Monday, September 17, 2007

Pity Party is over!

Nearly back to 100%.

I've been on antibiotics and a different pain medication since Friday. All the swelling etc is nearly gone in all my joints. And I've been in bed since then, doing nothing but reading, watching tv and sleeping. And I still managed to break a nail!

Hubby went to the V8's and took the kids.

Granddaughter was bought in to spend time with Nana in bed along with her 2 brothers, who were down for the weekend.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

GS2 [4 yrs old] kept patting my arm and saying "Poor Nana" LOL He kept telling his Mother he needed to have a talk with Nana and sneaking back in to keep me company *G*

So cute.


Readin' - A Little Death : Laura Wilson

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