Monday, May 21, 2007

Holding Hands

We have a new family member!

8lb 8oz
born 8.42pm 20th May 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Frantic friday

Well, Yesterday was fun. Except for the first part where I learnt that I am still physically stronger than I look, also that I am too short for my head to be outside the MRI machine very much. No wonder shop assistants don't see me standing right in front of them, and here I was thinking they were just rude or I was becoming invisible.

Before we moved to the big smoke I was never claustophobic although I've never liked being around a lot of people in small spaces but that was about it . One trip on the city loop tram here fixed all that.

So, as I was going into the machine I had a panic attack, hands up on the entry part of the machine and no way was I going in any further. I stopped the MRI table dead in it's tracks. Don't think I'll be invited back to that party again LOL I have to say the technician was great and I did end up having the MRI *without* the mirror glasses. I think that was the problem as I couldn't see where I was. The tech did say he'd never seen anyone actually stop the table from moving though LOL
I was extremely embarassed.

Then I did the quick dash home to change, put on lots of makeup* and get into the city before 9.30am so I could go to Deal or No Deal. Was great fun, they fed us as well and they're not stingy either. Definitely worth the peak hour freeway crawl into the city from the SE 'burbs.

Andrew O'Keefe really is a nice guy and kept us entertained the whole time. No way could anyone say he's rude or standoffish to people. He did say that hearing the news about Bert's Family Feud being axed made him feel like he'd killed Bambi, which when you think about it, is a totally correct analogy *snicker* I met John Deeks, he's a nice guy as well and very entertaining too, especially if he sits near you while he's doing the crowd warm ups. I was trying to work out how I knew his voice. DUH. The Tattslotto draw dude. [ ok, I didn't realise that until MUCH later, like 8 hours after I got home!]
I was extremely embarassed.

2 extremely embarassing moments in one day, not bad huh? ROFLMAO Woohoo, glad to see I have not lost my touch.

It's a great way to spend a day though and you have a lot of fun at the same time, even better if you get to win money *g* which I didn't but it was worth going to anyway. If you don't get upon the podium, you can go to the show again too. You can register to audition here My only downside was that I missed todays Deal or No Deal episode :-( ..... heeehee, that was a REALLY lame joke, I know.

*I just switched makeup brands, to Bare Escentuals. Doesn't make the wrinkles as obvious while trying to cover up the rest *g* I love it. I haven't had any kind of allergic reaction to it at all and it's not heavy. Covers everything up too. heh. It is more expensive to buy as a one off, but it lasts a lot longer than the normal tube or jar of foundation so it works out about the same cost over time. Another plus is the shade will never be discontinued as you can mix to make your own.

Anyway, that was my day, how was yours? I am off to paint and spend the weekend watching V8 Supercars. and finishing the Serpent Bride.



Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Serpents and Gremlins

Sorry, got distracted by pretty shiny things on my way to blog *g*

I got The Serpent Bride by Sara Douglass for Mothers Day, so I've been busy reading and reading and watching Motorsport. I also got a Gizmo doll [ from the Gremlins] that's already driven me batshit. It sings the Gremlin song and sways back and forth when you clap at it, so of course everybody keeps sneaking up behind me and clapping. I took it's batteries out.
heh. Might even solder up the battery compartment if they keep it up.

Watched WSBK and F1 on Sunday night. Great racing. I was really happy Ant West made it up to the podium in Supersport, especially as he was new to both bike and the circuit. See, I do follow Aussies as well!
Max had a pretty good race the1st race and then was on his way to another podium in the 2nd race but his clutch was damaged earlier and he almost crashed coming out of the corner. So he finished 5th, but, hey, that's racing. Was great to watch as they were all going for it.

I've got 3 invitations to Joost to give away, if anyone wants one, drop me a line at antikva at

Apart from that, I haven't done anything that required great thought apart from being cranky that the solo I was preparing for has been cancelled :-( I can't even argue with them cos the whole place got cancelled too.

But, I have options, so I'm thinking those through.

I'm off to catch up *g*

Friday, May 11, 2007


I'm back, still on antibiotics but a LOT better.
Nothing interesting to report though. Been very boring round here. Eldest is still pregnant. Next Friday is going to be hectic, so I shall need to conserve my strength *g* MRI at 7.30am then I have to be at a tv studio at 9.30am. I got on a game show LOL
I am such a dag.
Catchya's tomorrow!