Wednesday, March 21, 2012

While I was away...

I've been doing a lot of research on surface analysis on a change of medium and technique to see if it would work and I wouldn't be so hampered by the weather when working. Apparently it might. or not. Depends on who you read. Only way to find out is to test it really, so everybody cross your fingers they don't crack! [please and anything else you might like to cross, unless you might get stuck like that!]  I also made the males in the house move my desks & cupboards around in my studio, so I have zones & more space. I've gotten quite a lot of ATC/ACEO's done as I kept finding inspiration as I fell down the rabbit hole and I've started using them as a kind of journal while I have my toe up in the air, they're a lot easier to juggle instead of a larger book.

All the new grandkids are doing well, along with their Mums. Gaining weight & becoming little people really quickly. 

One Sunday we hit the freeways at 4am to go gallivanting to Phillip Island to watch the Superbikes. Caught up with friends and had a great day although it was a bit hot. My favouritest motorbike rider, Max Biaggi was the star of the show, 1st and 2nd in an absolute cracker Race2 after he ran off the track and came back on in 21st place & then flew back up to 2nd. Was the best race I've watched. EVER! and added bonus he's now leading the championship & has the fastest lap record at PI. We were all standing on the tables cheering as he came down the straight to take 2nd. Big kids we are LOL

I got severely dehydrated and had to go home earlier than we planned, so missed out on dinner with everyone but they all enjoyed dessert for me. Evil friends I have! I had to be rehydrated so much that I can now tell you where every public toilet is between Phillip Island and Bendigo, surprisingly there a lot. I didn't get sunburnt but did get windburn and no, have no idea why I dehydrated as I was drinking water the whole day. The only thing we [ inc the Dr] can think of is the pain medication I'm on requires me to drink a lot more fluids than normal & it was when we had the mini heatwaves. Apart from that...????

I've broken the same toe twice now, once a few weeks ago trying not to kill a cat by stepping on it, then yesterday I tried to avoid killing the other cat, stepped on to the kitchen mat, slid wildly across the floor and the cupboard kindly broke my slide with my previously broken toe. I swear the cat smirked before she sauntered over to rub sympathy all over my face & then demanded to be fed. And everyone wonders why they're called Terra and Khaos.

oh! I forgot, I also play Words with Friends and Draw Something, my username is antikva so if you play, shoot me a game :)