Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh noes! Wahhhh

Anyone have a broken microwave? I need the glass turntabley thingy that you put food on. I use them as a palette and mine is broken :-( or know where the hell I can buy one from? Short of stealing mine out of my new microwave [ somehow I don't think I could justify why I pinched it for paint LOL ]I have no clue.

I have no idea why but goauche seems to mix better on them, must be magic :-)

Apart from that, I have done absolutely nothing today except watch V8's [ well, absorb the race through my eyelids would be a better description! heehee] and read a book.

We bought the beanbags btw ROFLMAO should have seen us putting the beans in. I am but a shortarse and hubby kept lifting the bag up higher while I was coaxing the beans out. Grrrrrr.

I read the instructions that said to fill the bag while in the bathtub but decided that as a grownup I could handle it. We're still picking the bloody things up.

What's even funnier is hubby has been full of static the last few days, every time he touches something or someone he shocks them. Anyway, the beans keep attaching themselves to him. If he keeps this up, he'll pass for a snowman!

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

oh noes 2.

don't let the bead things go up pets or kids noses.
peace and love

antikva said...

Hey! You is back from your wanderin'

Yes, I was very careful and waited until hubby was fully charged and turned him into a human dustbuster *g* then vacuumed him LOL