Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the studio...

So, have made new batches of gum ammoniac, pounce and gesso. Did you know that cuttlefish bones REALLY stink if you get too close when grinding it up? Ewwwww.

Today I have been gilding and now just have to wait out the drying time. I've been doing initials and smaller stuff rather than full on illuminations. Making Christmas cards to send out, want one? I'm making them with gouache, 24ct gold and Arches HP Satine. Email me name and postal address. I swear I don't have enough energy to stalk you, if you're worried. Oh, and don't wait until later, cos you'll probably get an Easter card instead! hehehehe.

I took Ann's advice and decided not to keep shoving furniture & stuff in the studio around as I am still feeling less energetic than usual. Hopefully the ants in the pants will return soon and I'll be happy. I have been walking for 30 mins but then have to have a nanny nap to recover.

Hubby went away for 2 weeks to the tropics, so I'm a tad jealous. He is working though, so I'm not that jealous LOL

We finally bought a new dishwasher as the one I had is 19 and only works erratically [the youngest daughter] so I sucked it up and spent the money. It was on sale though, $495 for a Dishlex is cheap!

Well, must twaddle off and start dinner.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Back again!

Well. That was not a fun break. I missed going down to Phillip Island for Motogp for the first time in years. I had pneumonia for the 2nd time, except this time it was in both lungs, apparently it was viral and then turned to bacterial. You know it's going to be bad when even the soles of your feet hurt while you are lying down.

Anyway, I am a lot better today. Last Friday I honestly thought about my mortality and of course scared myself stupid. Mind you, the Dr helped with the OMG!!! I don't wanna die bit, so I did exactly what I was told to do, rest, drink plenty of water, take antibiotics religiously and various puffer thingys. Then promptly had to add another allergy to my list of medication I definitely can't take again or the mortality question will raise it's ugly head.

Now one of the kids has had it as well, but he should be well enough to go back to school on Monday. We both just went for a follow up visit and the Dr has pronounced us well on the path to healthiness again. TG.

Mum and Dad diverted their holiday and came here earlier as they were a bit worried after talking to hubby. I had 3 days of my Mum looking after me *g* They've gone now to Geelong to see my Aunt for 2 weeks, then come back here for 2 weeks before chuffing their way back up to Brisbane to my brothers place.

You should see the mess in my studio! I have to reorganise again after the rearrangement of the house for visitors. sigh.