Sunday, November 28, 2010

stop poking me!

I'm here.
Yes, I do know what time it is. Stop looking at me like that, I've been busy.
Well, after the great 2010gmailhack I have scrubbed and cleaned every part of my hard drive, changed passwords a gajillion times and yada,yada, yada.

While I was gone, I have
- volunteered at this years MusoMagic workshop and as usual, the kids created a most wonderful song! They all work hard every year and this year was no exception.

-Went to a live gig and got to see Adam Thompson sing live finally! well, apart from at MusoMagic :D All the rumours I've heard are true! He does put on a fantastic live show, even after working all day! Was a great night.

 Glenn Bidmead performed with Adam and is also one of my favourite musos. Go check out his gigs page and see if he's performing near you, if he is, go to one and you can thank me later :D [ Vodka or chocolate :) ]

-I got a new camera but haven't worked it out yet.
-Dealt with some family stuff  [magic wand is now officially in a rest period]
-Dealt with various govt depts, who made me think I fell down the bloody rabbit hole backwards.
-Dealt with an after medical hours cemetery injury to a child, who should have known better but will never do it again!  [ meh, he's ok but the merciless teasing continues, involving claws and dust :D ]
-Galloped up and down freeways, north and south.

-Painted. Ripped up painting. Painted again, wondered if I can glue ripped up artwork back together or add it to something else and call it Mixed  Media. Painted again. Gave up and started a completely new one.
-Gilded while the weather was right for it.

-Did some lino cutting. and some finger cutting LOL Don't act all horrified, you'd all be more shocked if I hadn't! :D 

-Made some new flowers for brooches and hair pins for a new project. [ Would say but not sure if I'm allowed yet, will ask as then you can buy some from them as I won't be selling them & some other stuff anywhere else :D ]

-Did some research on dragons and follow up research on Aussie Illuminators [ note to self: Need to plan a road trip to Canberra]. Drew a Christmas card image up and have started painting it ready to scan and turn into a Christmas card.

-Started a creative coaching course.

-Tried to organise a kids 21st. Failed. Tried again. Defaulted to BBQ. Oh, plus she's having a huge night at her sisters with all her friends in Melb.No, I am not going to that :D So all is good.

-Pondered climbing into the roof to chase out the possum keeping me awake.
-Discarded that idea as Not On Your Life as ermmmm, SPIDERS are up there!

-Wondered if I should start looking up plans for an Ark but have now abandoned that project in favour of sleeeeeeeeep as the possum has stopped running around! Nite everyone :D

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Wedding!

By popular request, here is a pic of the Bride & Groom! and the cake :D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

is back...

as a certain lovely lady blogger friend [ who sends me the MOST AMAZING miniature persian rugs and who I love most dearly, more on that in a future post] commented on my Facebook status, just in time for All Hallows Eve :D I am the Quuueeeeeeeen of Bad Timing ROFL

The Wedding was wonderful, the bride BEEEYOTIFUL and the damned veil *I* ended up having to shove in her head did. not. fall. out. once...errr, well, except for when it got caught on my bracelet after the first successful insertion just before we left for the church... heh.... and is a long story involving $2 laundry bags, a cosmetic sponge and BOOST juice! 

The bridal bouquet was not. tears and emergency additions with the help of Johnny the Limo Driver [ such a lovely guy!] made it more respectable. Many BOO's to the florist.

The Bride was late for a most important date and the rain cleared just as the Limo [ Thanks Johnny!] left the freeway, which was a most definite *PHEW* moment.

 Then on to the photo's [ will put one up later, once I have bribed them] in the park and a drive by from the local constabulary who whooped the siren with much hand waving and smiles all round. Thanks guys :D Then onto the feasting and drunking and much merriment was had by all including our 15 yr old son who pwned the dance floor. All night long! 

Then we drove the newlyweds to their home in the wilderness, then to the hotel in the city, then back to the wilderness, then hubby drove a bridesmaid to the airport for a 6am flight out, then back out to the wilderness to pick us all up.

Then we all drove home to Bendigo. The End.

As usual, I decided to add some fun to the fun and games and once we were home, did a partial twist with a reverse pike and smacked my head on the door frame before perfecting a horizontal landing flat on my back. A high score resulted with concussion, bruising and some damaged ligaments and muscles, so have spent the past week amusing myself with the level of dizziness I could invoke by trying to read credits on the tv screen.  I still have some minor vision blur but apart from that am almost back up and running... errr, welll, almost :D

Just in time to start organising a birthday bash for the almost 21 year old.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thud...I am exhausted!

Woohoo! Max is the 2010 SBK World Champion!

Got a new camera: Canon PowerShot A490 Digital Camera, so I don't have to fiddle around with the digital SLR and send the other 2 nuts :D This way I can take my own pictures and not have to waiiiiiiiit in line for either of them to finish doing what they are doing.  I don't need a high end one as most of my pictures are destined for web only but my phone is not quite good enough ;)

Nearly finished all the wedding stuff now, just have to print the Order of Service out and then teach a kidlet how to use my video gear & work out the angles they'll need to stand at to get a good vid of the service, that will be fun LOL 

Have gotten a bit further with the Fallen Angels series, so will take pics tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Am also busy working on some prints just in case I get into the market. Made some more buttons :D and registered for the Adobe Digital Publishing workshop in Melb on the 21st, so I am going to feel like a yoyo!

Mum & Dad are in Geelong until the wedding now. Dad has something on his arm that the Dr wants to biopsy on Friday. The outlaws are busy with medical problems as well, MIL has to have surgery on her throat :( 

I'm revamping my website as well, you know, just in case I had nothing to do :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sorry, meant to drop a post or 2 before this but, hmmm, oops! soz!  FB & Twitter make you lazy! Here is my latest wip, for a series that is called Fallen Angels. So, been busy doing wedding stuff, painting and making molds for painting bases and oh, I applied for a FT corp job.. not in a bank though. So, we'll see... and I have been playing shuffle with domains & DNS and all that kind of good clean server fun...And it's school holidaze and my parents are here.
Anyway, this is off my phone [ lol, you can see the shadow!], so it's crappy quality & bluetooth decided to crap itself, so had to fiddle and got cranky, so this is until I take another tomorrow in real light etc LOL

Oh, and here is a pic guaranteed to make even the crankiest person smile [ either at how cute he is OR at how deluded I am that everybody loves babies when they're not theirs :P ]

and, I am off to bed, keep your fingers crossed for me :D

Thursday, September 02, 2010


am busy and stuff. back in a day or so.

Monday, August 23, 2010

ripped off!

well, you would too, if you had a autoimmune disorder that revs up your system but doesn't mean you never get sick! Everyone in the house has it, courtesy of some egomaniacal brainless twit who just can't stay home when they're sick. Honestly. Even the normally bouncy boy has recently been heard to utter " I feel like death warmed up." and now I am suffering for saying he just had man flu last week when it started.

Don't come to me if you have a headache as we have no panadol left in the house. I reckon if we were still on water restrictions level *eek* we would have had the council round asking about the pool we just filled.

Altho, I do wonder if the emotional upheaval caused it to gain it's evil hold :( Pebbles has gone & come back and is now keeping Simba company on the mantelpiece. Margaret was lovely, as usual and even made sure she was at the vets waiting.
Another election and/or another Labor leader? OMG. I will have to make sure I have a full library of dvd's & books as seriously, I can't take another media person or ex pollie pontificating. I don't care which journo is most connected as I don't vote media.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


very. unhappy.
and cranky.

Pebbles is in renal failure. At the moment she is on ACE Inhibitors and see how she does, no long term benefits though. She's not in any pain but we all are. I feel like punching someone in the face [ not that I am violent but that's just how I feel].

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is a Misterrabbit & Jooooooooolia free zone

I have already voted :D heh

 So, I have discovered that I am horribly susceptible to family commenters. You know what I mean, they say things that to anyone else seem innocuous and light hearted but in reality have just shoved a sharp knife right into your heart and confidence. Takes a while to get past it...

So, I used to be a list person, bills & birthdays on a calendar, room to clean etc, etc. It was really helpful with 4 kids, a fulltime corporate job and long hours. It stayed helpful when we had 4 kids + a grandchild + assorted hangeronnerers at home and a fulltime freelance business.  When we moved here, I all but stopped doing it  & life has been getting increasingly chaotic & I am as well. I jump from one project to another and feel like I'm all over the place without getting one completed thing done. Add in the first paragraph and I'm pretty much sitting here like a toddler whose pulled out ALL her toys and just been told to put them all away, is overwhelmed and >< that close to a full blown tantrum. Yeah.

So, lists are back. Laugh all you like.
First thing on list was to vote. Second was to mail it back :D
So, all mail is being sent on Friday, so if you receive a parcel from me and it has my postal vote in it, please be kind enough to mail it on, I'll arrange for the AEC to mail your package to you.

I didn't say the lists worked all the time :p

PS> Dear Family who read this blog, [ oh, and the his/hers exes especially]  I don't care if you read anymore. If you read something you don't like, that's your problem, take it up with someone who cares what you think.   This is not aimed at the youngest BattleQueen, she's read here for years :D

Uhoh, LOTS of sirens, multi ambos & cops just went past... that's not going to have a happy ending. Looks like another accident just up the road :( 5th in less than a, we don't live on a major road.

Monday, July 19, 2010

An injection of life into the old girl...

Off tomorrow to see the Chinese Medicine Doctor for some acupuncture to see if they can unfreeze my left shoulder and/or stop the pain. No herbs or anything as we never know what will set off a major allergic reaction.
If it works, then he can stick needles into all my joints as much as he likes :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The new addition to the mutley crew :D

Kaiden Riley
Born 7/7
W 6lb 14 oz
L 46.5cm

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I'm going to be in trouble!

I forgot about the kidlet of mine that reads my blog :D The one you'd think would be all COOL about living down the road from a cemetery & ghosty stuff but isn't. *sigh*

ROFLMAO...good thing we're going to be moving. But not in October because I have WAY too much happening then. With a bit of luck it will be REALLY soon [like before the kidlet comes home from her sisters, cos then we can play hide'n'seek :p] What? that's mean? well that's what she gets for reading her Mothers blog :D heehee.

Oh, and Jenxo, nah, lucky you, we're staying this side of town :D can't get rid of me that easy! heh. [it's ok, she knows what I am talking about...erm, I think? it was pretty early in the morning LOL]

Finished sketching a new layout and painting, so tomorrow I paint!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes, I am alive

silly :D

I've just retreated into my shell for a while. Nothing major, just heaps on atm and my feelings were a little hurt by someone, but I'll get over it. and myself.

So, had my Mum down here for my birthday and then my Aunt & Uncle from Geelong came up as well, so we all wandered out for a nice dinner at the FC bistro and then had cake. Then they all left and went to my cousins wedding. 3 weddings in the family in 1 year makes for timing disasters LOL BTW, I don't like any food smothered in gravy or sauce....ick. Why don't they just put it on the side in a jug or something and you tip it over yourself if you want it.

Ann O'Dyne sent me a BEAUTIFUL card with a miniature Persian rug, gorgeous it is, so have been hunting for the perfect frame and perfect spot to hang it. Thank you so much my wonderful blogfriend :D I tried to take a pic on my phone but I am useless and can't take a decent pic atm. Hubby has promised to take one tonight and not forget.

Hubby and kidlets got me a vintage Singer sewing machine with the Sphinx decals, according to the Singer site, it was made in the late 1890's. so cool :D No clue where I am going to put it atm though, maybe just on top of my other cabinet one that sits in the hallway.

I've crocheted 3 baby blankets for the new gs arrival in the next few weeks. All done in Bendigo Woollen Mills 100% wool and some beanies for him. Which meant, that I had to have something made for the other 3 as well LOL so I'm making each one a blanket and beanie.

So, I scared myself stupid this morning. I walked into the kitchen at 6am and thought Yoda was at his bedroom door waving his arms around. I said What are you doing? and he looked at me and then vanished. *BLINK* I turned the light on and he was asleep on the couch. okkkkkkkkkkkkk then, I am going insane. Freaky.

We're moving.

I think I need a week by the sunny seaside.

D3 is at D2's place for a couple of weeks to find bridesmaid dresses for the wedding.

Hopefully we're moving by the end of the year, no more quaint little cottages for me, winter is a killer, trying to heat the place is pathetic & extremely expensive. So, I'm done, we're looking for a brick place with central heating. Fingers crossed, we're trying to buy again. Probably over the other side of the city as it cuts down on Hubby's travel time quite dramatically.


I also have to cut down my feeds in google reader, I can't keep up with all of them and I think it's having the opposite effect of drowning me in ideas rather than inspiring me. Facebook and Twitter do the same thing, I just don't cope with so much info being chucked at me all the time, tends to freak me out as I miss stuff and then have cousins and sisters mad at me as I didn't reply.

So if I have appeared to be ignoring you, I'm not really, just overwhelmed by technology & life, so have been tending to switch off rather than on. I used to use the net to hide from RL but I think at this point I am just overloaded and over everything unless it's REALLY simple.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brays - Official 'Sin' Video - First Single!

A blank post sitting in drafts...

how odd. I don't even remember wandering in here to post.

But then that's life here at the castle atm, I am 2 hours short every day and don't seem to be reducing my to do pile :D Wedding invites are almost finished, so will send them off to the kidlet. Lost a complete web site design in the server crash, so had to redo that including all the graphics as it's just vanished into thin air, have to finish my new one and start on another.  Done another 6 hats, flowers & buttons to add and then finish some more buttons and a couple of necklaces all to add to store. Started a painting before I went insane from not playing with paint and started doing some background papers for a new artist journal.

The other day I went and got a money order [ much cheaper than a bank cheque!], I had to walk less than 2 metres from the PO to the car and managed to lose it. We looked everywhere for it but could not find it. Luckily I provided much amusement for everyone & then again when the Post Master found it the next morning where it had fluttered into a shelf of envelopes and gave it back to hubby. ROFL

And some parcels have gone walkabout, not a big deal as easily replaced, but still. *sigh*

Other similiar craziness has been occurring as well as everyone in the household catching the latest nasty bug floating around. Geeeeez people, STAY HOME if you are sick, stop giving it to everyone because you think you are indispensable or simply HAVE to go shop [ Unless of course, you live by yourself and need food and other necessities like tissues *g* that's ok, I'll forgive you]

Hubby started a new job, so we're adjusting to a new time schedule and stuff. 

Did anyone else read the latest drivel from the govt? Compulsory [ fined $110- per day if you do not comply] health survey for 50,000 people.. The only person I give health info & blood/urine tests to is MY doctor and whoever else I choose not the Bureau of Statistics. Don't they want to win the next election? Why not just tell the opposition they're handing the reins over and save us the cost of an election.  Last I knew we were living in a democracy. And no, I am not worried about it as such but it's my body not the freaking governments and they have no right to try and force me to do anything. I'm really angry. Spend the freaking money on actual health issues not waste on some BS study so some permanent grant dependant can justify their existence.

Apart from that, 50,000????? seriously? and the results from that are going to shape the medical future & health funding of Australia? OMG.

Anyway, that's how I feel about it, if you feel differently, that's fine, you can take my place if I get picked :D

And now that I feel much better after having ranted about that bit of stupidity I am off to get some sleep.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have a winner!

The winner of your draw is...

1st   Dogbait
Congratulations on the draw! It was completed on Wednesday, 14 April 2010 at 11:22:47 UTC

Mr Dogbait, please email me with your choice :D Congarats!

Don't worry, I will have another giveaway soon ;p

The doodlebutz : not sure what happened when I uploaded the photo's but ahem, they are nowhere near as bad as they look *frowny face* they are very pretty! Guess I spoke too soon about being unjinxed! *sigh*  Back to the drawing board for more photo's of them.

Thank you all for the lovely comments and support :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Doodlebutz, Bucket Beanies or Jewellery blog giveaway

So, to celebrate the fact that I have finally unjinxed myself :p Leave a comment on any of the 3 posts today to go into the draw to win an item of your choice. After that, I'll be putting everything else up for sale in my made it store.

I'll draw it 2 days from today :D so... Wed 14 April 2010 at 9pm  AEST [ if you don't know when that is, World Clock is great for time conversions]


 and here are some new crochet necklaces.
Click on the pic to view:



 Look out, 2nd post of the day :D
Click on the pic below to view the polymer buttons I've been making :


bucket beanies

 Ta Da! Here is what I have been making to sell in my online shop, along with artwork, limited edition prints and jewellery.... Introducing original ooak beanie buckets crocheted from my own pattern. Some are acrylic wool and the others are 100% wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills
Click on the image below to go for a sneak peek :D


Another post to come with my other new product line :D

Friday, April 09, 2010

RIP Simba

We had to get Simba, our 11 year old siamese put to sleep tonight :( Everyone is sad & teary and feeling like crap. He got sick last night and we took him to the vet but he wasn't sure if it was pneumonia or not as his lungs sounded ok but started him on drugs and stuff just in case. This morning he was a lot worse and was crying, so they sedated him and stopped the pain until they could work out what was wrong. Simba was the runt of the litter and had been left out in the cold & rain when I turned up to look at the kittens. I bought him on the spot and took him straight to our vet who wasn't sure if he would make it as he had cat flu, it meant he was always more susceptible to pneumonia etc. He did back then but this time it was too quick for us to catch. We had a gorgeous cat for 11 years, who sometimes climbed on my chest to tell me he wanted breakfast and made me think I was having a heart attack as I woke up feeling the heavy lump. Who ate the corn off my plate but waited until I was finished eating, unless I looked away and he'd try a stealthy plate swipe. Yoda wore him as a fur around his neck when he was little and he had the loudest purr I have ever heard. I am going to miss my lump :(

 We waited until everyone could say goodbye, so that he knew we loved him. He started purring as soon as we picked him up and we patted & held him while he left. Pebbles is heartbroken and keeps calling him as she hunts around the house.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I forgot to put this up here. This was my entry in the Art Award. The text is the Lord's Prayer in Cornish as the themef or the festival this year was Welcome Back Cousin Jack as well as the Mapping of  Eaglehawk. The background is the map of Eaglehawk gold fields which had to be used as part of the Artist brief. The bird is a chough.
Gouache, Watercolour, Acrrylic, 24 ct gold on Arches Satine.

So, I now also have stitches in my big toe, same foot as the ankle. I stepped into a pane of vertically stored glass that had a broken edge and bloody hell did it hurt . Lots of blood all over a piece of lino I was saving for a lino cut print :( Hubby says I could wash it off, frame it, call it DNA and sell it. ewwwww is my response. It was either the lino or the carpet, so I thought the lino would be a cheaper option.

We also had our portable aircon recalled by the Manufacturer, high fire risk *eeek*. The repair guy says 100+ have been sold locally by one store and he's only had 2 come in. He's the only auth repairer for them locally, so that's not really good.

I'm off to bed, done some designs, set up my basic shop, have written out some listing text and am editing some of the photo's. Progress at last! :D

PS. I am doing a limited print run of my Butterfly artwork for my friends, let me know [via email with a postal addy] if you want one. Printed in archival ink on Arches Satine.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I swear this project is jinxed. honestly.

not happy. stuck in bed with foot up in air so ankle stops being the size of a house stump & knee realigns. Noone home, want coffee. Have to use stupid crutches to make coffee, why don't they have coffeeholders inbuilt [An iPod holder would be good too]
so I can carry it back to bed, so noone knows I got out of bed in the first place and lectures me.

Cat gives me disapproving look too. Nice.

Camera has gone off on a holiday without me, hope it sends back photos. So while stuck in bed doing nothing am still working on more stuff but bored. Only so many reruns to watch.

Don't tell anyone I was up and on my laptop posting ;D, it will be our little secret until youngest daughter sneaks over to read my blog LOL

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Is It Now by The Brays

Ooooooooh, while you're waiting with bated breath [ no, not baited..that's just eeeeeeeeew!] for my next post in which there will be giveaways and a new link to go look at later tonight/early morning :D check these guys out! I absolutely love their music and have played this song non stop all weekend and then gone and listened to the rest on their Myspace page :D so off you go, check them out! it's worth it. So worth it, the minute they put up new stuff on iTunes, I am buying it all [ well, apart from the 2 they have listed now :D]

link to The Brays Myspace page :

Monday, March 08, 2010

tomorrow is another day...

come back tomorrow for a giveaway and some news! was meant to be today but my head hurts, so am going back to bed.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I should buy a lottery ticket....

One of those days where the A3 printer decided it didn't like paper, phone calls and not a portable phone where they are meant to be, the r on my laptop keyboard decided it was going on a holiday and my clay oven stopped working. *sigh* so, have moulds for buttons ready to bake and nowhere to bake the bloody things.

 Apart from that, working on daughters wedding and the art award entry, both going well :D

Have to clean my studio though as I have crap everywhere and it's driving me crazy.

Youngest Daughter is having fun at Uni and has done well in her first O week :D

And I'm off to swear at the clay oven some more and make Spaghetti Carbonara for tea.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh dear...

It's a good thing I have never publically claimed to have high intelligence :D

Did you know that when you get the comments on your blog by email that it's not the person's actual email address? sigh.

I have been replying to everyone's comments but for some reason have replied by email and only realised that it does not go to the person I thought I was replying too. How embarassment!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some teasers : I took them on my phone and so the quality is absolutely dreadful but here are some things that may or may not be related to some posts in the very near future  :D like from next Monday...

Yes, the horse is a happy chappy :D I have no idea why he decided to smile but I liked it.
My photographer started Uni, so is too busy to take proper photo's until later this week so these will have to do for now. 

I've also gessoed 18 boards [ about 6x2"] & some canvases ready to get plastered and backgrounded and screwed the chains into them, which killed my fingers but their done! I have whole series that I've been plodding away on and ready to go.  I've also started on the artwork for the Art Award, which has to be in by the 17 March, can't show a pic of that yet. One art doll is done but she's going to someone already :D and I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped her up :( but have one that is similiar that I've started so will take pics of that one. LOL

Apart from that, I've been kind of wandering along, not stressing as I'm going pretty well healthwise except for the ankle bits, so everything stored on top of bookshelves has to either wait till the youngest [ who is also the tallest LOL] is home from school or is already at my level so I don't get up on tippytoes *grinz* I was offered a stepladder but declined cos to be honest, I'd fall off for sure!

Plus I have been steadily working away on the wedding stuff, none of which I am allowed to show anyone yet :( <---- that's really a pout LOL

Adios Amigos, until tomorrow! :D I'm off to get some zzzzzz's

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I am not a happy lil vegemite because for the 2nd year in a row I won't be going to Phillip Island for WSBK.

In other news in the unhappy category, I have stretched/torn my right achilles tendon being overly ambitious in the Year of me finally allowed to do more physical stuff. So for the last couple of weeks I have been hobbling around or plonked with an elevated leg and ice on it and it's getting old, fast.

Why yes, patience *IS* one of my most valuable personality traits, thanks for asking :D

So, fritters for tea using the leftovers from last nights tea of roast pork.

School started yesterday and Uni starts in a couple of weeks. TG. I decided to stand in shorter queues earlier than everybody else did. Except for one rude A at the bookshop who decided that I was invisible and walked over to be served before me after I had been there over an hour waiting AHEAD of him & then smirked at me! I hit the rage level of incandescence, he'd want to hope that he is never in a queue near me ever again. Tool. He was lucky he left the carpark before me though because I went looking for him to thank him for being a rude arrogant prick. politely of course :D

I have changed the casting material I was using as it's either old stock or the product is just crap as all the casts have not worked properly & cracked or broken as I've released them. Working on some research for an exhibition piece and I am trying to get my studio organised again. again. heh. It's driving me nuts to have stuff in different ends of the house, so once hubby finishes this week he's going to help me shove stuff around. Like tetris :D

Oops, off to feed the vultures! catchya later...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My brain is like a bagful of dancing monkeys

I'm back! Went to Melbourne to swap kids and go shopping & do coffee at Southland with Copperwitch and get conned into buying skyscrapers shoes. for daughters. not me :( Bright fuchsia 6" stilettos for one & blue for the other. I bought other stuff this time, like the last of Katherine Kerr's Deverry series which for some reason the local bookshops won't get in and coffee,coffee,coffee. I think I ingested so much caffeine in the 3 days technically I really should never ever drink it again HA!

Hit up the Art shops & searched unsuccessfully for a mold, so am making my own.

Also hit the music shops and got some great new music to create to.

I had the bestest ever piece of latte cheesecake at the coffee shop, so trying to find the name of their supplier :D

I joined Creative Everyday and while I haven't been posting, I have been creating and crocheting.

So last few days, worked on paperwork, rearranged my studio and am now in the process of creation.

I had an artwork that was nearly done, then I didn't like the way part of it had turned out, so started a new one and now it's going to be sort of collage of the 2 best elements from each :D so I am carefully slicing around the edges of one and incorporating it all.

There's an exhibition that I am entering with a deadline of Feb 17, so it will be head down, bum up and going like the clappers so will try and post more regularly this year. no, that is not a resolution :D Anyway, will be back tomorrow with a post about the Creative Everyday challenge.

The de-stress hypnotherapy cd seems to be working as I actually slept right through last night. Apparently as I had attended a session with him it makes it easier for the cd to work as usually my brain is like a bagful of dancing monkeys listening to that kind of thing. He has a great accent too, so I actually stop and listen :D

Adios Amigos! Hope you're all having a rocking 2010 so far :D