Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nice knowing you all!*

There's definitely one positive if the world comes to an end tomorrow...

I won't ever have to listen to the teen next door playing his doofdoof music so loud it vibrates my entire house ever again. The minute his olds are out the door he turns. it.on. EVERY.DAY. MDK to the MF. Nah, I actually have a present that I am going to leave on their doorstep for him...

NO! I am a nice person *g* doesn't mean I haven't thought about ringing the elec company and telling I'm moving and making an error in the addy LOL. I have a wonderful wireless headphone set that I am going to put there. Maybe he'll get the hint.

We did notice that the beanbag chair thingys we want are in the catalogue for BigW that came the other day. The sale starts on the 10th, so it's the Day after tomorrow sale *g* Perhaps they think everyone will be so relieved that we didn't go bang that we'll all rush right out and buy stuff on sale. ROFLMAO

* ermmm, just to clarify, I am in the world is not coming to an end because they flick a switch camp. They've had smaller one's of these for a long time. Plus, ya know, blind faith and all that jazz :-)

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