Tuesday, October 11, 2011

so tired

Winter just will not go away. The minute you think it's gone, it sneaks back LOL

While I was gone, I have 2 more grandchildren, one of each :) ermmm, 2 weeks apart [give or take a couple of days] Both Mums, Dads and bubs are doing well. One more great nephew to make an appearance and then that's it until next year at least. I entered all their info into the family tree straight away. heh. otherwise in 20 yrs time I'd be trying to remember what day they were born. [j/k]

We also got another kitten and Tera is getting on well with her since the 2nd day, she's called Khaos. Is a fluffy tortoiseshell. Both thunder race around the house playing then eat and go to sleep & repeat. Tera has finally stopped coming in at 3am and biting my feet trying to get me to play, so YAY, I no longer have to wear ugg boots to bed and wrapping the doonah around me like mummy wrappings!

The boy is home for a day as he was playing a kinect?? game with his sister chopping fruit and his arms hurt really badly ROFL ohhh, I mean poor kid, but it was funny, flailing arms all over the place.  He can't even lift his arms up at all.

That reminds me, I have misplaced my fabric pens :( so need to rummage around and find them so I can finish off the bootees I've made. They're very simple but look wonderful & would make easy gifts, so once I've finished, I'll post a pic & pattern info. I have no clue where they are *sigh*

I'm working on some test crochet pieces for a workshop I'll be doing at the Kangaroo Flat Art Space and will post more info once I have it. One will be Christmas themed, inexpensive and make a nice present for yourself or someone who appreciates handcrafted gifts. You can also find more info on workshops and other happenings here at Handmade by the Flat 

Plus, Chris Moule,  another local Bendigo artist is hosting a workshop this week & next for ink rendering, so I'm going to those :) more info can be found here at Kangaroo Flat Arts Inc

And, now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have a Nana nap and might not wake up until tomorrow.