Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Will be back in a few days.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I absolutely love this! Totally worth watching.

They can be found at Myspace or their site

Go on, shake your bingo wings with me *g*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Softies for Mirabel

Pip has put up the last round of auctions to raise money for the Mirabel Foundation, so this is your last chance to grab a gorgeous soft toy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sorry, am under the weather. Ever since I had that blardy pneumonia a bug only has to look in my direction and I glom onto it.

Back tomorrow with some pretty shiny things :-)
and a place I found to buy some vintage patterns by download.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, the weather played a nasty trick today. Beautiful weather all weekend, then wham. Gale force winds and biting cold rain. Harumph.

Of course the bloody shed door had to fling itself open at the height of it. The cat stuck her head out the door, then looked at me as if to say "You're going out there? Are you crazy?". When I got back inside she was laying on my chair in front of the heater.

I finally found an old arcade game that my MIL loved to play and wanted a copy of. Rodent's Revenge. All anyone could remember was something about a mouse and a cat. I've been googling it for a while trying to remember what is was called. It came out on W95 and if you want it as well, the link is here works fine on Vista as I have been playing it all afternoon LOL

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh noes! Wahhhh

Anyone have a broken microwave? I need the glass turntabley thingy that you put food on. I use them as a palette and mine is broken :-( or know where the hell I can buy one from? Short of stealing mine out of my new microwave [ somehow I don't think I could justify why I pinched it for paint LOL ]I have no clue.

I have no idea why but goauche seems to mix better on them, must be magic :-)

Apart from that, I have done absolutely nothing today except watch V8's [ well, absorb the race through my eyelids would be a better description! heehee] and read a book.

We bought the beanbags btw ROFLMAO should have seen us putting the beans in. I am but a shortarse and hubby kept lifting the bag up higher while I was coaxing the beans out. Grrrrrr.

I read the instructions that said to fill the bag while in the bathtub but decided that as a grownup I could handle it. We're still picking the bloody things up.

What's even funnier is hubby has been full of static the last few days, every time he touches something or someone he shocks them. Anyway, the beans keep attaching themselves to him. If he keeps this up, he'll pass for a snowman!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking a deep breath...

and jumping back in.

I've entered an artwork I just did in a competition.

Details and image at a later date.

OMG. I am absolutely freaking out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Messin' with the kids

I bought tickets for St Kilda vs Collingwood semi for the 2nd eldest and her bf yesterday. And actually got great seats for them. Wasn't on purpose but shhhh, they don't know that.

So, she rings me tonight to ask if we want to send the 2 bratlets down for the Royal show. Errrm, no, says I, but, you can grab me a show bag. A Hoff show bag. [The contents of The Hoff showbag, which costs $16, include The Hoff Wig, The Hoff Love Dice, The Hoff Headband & Wristband Set and the The Hoff Dollar Bling Necklace.]

She still thinks I'm joking.

Yes. I think I found my personality again, it was obviously on an extended holiday along with my sense of humour.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to look like an idiot without any effort required...

change your mobile phone and chuck away the sim card packaging without writing down your new number. Then, ring important places to change your number and realise you don't know it! DUH!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nice knowing you all!*

There's definitely one positive if the world comes to an end tomorrow...

I won't ever have to listen to the teen next door playing his doofdoof music so loud it vibrates my entire house ever again. The minute his olds are out the door he turns. it.on. EVERY.DAY. MDK to the MF. Nah, I actually have a present that I am going to leave on their doorstep for him...

NO! I am a nice person *g* doesn't mean I haven't thought about ringing the elec company and telling I'm moving and making an error in the addy LOL. I have a wonderful wireless headphone set that I am going to put there. Maybe he'll get the hint.

We did notice that the beanbag chair thingys we want are in the catalogue for BigW that came the other day. The sale starts on the 10th, so it's the Day after tomorrow sale *g* Perhaps they think everyone will be so relieved that we didn't go bang that we'll all rush right out and buy stuff on sale. ROFLMAO

* ermmm, just to clarify, I am in the world is not coming to an end because they flick a switch camp. They've had smaller one's of these for a long time. Plus, ya know, blind faith and all that jazz :-)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Softies for Mirabel

Pssssst...wanna see some great softies? Go here and you can even own one! Not necessarily for a child in your life, you could also buy one for your inner child *g*

Meet me at Mikes Ebay store

Meet Me at Mikes has a blog here which explains what Softies for Mirabel is about :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I had a big clean up in my studio last night. Tossed images I've been working on into my trunk and locked it back up. Strange how something happens or you talk to someone and things change and you realise you've been on the wrong track. Oh well.

The new stuff is working well and I finally have a connection to them.

I also found in my ratpack a cd of a Uni assignment for Video Editing. I uploaded it to Youtube to watch as I don't have a mac anymore. We got a HD for this. I can't believe how young the kidlets were!