Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes, I am alive

silly :D

I've just retreated into my shell for a while. Nothing major, just heaps on atm and my feelings were a little hurt by someone, but I'll get over it. and myself.

So, had my Mum down here for my birthday and then my Aunt & Uncle from Geelong came up as well, so we all wandered out for a nice dinner at the FC bistro and then had cake. Then they all left and went to my cousins wedding. 3 weddings in the family in 1 year makes for timing disasters LOL BTW, I don't like any food smothered in gravy or sauce....ick. Why don't they just put it on the side in a jug or something and you tip it over yourself if you want it.

Ann O'Dyne sent me a BEAUTIFUL card with a miniature Persian rug, gorgeous it is, so have been hunting for the perfect frame and perfect spot to hang it. Thank you so much my wonderful blogfriend :D I tried to take a pic on my phone but I am useless and can't take a decent pic atm. Hubby has promised to take one tonight and not forget.

Hubby and kidlets got me a vintage Singer sewing machine with the Sphinx decals, according to the Singer site, it was made in the late 1890's. so cool :D No clue where I am going to put it atm though, maybe just on top of my other cabinet one that sits in the hallway.

I've crocheted 3 baby blankets for the new gs arrival in the next few weeks. All done in Bendigo Woollen Mills 100% wool and some beanies for him. Which meant, that I had to have something made for the other 3 as well LOL so I'm making each one a blanket and beanie.

So, I scared myself stupid this morning. I walked into the kitchen at 6am and thought Yoda was at his bedroom door waving his arms around. I said What are you doing? and he looked at me and then vanished. *BLINK* I turned the light on and he was asleep on the couch. okkkkkkkkkkkkk then, I am going insane. Freaky.

We're moving.

I think I need a week by the sunny seaside.

D3 is at D2's place for a couple of weeks to find bridesmaid dresses for the wedding.

Hopefully we're moving by the end of the year, no more quaint little cottages for me, winter is a killer, trying to heat the place is pathetic & extremely expensive. So, I'm done, we're looking for a brick place with central heating. Fingers crossed, we're trying to buy again. Probably over the other side of the city as it cuts down on Hubby's travel time quite dramatically.


I also have to cut down my feeds in google reader, I can't keep up with all of them and I think it's having the opposite effect of drowning me in ideas rather than inspiring me. Facebook and Twitter do the same thing, I just don't cope with so much info being chucked at me all the time, tends to freak me out as I miss stuff and then have cousins and sisters mad at me as I didn't reply.

So if I have appeared to be ignoring you, I'm not really, just overwhelmed by technology & life, so have been tending to switch off rather than on. I used to use the net to hide from RL but I think at this point I am just overloaded and over everything unless it's REALLY simple.