Monday, September 12, 2011

new blogger editor is interesting....

Oops. I had a post in draft that I've just managed to fling off into cyberspace. Anywaaaayyyyy....

So, you know how I make the doodlebutz buttons? No? if not, then Cyndi at Mixed Media Artist posted a tutorial on how to make the buttons, so, me being little Ms Helpful [ I know! right... I was surprised too! j/k :) ] sent her an email and shared some extra info that I had discovered. If you want to try it yourself, whip over there and have a go! Don't forget tohave a wander around her blog, she's been on my blogroll for ages as she always has heaps of great inspiration.
and, I've discovered she's a really nice person too. Sometimes you email bloggers and they're not so nice or ignore you. She also makes gorgeous jewellery & beaded jewellery that a couple of you should go drool over :)  Cyndi has made some great tutorials available as well.

You're back? So, onto the next news...
I have a joint exhibition from 17 Oct - Nov 1 with D3 but have decided to do something a little different than usual. Canvas is involved... eek! and acrylics rather than my favourite gouache. I don't even know if I can remember how to paint with acrylics...hee, just kidding. I'm also using my own concoction on the surface, so I'm hoping it works & makes the surface similiar to clayboard, if it does I'll post the recipe. I know it works with a board surface, just not sure if canvas has too much movement that it will end up cracking. Test piece in progress, keep your fingers crossed :)

Then, another one from 6 Feb - 20 Feb with 2 others [ not sure if they want me to say who at the moment] so I am flat out like a lizard. Luckily I've been researching both ideas, so really just had to flesh them out.
Possibly might look at another later next year that will be Illuminated manuscript based, depends on the weather over spring/summer.

Been concentrating on crocheting baby stuff as 2 daughters are almost at their due dates and I've been making some baby booties from material, which are so cute and tiny!  Hopefully everything will be done by the time they're born. Also, been making some more forged by fire flowers, some for someone in case she wants them for her wedding, so just in case, I've been making the bases ready to sew specific colour beads later aaaaand some to turn into brooches. Also, did another couple of crocheted necklaces.

Some of my handcrafted items and doodlebutz are available at Kangaroo Flat Arts Inc gallery shop and I should get moving and put some up on my facebook page as well.

Discovered that I can still move when required, LOL, running [ ok, waddling wildly!] from the end of the  platform Metro line at Southern Cross to the end of the platform VLine train home was interesting! 1 minute to switch trains saw both D3 and I thinking we should just catch the later train home, except for the fact it would have been crowded with football fans & race goers on their way home & probably standing room only. Luckily the wonderful lady conductor stood on the platform until we got on the train. Phew!

Off to eat my dinner before the cat does, chicken salad wraps.....YUM! chicken,celery,lettuce,tomato,cucumber,all chopped, add mayo, mix well, slap into wrap and