Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm late, I'm late....

The headline on this story reads :

Hugh Jackman hissy fit stops Broadway play

BUT, it should have read RUDE ARSEHOLE interrupts Broadway play.

Seriously who is SO important that they need to take their mobile into a freaking play. Geez people, no wonder there is so much rage everywhere you go, noone has time for relaxation and enjoyment any more. We're all too important to take time out.

If you MUST be *on* 24/7, at least put your phone on silent or vibrate, so the rest of us unwashed masses with manners can enjoy our down time. k? thx, bye.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Boy finished last day of school with a mild cough, which has now shown it's true colours and run rampant through the household the past week. Lucky me was the last to get it and initially thought, Huh, they were all whining over *this* but lo, see what happens when you mock the germ gods! I should have bought shares in tissues and various cold and flu concoctions that you need to provide 100pts of ID & 3 hours for a pharmacy consult to buy ONE box of. Geeez.

Yes, Yes, they are precursor crap but hey, one box? and one time? gawd blimey, bit overkill I think! Not to mention that you get the 3rd degree if you dare to try buy panadol at the same time even if it's just to replace the empty packet you found when rabbiting around the first aid box at 3am in the morning for anything to take to get rid of the bloody headache until the chemist opens.

No wonder the emergency depts are full, for all the runaround & questions you get just going into the chemist, you may as well go see a Dr.

Kidlet is applying to Uni, Hubby is applying for jobs and the boy did very well except one subject. I am still forging flowers and knitting beanies and scribbling down ideas that have been coming thick and fast in my fevered imagination.

Can't be sick, have to go to Melbourne on Friday for a charity party and have a good time. My favourite muso dude is performing at it too :D Plus the other kidlet wants me to go see their house, which I haven't been able to yet because of weird random life crap.

'Scuse me, I have to go crack open another box of tissues :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I may be thick but...

WTH has smoking got to do with Superannuation? HUH? Has he mixed up Superannuation with Life Insurance? or is he talking about the Insurance [ Personal Income Loss etc] that you can buy from the funds? If that's it, then why are they adding products without authorisation from the owner of the Super Account? If not, how me paying for a future pension [ whether it's the Super guarantee or my own top ups] in an investment fund got to do with whether I die early or not?

Savings go up in smoke in secretive super rip-off

At Colonial's FirstChoice fund, for example, when an employee is moved out of his or her company's super plan into the personal option, fees increase by $475 a year.

In part, this is because insurance costs are based on the assumption they are smokers.