Thursday, January 21, 2010

My brain is like a bagful of dancing monkeys

I'm back! Went to Melbourne to swap kids and go shopping & do coffee at Southland with Copperwitch and get conned into buying skyscrapers shoes. for daughters. not me :( Bright fuchsia 6" stilettos for one & blue for the other. I bought other stuff this time, like the last of Katherine Kerr's Deverry series which for some reason the local bookshops won't get in and coffee,coffee,coffee. I think I ingested so much caffeine in the 3 days technically I really should never ever drink it again HA!

Hit up the Art shops & searched unsuccessfully for a mold, so am making my own.

Also hit the music shops and got some great new music to create to.

I had the bestest ever piece of latte cheesecake at the coffee shop, so trying to find the name of their supplier :D

I joined Creative Everyday and while I haven't been posting, I have been creating and crocheting.

So last few days, worked on paperwork, rearranged my studio and am now in the process of creation.

I had an artwork that was nearly done, then I didn't like the way part of it had turned out, so started a new one and now it's going to be sort of collage of the 2 best elements from each :D so I am carefully slicing around the edges of one and incorporating it all.

There's an exhibition that I am entering with a deadline of Feb 17, so it will be head down, bum up and going like the clappers so will try and post more regularly this year. no, that is not a resolution :D Anyway, will be back tomorrow with a post about the Creative Everyday challenge.

The de-stress hypnotherapy cd seems to be working as I actually slept right through last night. Apparently as I had attended a session with him it makes it easier for the cd to work as usually my brain is like a bagful of dancing monkeys listening to that kind of thing. He has a great accent too, so I actually stop and listen :D

Adios Amigos! Hope you're all having a rocking 2010 so far :D