Monday, April 28, 2008

I am not invisible anymore!

must be magic! LOL Nah, I think I finally whined at the right person. I'm going to be in Melbourne [again GAH!] at the end of May for a conference on Illuminated Manuscripts. Hopefully I'll have time to swing by and check out Michelle's latest exhibition entries. I really love her Happy Days piece. My friend Ty is moving back to Melbourne very soon, so I am really happy and dying to catch up. A couple more of the gang from Uni are also gravitating to Melbourne [ hmmm. funny how they all turn up just as I leave! LOL]] for work. So, I've been changing stuff around, not just furniture and hopefully everything will be ready to unveil on Thursday. I'll also have some news by then and hopefully be able to invite blackmail/guilt people into coming along. Well, I'm off to get some sleep. It's freezing here and I have a book to read :-) Hugsyasall.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You can see me

but I can't. Having a bit of a tech problem at the moment. Back when I can see myself again!

Definitely a WTF moment.

I bought a motorbike racing dvd [official] and just watched it. The sound track is not the sound of motorbikes as you'd expect nor some commentator waffling on, not even silence... Elevator music. and REALLY freaking bad elevator music. WTH were the producers thinking and WTF were the *official* lot who approved thinking. The only thing I can conclude is that noone watched or listened to it prior to approval. Either that, or they were all out to lunch.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Acrylic paint

I used to paint in acrylic but since Uni have painted only in gouache and watercolour. Decided to use acrylic again today and figured it was like riding a bike... Ahem. Nope. Not even close. I ended up grumpy that it dried so quickly and was really gluggy and thick. Back to gouache LOL Got some bookshelves today for my studio. I don't have enough storage space and I can't find anything unless I hunt through piles of books and reference material stacked on the floor. Which makes me even more grumpy. Afterwards I went to Dymock's to order a book and picked up 2 more Aussie SciFi Fantasy writers to read and a book for the boy. He's reading a series by an Aussie as well but I couldn't remember what number he's up to [ about No 7] so I got him the new Skullduggery Pleasant book. He's happy. His other sleep problem is caused by not having a book to read when he goes to bed. Didn't even factor that in. He's been read to since he was a baby then when he was old enough, he's continued to read before going to sleep. It didn't occur to me that he'd developed a ritual. And, speaking of which, I am off to bed as well.