Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am really back this time :-)

'Cept I must go and survey the damage the hubby, kids and cats have done downstairs while I have been horizontal for a few weeks. LOL

I know I'm getting  a new dishwasher because I heard the ranting and raving when hubby couldn't get the door open and he freaked cos he, well, might have to *eek* wash dishes BY HAND! ROFL

The door is a little fussy about how it opens ever since a small child used it to stand on while helping me do dishes.

Back later!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pity Party is over!

Nearly back to 100%.

I've been on antibiotics and a different pain medication since Friday. All the swelling etc is nearly gone in all my joints. And I've been in bed since then, doing nothing but reading, watching tv and sleeping. And I still managed to break a nail!

Hubby went to the V8's and took the kids.

Granddaughter was bought in to spend time with Nana in bed along with her 2 brothers, who were down for the weekend.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

GS2 [4 yrs old] kept patting my arm and saying "Poor Nana" LOL He kept telling his Mother he needed to have a talk with Nana and sneaking back in to keep me company *G*

So cute.


Readin' - A Little Death : Laura Wilson

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

flaring and venting

Not a very happy lil vegemite at the moment. A minor flare since I had the flu has turned into a pita one [ and me too] the last few days. Not a lot of options drug wise as they've all been recalled. I'm very tired and very sore. I'm turning into a big whiny sooky la la today. 

At the moment I can't walk as even the soles of my feet hurt along with all my joints.  Can't paint because my hands are really swollen [which is probably more the reason for the emotional meltdown] I can't sit for long either, so can't surf the net much either. It's taken me several attempts throughout the day to type this. Pretty miserable git aren't I? sorry. I try not to let it rule my life but at the moment I've just reached *that* point.Tomorrow I'll be past it and be ok again.

The cats are feeling sympathetic & have been hanging out on the bed with me :-)

And there is nothing worth watching on tv either.

Anyway, enough whining! 

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and be able to start moving around again. Or, at least be able to do some painting.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eye of the storm

Yes, I'm still cranky.



So, I decided to move all my portfolio images to my picasaweb storage for now. 'Cept of course, I uploaded all the images without descriptions. *sigh* ROFLMAO that's just the way my week has been though. I just can't find a gallery/portfolio solution that I like.

This morning my network croaked it, so had to crawl around under the desk & other furniture looking for the bit that was unplugged to fix it. Turns out that wasn't the problem. It was the router having a caniption, must have felt unloved, so after I hugged it all better and told it what a special job it does and how important it is to me, everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as it's ever going to get if you're in my sphere.

I've [sort of] finished my site redesign but haven't got off my lazy arse to redo the blog portion yet.  In the meantime... heh. Sorry, yes, I just slapped myself for you.

Chased all over the place looking for mylar or some kind of drafting film in between the youngest daughter having a trauma with VCE. She has a really high workload with 3 art based subjects and the stress got to her. Solutions have been found however and worse case scenario will mean 6 months at Tafe then Uni.

Still no luck with the drafting film though.

We rearranged my studio again. Got a smaller top for my drafting table and hubby is making me a new paper storage thingy [up to A2 size] similiar to map drawers but will have a special drawer with a lightbox in it as well, so that it can slide away when I am not using it.

We've also been investigating financial options when hubby retires and have been seeing financial planners and getting all the ducks in a row. He's been offered a couple of jobs, so it's just a matter of working out moving dates, house hunting etc. He's a bit freaked out about becoming a civvie again. 


Readin' - Catching up with the news.

Hearin' - errr, some rugby song the players are mumbling singing on the telly.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Like a kid in a candy shop!

Hit the Art shops today, got a beautiful kolinsky sable brush kit.  Ahhh, happiness. They were really cheap too, I quickly went to the counter and asked if they were wrongly priced, but nope, they were on sale as a kit.


I had enough left in the budget to buy 6 tubes of Talen  gouache to test  *G*  I like AS but some of their colours seem  a little out of whack [ red is a bright pink] and they had defective tube caps which they were a bit rude about when I rang to get replacement caps. They already knew but hadn't passed the info onto the shops but expected them to just replace them.

Anyway, the reason I went was because I am road testing gouache and gilding on wet media acetate and Durar-lar. I've read a lot of the Colour Pencil Artists are using this and apparently it holds ink and watercolour. So, i'm going to see if it works. I prefer a smooth support, the smoother the better.

I like experimenting LOL  I have an unformed idea in my head about using totally modern materials to reproduce some illuminated manuscripts. Using modern materials will bring down the cost substantially as vellum is really expensive.

I'll do some as Art Card size, so if you like one when I put them up, email me and I'll send it to you. First in, best dressed :-)

Tomorrow I am off into the city in my quest to get the matte version as today I could only get the clear version of the wet media acetate.

Other stuff has been percolating along nicely.

Hubby bought me a Nightwish tshirt and a new handbag, wonder what he's done wrong? LOL Nah, it's cos I had a bit of a meltdown with all the adult kids crap piled up higgeldy piggeldy furniture and personal belongings we are storing. I am not a mountain goat.

I start with a new physio tomorrow, he's done some research on PA and how it damages the joints, so fingers crossed.


Hearin' - When You Were Young: The Killers

Readin' - everyone's blogs :-)

Everyone cover their ears..

I am about to start shrieking.

Well, probably screaming first, but shrieking will set in once I lose my voice.

I'd tell you why but that would only make me even more frustrated and angry. That's not a good thing. It takes awhile for me to burn but then I'm like a phosphorous flare that wipes out everything within range.

Not. happy. Jan. or whatever the hell the officious twits name is.

HA! twit must be in the spell check now as it doesn't have the little red underline telling me I can't spell or use fake words.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

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