies has started a new blog called What I see out my window  I'm sending him a pic tomorrow, bit hard right now, cos it's dark LOL

Go send him a pic.

All of me loves All of you [ hmm, never heard this BCR song before!]

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home again.

Youngest is sick so is home from school.
We have a room designated the tardis. It has lots of boxes stuffed into it and I like to go in there and play tetris.
It's like a kind of parallel universe Christmas here atm, boxes that contain items that have no direct correlation to the contents. Fun.

I have made a new necklace but now have to work out how to finish it off [the doing up part] Tomorrow I am making buttons ;-) then painting, then I have a site design and database concept to finish off as well as it's matching quote.

Yes, Rob, will out up a pic of the tshirt I did for Superbikes :-) just for you! LOL

I am trying to get organised. I hate chaos when it's unordered. Much like this post!

OH! Before I forget, we were out the front tonight and heard this weird noise coming from the creek/bush over the road, all of a sudden this humungous [sp??] kangaroo comes bounding across the road at us, down the side of the house to the back and starts eating grass happily as if we weren't even there! It was huge, taller than me too [yes, I know, what a surprise. seems like everything and everyone is taller than me atm! heh] Couldn't get a photo this time though.

Going to get sleep now before I fall off the chair. Nite All.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I think at this point I just want to find somewhere quiet to hide until they all grow up.

Although, and I am going to save the text message I got and whip it out the next time they roll their eyes at me.

The gist of the message is Mum was right, they were wrong and now Mum has to wave her magic wand and fix it all.

I'll be in Melbourne waving my wand around if anyone else needs fixing.

Back later.

PS. I didn't get past drawing up the latest painting as I can't find my paints in all the boxes, so I worked on some polymer necklace designs instead. Hopefully if I can get my brain functioning when I get home I'll upload some pix.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm still around...

I've written a post about our weekend at Superbikes but it's all over the place, so I've saved it as a draft for now. I've been editing the thousands of pix hubby took for me and trying to burn them to dvds for everyone. I also had some medical appointments and stuff today, so was a bit busy too sit and rewrite.

Anyway, test results are back

1. No more steroids for a while. YAY!

2. Am allowed to restart physio. YAY!

3. My eyes are fine, the problem was my glasses. They were overpowered [L side x 2 & R side by 5] and the imbalance caused the blurry vision, headaches etc. So, new glasses YAY!

4. Got the bill and paid for new glasses and sunglasses [prescription] OH!

5. Still got a squillion boxes to unpack. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

We're back from the Superbikes at Phillip Island, had a great weekend. I got sunburnt/windburnt as usual. We were planning a leisurely drive back and lunch with the Daughter left behind and visit some friends. Just as we were packing, got a phone call to say Yoda was sick. Oy.

So, power packed and flew straight home on the freeways. If you ever need to know, it takes 3 and a bit hours from there to here on a direct flight. Oh and a headache and  a sickening feeling that you abandoned one of your babies in their time of need because you know no one here that could pick him up and the school don't have a sick bay and OMG he's sick! I was freaking out as I couldn't tell exactly *how* sick he was and the grandparents had already left to go home, so....

He's fine.

So today I am painting and gilding before my head explodes. Have to get the pix off the camera and choose some to upload. I'll tell all later tonight.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Rude!

This magazine

pinched a photo my daughter took of Max Biaggi at the 2007 WSBK races at Phillip Island. No one even bothered to email and ask. I would have said it was okay but they should have asked first.

I posted it in my blog at the time as well as putting it into my Google Photo's. I had to dump it when the server got hacked but it's still in google photo's as a private album, so I have plenty of proof.

Obviously she's good enough if people are pinching her pics. She used that series of photo's in her portfolio interview to get into her course. We moved here so she could do her course because she wants to become a sports photojournalist. Now, what would have happened if the Lecturers happened across that same image and thought she'd pinched it?

Not Nice! especially as they've added their copyright to the pic. So, I've emailed them nicely to credit her or remove it.

We'll see what happens.

Still unpacking boxes.

Monday, February 18, 2008


sorry! been busy unpacking. No kangaroos to be seen but we do have a lot of kookaburras that you can hear laughing early morning and dusk. A lot of other birds as well, so far no kangaroos though. We have bushland directly behind our house and across the road is a small creek that runs through another lot of bush. Very similar area to our house in Townsville.

Kookaburras are good, means no snakes. There's also a walking trail in the bush behind us, so will have to go have a squizz.

The house is nice, former miners cottage extended and renovated with heaps of power points and data points. A lot smaller than the McMansion but everything looks like it will fit. Luckily we're down to 4 people though or no way would everything have fitted. We're on adsl here which I set up as soon as the stuff was delivered and Austar is on in time for the start of the racing season YAY!

My server host had a massive power failure while I have been offline. Apparently they are getting new parts in to repair it all. Wonder if the new construction behind their data centre caused it? Bit of a bummer as there are lots of unhappy people screaming in forums about it. Lots of conspiracy theories being concocted as well. A lot are jumping ship but I haven't really had many probs with them, so I'll stick it out. Pretty much, shit happens and the same thing can happen any host you use.

Mia starts her course tomorrow and Yoda goes back to school on Tuesday. His whole school uniform here is gray, he is not impressed LOL The day we started moving he stacked his scooter and landed on his knee on bricks. Ouch. So, off to the Dr, xrays and he's on crutches. No break but torn ligaments and a wicked bruise. He grazed his knee as well and it was the size of a balloon for a few days but has gone down pretty quickly. Every time we move one always gets sick or damaged.

Random update is done. Nite.

Monday, February 11, 2008

On the move

I'll be offline for a few days as we pack'n'go.

Don't do anything I wouldn't! :-)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What day is it?

Spent 4 hours at the hairdressers today :-) Well, not just me but the 2 youngest daughters as well.

Fingers crossed, this is the move timetable :

Prepack 11th

Uplift 12th

Delivery 13th

As this is our final defence removal, which btw is Number 8, we still get hotel accommodation and allowances for prepack and uplift days. I have to leave everything switched on here as No2 daughter is staying here until the 17th, then is staying with her bf for a few days until the girls can move into the house they've rented. Very convoluted. We're going up to get the keys on Friday and transfer the youngest to the Secondary College down the road from where we'll be living.

So, house is full of boxes and stuff to get rid of. So much fun. With any luck we'll be unpacked and settled by the 15th.  Then back down to Phillip Island on the 28th for WSBK weekend.

Oh yeah... Shrek toothpaste tastes nice. LOL Don't ask and you won't get a silly answer.

Hugs Bunnies, Catchya tommorrow!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Well, THAT was fun! NOT!

I'm going to remove the pwprotect and the hotlink tonight. And we shall see *g* Think I'll leave the blog at blogspot until it's all sorted though. If you don't want it to happen to you, don't post about namesofcontentmanagemts or they think you use one and try to attack it. If you do have one, read the forums to find out how to protect yourself.

2 hours of my life I won't get back waiting on the phone for tech support.

So, I've been learning the new laptop and Vista while I have been having my sabbatical. Doing the inventory. And redesigning my logo and site. Twill all be shiny and new. And painting and working. So, busy. and tired. and whatever.

Do you know how tiring it is to spend money? Never would have believed it, but there ya go. New fridge, dryer, lounge etc The child about to be kicked out of the nest a second time is in heaven as she gets all the old stuff. House is crammed as we have 2lots of furniture. We will be there by the 17th or earlier.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

So hopefully...

this works. I've just switched back to blogspot and redirected the feed to feedburner so at least I'm partially back. Maybe.


I apologise for my sudden disappearance and locking everyone out. My server was kiddyhacked and I am currently offline as a result. Hopefully the attack will soon stop and I can reload.

Mia got accepted to do Visual Art, so we will be moving in 2 weeks. The house we have rented is very quirkily laid out, but we can make it work for 12 months until we decide if we like the city and want to buy. The house has just been renovated and painted etc, looks very nice although the picket fence is pale yellow, not white *g*
The 2 kidlets begged us to find a house in Jackass Flats, alas, we could not, so are living in Kangaroo instead LOL I kid you not!

Got our corp tickets for WSBK, so we move then come back 2 weeks later to Phillip Island. I am spray painting some tshirts to wear as I only have fan stuff in the old colours.

Got the new laptops yesterday, so have been setting them all up, it's been like a production line adding anti virus, firewalls, spyware etc. Everyone wanted a Logitech mini mouse like mine, so we trooped off to Officeworks. No mice were bought but came home with an LCD HDTV for a really good price *g* 34" so it fits into the wall unit nicely. The company has made really good computer monitors for years so we shouldn't have any drama's. It was even cheaper as someone bought it and returned it because it didn't have a digital set top box. They didn't even take it out of it's box. Bonus!

Anyway, I am off to get some sleep. Nitey nite, don't let the bed bugs bite *g*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

OMG! Oh the Dramaz!

A big sorry to those who read in a reader. I have been having my images & bandwidth [amongst other stuff] pinched by people. Leeches. I thought that it would be better to put images back up but they were swooped upon again. So now I am trying the Ban Hotlink method. Which, has the obvious drawback of images not showing via the Readers. Le Sigh.

As I said, OMG the Internetz Dramaz!

So, Oh Wise One's... What do you recommend I do?

A/ Remove the hotlink protection and just go with the flow?
B/ Leave it and see how many people complain bitterly that they had to click through?
C/ Give up and don't worry about it?

I've been buying on Ebay for 7 years and never had a parcel go missing in transit until now :-( Bummer. I've never seen this particlar item before either, a miniature replica racing helmet. Seller was great though and refunded straight away, so no probs apart from not getting it. Oh well, maybe I could just buy the helmets blank and paint them to suit.

OTOH, I did just grab a wooden plan cabinet for $31- that matches the new drafting table top and work desk tops that Hubby just made for me. The others were either too large or too small. So,that's worked out well. It has wheels too! I can also plonk my lightbox on top of it and free up some space as well. Bonus!

I also got an invitation from an online Artist gallery which is local, so accepted that. Hopefully we get the new digital camera next week and the photogs in the family can take photo's of artwork to upload.

Well, best get going, I have to get dolled up and go meet a client.



Here are my first couple of Zentangles. Sorry 'bout the image, my digital camera spat the dummy, so I used my phone.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Absolutely Amazing...

the things you find when you open boxes that haven't been opened for the last 4 moves! [pre 2000 at least] I was just going to chuck them but then thought I'd better see what treasure I had buried in the shed. Wayne Gardner and Max Biaggi stickers and stuff from ages ago as well as some mags that had Wayne Gardner, Kevin Magee and Daryl Beattie articles in them. I can't believe how young they all look. A black leather jacket I wore when I was in my Madonna phase LOL  A pink holden jacket we got in Ballarat while we were visiting friends.

Also in there was a menu I pinched from a restaurant that Zamm and I ate at in Burbank while I was there. I did tip well though *g*  Mickey Mouse ears I got at Disneyland and Lord of the Dance programmes. Weird badges I bought for Gawd knows what reason at the Star Trek casino in Vegas. Along with seventy billion keyrings. The snow goggles I bought immediately after getting off the ski lift while I was still in a state of panic. Because OMFG I can't see and I was in the air and Dad grabbed my backpack tilting me forward and I thought I was going to be a freaking news story. Mum & Dad still laugh at me about that, it's the $200- Impulse buy story.

From my childhood a ten pin bowling badge and softball trophies along with ribbons for 100m and the 4 x 100m relay. Along with photo's of me wearing the neck brace, 12 months of living in the tropics with long hair and a neck brace still makes me shudder.

A kookaburra [stuffed toy] that a friend gave me at least 30 years ago and my treasured Tenderheart Care Bear that I thought I'd lost in a move. I even bought a replacement on Ebay not long ago :-) My wetsuit I always wore while waterskiing[ never gonna fit in that again! LOL] and my gloves from speedway.

So, basically my whole life in a box.

So not chucking that kind of stuff out!

There's a few more boxes to go through now before we move.

Yes. We are. Tomorrow it's official. Hubby got upgraded today and gets out tomorrow TG!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Defining my focus

Sacred Geometry and Sacred Numerology is involved in what I'm working on now as a series. Basically. It's a bit more complicated than just saying it flippantly though. My biggest problem last year was defining what direction I wanted to go in. I got stuck in a loop of my making.

Some pieces will be on kangaroo vellum. Some on modern paper vellum from Spicers and some will be on Arches watercolour paper. All will have gold or palladium, silver sometimes but that will be sealed. Gouache or watercolour depending on the image. I always use watercolour pencils first to do the base image.

A lot of people asked if my art was religious and that had me a bit freaked. Not particularly, but I'm drawn to Iconography and Art before the Renaissance, Byzantine and Gothic to be specific as well as Celtic. I also love Art Noveau and Art Deco works. I love tattoos and in another life probably would have been a tattoo artist.

I'm not discussing my spirituality or religious beliefs through art, that wasn't my focus and I struggled with that. I also didn't want to be seen disrespecting any religion as I am not a political artist either. So, feedback good or bad is welcome, I don't get offended easily as long as it's honest. Art is subjective.

Anyway, images and wip's and parts of my paper process journal will start appearing here again now that I have defined what I'm doing in my head. Once I have it more solidified I'll put it here. I'm redefining myself and moving away from web design, which while more lucrative doesn't call me as much as traditional art. I have one large corporate client site to finish then I can move over completely.

Probably why Zentangles appeals to me as a relaxation tool rather than the scrunched paper method for inspiration. I doodle all the time anyway but Zentangles are more structured.

I tend to perfectionism especially in my artwork. Lines and colours etc have to be right and some pieces have been ripped up and/or done multiple times before it's right enough for me. A lot of people express horror if an artist rips stuff up but a process journal can only hold so much LOL 

Life has been chaotic with all the comings and goings and people's perceptions of me. I am not a cookie cutter Mum. I connect with my kids with the exception of one. I don't know why, but I just don't meet what she thinks a Mother should be. And that makes me sad.

But, I am who I am and 3 think I'm a great Mum. It's taken a long time for me to accept that she'll always be looking for the perfect Mother ideal she holds. She got imperfect me who just doesn't behave the way she wants and I have to stop trying to be that fictional person.

I wrote this to focus myself  and make sure I don't forget the direction. I don't like a lot of chaos, some I can handle but the jumble of life and what other people want me to be or think was too much for me in the last couple of years. So, please excuse the rambling while I redefine and sort my life back out. Thinking about how I feel instead of what I'm expected to feel, say or do.

Anyway, I have to go put my Mummy cape on as D3 is having a friend drama!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Holiday.

We got to here [ Bridge between San Remo and Phillip Island] and smelt sea!


We stayed here [well, in a cabin to be precise!]


and ate breakfast with these every morning


while this lurked looking for his breakfast. Also every morning LOL


Then we spent a lot of time watching these guys


and these came to say Hi when we went to get lunch at the Visitor Centre.


We freaked out when this guy slithered out of the grass, a couple of feet away from us. [ Eastern Brown]


Which led to this.


We also went here


and saw this


as well as this [Blowhole in action]


followed by this sight when we had dinner.


and saw this friendly guy


We also went to the Penguin Parade and watched the penguins come in but you're not allowed to take photo's. We came home yesterday and just about melted from the heat!

Now, back to work!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Home Again!

Air conditioning YAY! We just got back from Phillip Island, talk about stinking hot. Had a good time though, took the kidlets to the Penguin Parade and to the Nobbies. Saw lots of motorbikes, penguins, seals, rabbits and a brown snake EEK! Photo's tomorrow as I am hot, tired and sunburnt.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Ok,changed to blogspot temporarily until the drama with the server gets sorted. It's been a couple of weeks already...

So much for my New Years resolution LOL

If anyone wants me, I'll be at Siberia...

well, the corner known as Siberia at the track at Phillip Island anyway LOL

I has been a busy bee. After a loooong time of having lots of people here we are finally down to 5 people in the house. So, I decided that before we go on holiday and then move in a month or 2  to have a huge spring clean and rearrangement of living space. We moved my workroom back to it's original room now that we have space. Ahhhhh, I feel like I can breathe again.

I've been feeling much better recently as I feel comfortable in my own home again and don't have to hide upstairs in our bedroom to get away from everyone. D2 is looking for a flat with her mates, is settled at work and has a new bloke.  I feel much better about leaving her here by herself. She hasn't had any major seizures since she's been on the medication, so one relaunched from the nest successfully.

There's been some developments with the eldest but not in a good way, I am not happy about that. I can't fix it, so I have to let it go. Working on that. Think Britney.

We had the Grandsons come to visit for 5 days, we had fun. Entertaining little boys, they are *g*

Also, the friend that screwed me over last year and to whom I have not spoken too since, sent me a happy happy text message for the New Year WTF??????  Righto mate. Yeah, like I'm going to let you back into my life to be used all over again. No.

We're taking off for a week to Phillip Island to stay in a cabin to recover from the holiday season. I haven't stayed at this place, so hopefully it will be nice. Pretty much the last spaces available due to summer, test days etc

We're doing the penguin parade and stuff like that, I'll get to do the girl on car bonnet pose watching the testing. Sea air, sunburn and windburn all at the same time. Fun.

I have some work to finish off and my Server Host has had some issues over the last month that when I get back late next week I'll  have to go through and repair each client.

I've had time to make some necklaces and beads from polymer clay. It's very therapeutic to knead the clay instead of someone's head. LOL I've learnt a lot of techniques from one lady's blog in particular. She has great video tutorials and her necklaces are easier for me to work out how to make with my stiff joints. If your interested in clay go here I'm mucking around with a variation of her Mokume Gane technique. very pretty.

Thankfully my creative block has lifted and I am painting again as well. Phew. This is the longest period I have gone without being able to finish artwork. Some have been tossed in the bin but I still have a pile that will work and be able to finish them.

I made new cushion covers from felt  and blanket stitch even!

While I'm away I'm working on a new design for the blog to match my site but be different. Yes. I know what I mean. In my head that sentence is fully formed and coherent. Obviously my fingers need to work on their translation skills. heh.

My New Years resolution is to not stress about stuff, Let it go. Relax. Chill. So far it's been working.

I hope 2008 is a great year for everyone!