Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Kidlets go back to school tommorrow! I will have my house & computers all to myself for 6 hours every weekday for 6 weeks until the next lot of holidays.

What am I going to do? Shove 'em out the car door and scream down to the beach or go stick my nose in books at Borders? Decisions, decisions.

I really should do housework but that's nowhere near as much fun. Depends on the weather I guess.

Mia lost her USB drive for school 6 mths ago, she found it today in the pocket of a pair of her school pants. I'm not quite sure what caused me the most shock, the fact that she had just tossed them in her cupboard without putting them out to be washed OR the fact that she was cleaning her room properly AND without being told!

Oh, has anyone tried the new Silver Art Clay from Japan? I'm really interested in trying it out to sculpt some dragons but it's extremely expensive to use as a test. I've just ordered some sapphires from a mine in NSW, so should get them later this week and have pics of the books up by Monday.

I've just finished a commission, so will put that up at the same time.

Well cobbers, that's all that I can think of at the mo, no neighbourhood drama this week to moan about.

Feelin' - tired
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stolen Clagg guitar equipment - Melbourne

Melbourne based band Clagg had some gear stolen, if you see any of it around, you can let them know at teamclagg@hotmail.com

This is what the little gnats pinched:

-Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head
-Marshall JCM900 1960A speaker cabinet
-Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 reissue (vintage sunburst)
-Epiphone Les Paul Studio (blackish with a woodgrain finish)
-Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 head (a few knobs on the front are missing, also had a Shakira sticker - could leave a residue if peeled off)

I told you this neigbourhood is suddenly busy, now nature is conspiring against us! Last night we lost power for hours after a huge tree fell across the road wiping out the powerlines. Luckily noone was driving through when it fell, so noone was hurt. They ended up getting the cops to block the road, so for hours we had their flashing lights bouncing all around. I felt sorry for the poor guys that had to just sit there and do nothing.

This arvo we've had a bushfire threatening to jump the road and come through, so all you could hear was fire engine sirens as more units kept turning up. They got it under control after a couple of hours though, so we thought it would be a bit quieter. Nope, Police chopper come screaming through at a great rate of knots really low. Have no idea what it was about, but he was moving.

Hope everyone is managing to keep cool. Remember, drink plenty of water, if you don't have a/c, wet towels or cloths & stick in the freezer to drape around your neck.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Andy Caldecott

I've had a lot of people searching for information on Andy Caldecott's funeral service. Click here for the family notice

Friday, January 13, 2006

Awwww, my baby is all grown up. He passed another rite of childhood last night. heh.

Yoda had a late night snack of fruit loops and milk, Mia [not her real name] & Yoda [not his real name either] were stuffing around & Yoda snorted what was in his mouth up his nose.
And it truly was an impressive amount! It took him 10 mins of sneezing and blowing his nose to get all the fruit loops back out. He started freaking out thinking his nose was bleeding, but it turned out he had actually snorted a complete red fruit loop into his nose that was one of the last to be removed.
I would have taken a photo, but, ewwwww.

Did you know that the phrase often credited to the Hippocratic Oath - First, do no harm - is not actually part of the Hippocratic Oath? I never realised that until I had to research it. Also, the latin version is much longer to write out that the English version. *sigh*

I'm rearranging my studio today just for something different to do.

Catchya's later!

Feelin' - exhausted
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I am not a hoon

I feel like I'm conjuring people up today. Bit scary!

I am getting a slap in the mail from VicRoads as the parker lights on the front of my car are illegal. Apparently, you can have every other colour except red. Guess what colour the MOTH put in? Yeah.

What happens when you knock over a jar of water onto vellum? I scream and kids run for their lives. They even cleaned their rooms. I'll have to remember that one for the future. Altho, I think I'll fake it next time.

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Vale Andy Caldecott

AUSTRALIAN motorcyclist Andy Caldecott has been killed in a crash during the ninth stage of the Dakar Rally, organisers said overnight.

KTM rider Caldecott, who won the third stage of the Rally from Nador to Er Rachidia in Morocco last Monday, fell from his machine 250km into the 599km stage between Nouakchott and Kiffa.

Australian killed in Dakar Rally - Top stories - Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au

Monday, January 09, 2006


This is a just in case the cyber cops come looking again...

The music mentioned in the post below that I am using for the dvd, is out of copyright and in the public domain.

Feelin' - working
Hearin' - I want you now - Depeche Mode

A quiet neigbourhood?

The MOTH went to the local supermarket to buy silverside for lunch on Saturday. As he was walking out a guy sitting on a bench near the carpark stood up and waved a meat cleaver at him. Obviously, he didn't want the MOTH to trespass on his walkway.

So, MOTH goes back in to the supermarket, they call the cops and the Manager hides out the back office. In the time it took for ONE cop to respond, the guy had put his meat cleaver in his pocket, got his shopping done and was walking away. Well, to be fair, he got his shopping done quickly cos everyone got out of his way. Maybe I should try that method of speed shopping? Cuts down the checkout queue time by about an hour. heh.

Apparently he's known to the cops and is possibly the person charged with all the neighbourhood vandalism.
According to local gossip.

And, I still had to cut up the silverside to fit in the sandwiches. Gah!

I have been busy though, I'm working on a dvd of Nana's life that my Mum & Aunt asked me to make. The funeral home gave us a cd of the slideshow but she wants one that can be played on a stand alone dvd player. They also missed music and photo's when they duplicated it, so I've added them all back in. I really hope they didn't pay a fortune for it to be done as they used only basic fade effects to make the original.
So, I finally cried and feel much better.

Oh, I forgot! My friend Matt's exhibition opening is being televised on Gallery Watch on Aurora Tv and Foxtel. It's great as he has worked really hard on this.
You can see some of his work at his site

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2006. I have decided I am.

Last night was interesting, fireworks surrounded our house, let off by enthusiastic neighbours. They tried to recreate the specialness again tonight. Don't think he quite meant the fireworks to hit & dent his car parked in his garage though, hard enough to set off his car alarm. heh. Part of it landed on our roof, luckily for him it fell off again onto the ground. I have no idea what kind of cracker it was, but it had solid bits and was still aflame.

I got a call from the local police to tell me that they caught the person who has been vandalising the neighbourhood [previous post here]. Apparently it makes him feel better.

Well, this year's off to a good start. I hit Save as Draft, instead of Publish. DUH!