Monday, October 10, 2005


All I can say is, TG I have private health cover! Aforementioned broken tooth needs to be crowned hehe. I dub thee Queen Costalot! 2250-00 all up it's going to cost *yikes*
Should only cost me 500- gap cost though, so that's a little better, but still. My Mil says get it yanked, but it's a main chewing tooth, so will be better to keep it for another 20 years, given how young I am, according to my dentist, Mr Wonderful *g* I like him.

I'm off to finish my school project on whale sharks. [ ok, it's really Yoda's but I'm helping]

Sunday, October 09, 2005

hello world!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for your comments and emails when Nana died. Truly, truly appreciated :-) Hugs to all of you.

I think us girls did great and Nana would be proud of us all. Everybody kept saying how much we are all like her in both looks and personality. Which is kind of scary, thinking I'm turning into my Mother and she's turning into her Mother LOL

I've always thought it was pretty cool to have a Nana with a tattoo on her knee, as my cousin said, how could your Mum say no, when her mother had one? ROFL. I was never quite game to ask as a kid, but it was a ritual thing with the girls at the boarding house she stayed at as a teeneager. Similiar to blood brothers/sisters but involving ink instead, they all tattooed their own initials on their knees. So, see what genetics I have, there was never any hope for me to grow up conformist and conventional. Altho, I did try but it never quite worked *G*

I should be safe for the rest of the year at least now, if you believe on the tradition of bad luck running in 3's. I just didn't think they would all happen in the space of 2 days!

I just got Mia tickets to the aptly named Idiot Zone section for the Greenday concert here. Due to the hectic confusion and me having to leave quickly, she missed out [well, she doesn't have her own credit card, does she? you silly mother!] so I ended up paying $308- on ebay for 2 tickets. * insert aghast expression here* Amazing what guilt at forgetting something so vitally important to a teenager can make you do! ROFL

So, for the time being I am back in the good books and she's gonna be Mummy's lil helper for a veeeerrrry long time *g* cos, you know, I'm mean like that LOL

Yodabug got given Nana's fake fishtank, so he's also a happy lil vegemite. When Nana first got it, when Yoda was much younger, he didn't believe that they were fake fish, cos they were in water and swam around. So, Nana would give him fake fish food to feed them with and it became a great joke between them as he got older and realised.

I have another dentist appointment Monday :-( I really really have a phobia about dentist's [ previous bad experience] so everyone think good thoughts for me k? ta muchly :-)

Hope everyone is doing well and the world is yellow not grey.