Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brays - Official 'Sin' Video - First Single!

A blank post sitting in drafts...

how odd. I don't even remember wandering in here to post.

But then that's life here at the castle atm, I am 2 hours short every day and don't seem to be reducing my to do pile :D Wedding invites are almost finished, so will send them off to the kidlet. Lost a complete web site design in the server crash, so had to redo that including all the graphics as it's just vanished into thin air, have to finish my new one and start on another.  Done another 6 hats, flowers & buttons to add and then finish some more buttons and a couple of necklaces all to add to store. Started a painting before I went insane from not playing with paint and started doing some background papers for a new artist journal.

The other day I went and got a money order [ much cheaper than a bank cheque!], I had to walk less than 2 metres from the PO to the car and managed to lose it. We looked everywhere for it but could not find it. Luckily I provided much amusement for everyone & then again when the Post Master found it the next morning where it had fluttered into a shelf of envelopes and gave it back to hubby. ROFL

And some parcels have gone walkabout, not a big deal as easily replaced, but still. *sigh*

Other similiar craziness has been occurring as well as everyone in the household catching the latest nasty bug floating around. Geeeeez people, STAY HOME if you are sick, stop giving it to everyone because you think you are indispensable or simply HAVE to go shop [ Unless of course, you live by yourself and need food and other necessities like tissues *g* that's ok, I'll forgive you]

Hubby started a new job, so we're adjusting to a new time schedule and stuff. 

Did anyone else read the latest drivel from the govt? Compulsory [ fined $110- per day if you do not comply] health survey for 50,000 people.. The only person I give health info & blood/urine tests to is MY doctor and whoever else I choose not the Bureau of Statistics. Don't they want to win the next election? Why not just tell the opposition they're handing the reins over and save us the cost of an election.  Last I knew we were living in a democracy. And no, I am not worried about it as such but it's my body not the freaking governments and they have no right to try and force me to do anything. I'm really angry. Spend the freaking money on actual health issues not waste on some BS study so some permanent grant dependant can justify their existence.

Apart from that, 50,000????? seriously? and the results from that are going to shape the medical future & health funding of Australia? OMG.

Anyway, that's how I feel about it, if you feel differently, that's fine, you can take my place if I get picked :D

And now that I feel much better after having ranted about that bit of stupidity I am off to get some sleep.