Monday, April 28, 2008

I am not invisible anymore!

must be magic! LOL Nah, I think I finally whined at the right person. I'm going to be in Melbourne [again GAH!] at the end of May for a conference on Illuminated Manuscripts. Hopefully I'll have time to swing by and check out Michelle's latest exhibition entries. I really love her Happy Days piece. My friend Ty is moving back to Melbourne very soon, so I am really happy and dying to catch up. A couple more of the gang from Uni are also gravitating to Melbourne [ hmmm. funny how they all turn up just as I leave! LOL]] for work. So, I've been changing stuff around, not just furniture and hopefully everything will be ready to unveil on Thursday. I'll also have some news by then and hopefully be able to invite blackmail/guilt people into coming along. Well, I'm off to get some sleep. It's freezing here and I have a book to read :-) Hugsyasall.

3 Even Wiser people reply:

iODyne said...

... it's freezing everywhere.

Aren't illuminated manuscripts just wonderful?
Ballarat Art Gallery has some and I love them.
now I'm going over to Michelles ...

Ann ODyne said...

Michelle's paintings are totally excellent - clearly a joy to own and behold.
More power to her, and thanks for the tipoff ...

antikva said...

They're great aren't they? well, both are but Michelle's work is great. I forgot to add her blog which is at http://michellegiacobello.wordpress

I hope I coded that link right! [Obviously not! so, just cut and paste. sorry!]

Hmm, should pop over at some point to the gallery and have a gawk. I'm working on a commission at the moment, so have had my head stuck in books researching ideas and getting some inspiration, much better to see them up close though. I'm going to a conference at the SLV at the end of May that is being run with the Illuminated manuscripts exhibition, so I'm going to happy as a pig in shite for 3 days *g*

I've been asked to run a 2 pt workshop on gilding and manuscripts and totally freaking out that I'm going to look like a gibbering eejit LOL

Hopefully not too much though!

Meant to ask a few times how gbaby is going? Hope all is well.