Monday, January 16, 2012

wearing cement shoes, swimming in treacle!

I don't think I've read this much in years :)  I have 1000+ emails in gmail and wading through them is like walking in a river of treacle with cement shoes! So many add notifications for g+ , youtube, twitter and pinterest that I've now temporarily turned them all off, combined with an art workshop I signed up for sending stupid emails every time someone coughs! If you sent me an add request for anything, sorry, but it's going to take me a few days to get through them all.

I've set up a folder, so if you do email me, make sure the title is mittens and I'll see it straight away instead of it languishing in my massive to cull pile. If you have emailed me via gmail and don't get a response it's because I've now resorted to scanning the list & deleting in bulk & may accidentally miss it.

Add that to the busy bloggers who last week went nuts with posting :) and wow. just wow. Blog Land was a barren desert late last year and now it's like Christmas was rain & everyone is blooming again. I think I'm going to just mark all read and start fresh with posts.

I've been working hard and also following up some family tree research that was on the backburner last year, like everything else. I did make headway on trove & discovered his funeral notice & found he was married 2 more times and ended up using his middle name instead. It's definite as all the kids are named in the funeral notice & via a WW1 record for his son. Such fun searching for a needle in a haystack of Johns[t]on[e]'s  so, if you have a Henry Vincent or Vincent or Henry Johns[t]on[e] born in Dunedin NZ in 1875 who moved to Sorell and Hobart Tas before 1896, I have some descendants for you :) He's also connected to the Johns[t]on[e]'s  in Scottsdale Tas and his 1st wife was Florence Edith Gill, which is the line we connect with. Other wives were Ellen [or Helen] and Elizabeth. They lived in Murray St and also Liverpool St Hobart later.

 The last of our daughters left home to make her way in the world, one kidlet to go...I can see freedom! LOL just kidding, sort of. Spent some time with the new grandchildrens, they are so cute and adorable, especially as I can give them to their mothers for the yucky stuff :) Both are happy chubby bubs doing all the right things before they should and keeping their Mothers on their toes and Nana in fits of laughter!

I'm waiting on a new phone to come in, it's worse than being a kid on Christmas morning! I usually use prepaid but this is a great deal and only a couple of $ more expensive than what I have now, so I will be joining the cool kid brigade :) Supposed to be here tomorrow, then I shall be app'ing away for a day or 2 :)

I can't promise I'll post every day but I hope to at least every couple of days again. Once I have my phone set up, I'll be posting pics of stuff that amuses me as well. I did go a bit nuts with family portraits over Christmas hehe, I was in their face trying for arty shots to put up on the wall. But, they all have to be similiar, the babies were easy, it was the grown up one's who were hard to get as they all kept pulling faces :) I should post those, they'd behave next time! LOL

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art Of Survival - Kerosene