Thursday, December 29, 2005

cheesy whine

Oh dear, that last post sounded a tad whiny didn't it? sorry. My family has a long and distinguished history of gifts that ummm, errrr, well, to be honest, suck. I'd have been happy with a little gold lucky cat for 3.50. Oh wait, I did get that, I bought it for the kids to give me, after I realised my hints were for naught. heh.

Went down to Spotlight today to get some more shiny sparkly things to make the rest of the pens with. And a new pillow. I'm like the princess with the pea lately, except it's the pillow not the mattress.
I gave some old guy a thrill when he overheard my part of a conversation in the bedding section, " But I like sleeping with nothing on". His reaction cracked everybody around us up, we were talking about top sheets on the bed when it's so hot, not clothing. Geeez.

Bloody RoboSapiens. Who thought of a robot that throws more crap on the floor for me to pick up? Must have been a male. heh.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I got what I have lusted after for years as a Christmas present.

A fluoro lime green laundry basket.
Oh and a bonus gift of
a set of plastic storage containers and a bag of Christmas tree decorations.
Aren't I lucky?

Friday, December 23, 2005


I laughed my head off at this post, and some eejits have the hide to moan that he's boring. Which btw, would be the people on Santa's shite list as he's not boring at all. He's also been in my blog links for ages, so you can click through there if you want to go to his front page.
Well? wotchya still here for? shoo, go read Bill Sticker.
Walking the Streets: Mail from Santa!

Dear Troll baby, don't even bother to email me with your assinine comments about how saying HoHoHo or Merry Christmas is politically incorrect. Instead, take the time to consult your dictionary for the meaning of assinine. It will expand your mind. HoHoHo, Merrrry Christmas!

Bad to the Bone Bloggin' fool...

Ok, first off I have to say, it was my Gt Gt Uncle who was an activist/dissident, with his own file and stuff, me, I'm like a baby one compared to him. I only get in people's face if they step in my space, then I don my split personality cape [lucky I'm a gemini, hey?] and swat back. Just ask my mate the ex pollie. I think he's fishing in the Gulf now.
In my latest web wanderings, well, I didn't go far actually, it was in my logs today [so sue me, I'm lazy] I found a referral for a Cyveillance technorati search, they have their very own category! See what happens when you aren't upfront, people get curious, links are made, categories formed, and next thing you know you're blackholed & banned all over the world. I wonder what would happen if I posted a disclaimer saying I'm not a blogger but a splogger? heh.
They must be working on the theory that If you Blog, you are Bad! Blogger! and crawling from blog to blog in an effort to track down us Bad Bloggers who write about taboo subjects, like Robbie Williams.
Now, excuse me while I go adjust my mask.
Brownie, you better go get your whiskers groomed & sharpen your claws *g*

Technorati Search for:

For the stats baby:
Feelin' - Don't poke the grumpy bear
Hearin' - Dancing with tears in my eyes - Ultravox

Monday, December 19, 2005

What's next?

Honestly, in the last 3 months we've had so much drama in our street, it's unbelievable! Spiked tyres up and down the whole place [13 all up] they stole the top spikes of a neighbours fence to use & just to maximise the expense they spiked the walls of all of the tyres. Flying eggs all over the place, shopping carts hanging from street signs, Windscreens being smashed, front & back and even a hit'n'run with a parked vehicle.
Then this morning, Elvis and his friends captivated the whole neighbourhood. This afternoon as an encore, we had a brawl next door, lots of swearing and abuse, you get the picture. Cops turned up and took my name as a witness. They'd parked their cars outside our house, so it was a bit hard to ignore when they took it to our footpath as well.

Our street currently holds the record for the most entries in a single Neigbourhood Watch newsletter this year.

WTH happened to a lazy summer?

Dietary Advice

Bloody Hell! I lost 6 kg's in 3 days with this bug. Ewwwwww. I really don't recommend it as a diet though. Bet I'll put it back on in the next few daze. Ahhh, ham, cherries, watermelon!
Surgery Rescheduled for Febuary. Yeehaaa.

Weird goings on overhead today. 3 choppers in the sky, Ch 7, police and Elvis. Ch 7 must be doing a story on Elvis, he was doing skim runs with the water from the lake behind us. Looked pretty cool in close up action!
Bought everybody out around the neighbourhood for a gawk, free entertainment for the day. We all thought there must have been a major accident on Old Dandenong Rd until we saw Elvis zooming around dumping water & refilling.

Hmmm, maybe they should put Elvis to work up in Cronulla. Cool them all off. Although, I do like Crapping on about whatever I feel like's idea of water cannons filled with dye.

EDIT: NOT Elvis the singer, Elvis the fire fighting helicopter! Puhleeese, I am not quite that nuts yet.

Well, No rest for the wicked! LHAT.

Feelin' - Chirpy!
Hearin' - Advertising Space - Robbie Williams

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh dear, pass me a tissue

Yikes, I must really be sick or I'm getting old and mushy. Leo Sayer singing Happy Christmas at Carols on the Domain had me in tears.
I keep wondering what our little one's are going to grow up like, seeing all this hate in the world. Yes, every generation for a long time has grown up with some kind of conflict/racism happening, but I can't remember such open hatred here before.
Not happy, Jan.

The HOFF can sing. scary shit. Altho, the dramatic poses put me off a little. He must be from the dramatic pause school of music.
Here was me thinking the Hoff's Christmas cd email I got was yet another Hoff spoof. Obviously not.

Did you know Leo Sayer moved to Sydney and released a new cd? No? Me either. I do now though, after being told by the presenters every time they went to them. Ok, well not every time, but it seemed like it. Why don't they just give his home address out and be done with it. heh.

WTF? Nikki Webster straightened her hair. Ohhhh Noooooo, she doesn't look like her without her curly hair. Being a straight haired girl, who lusts after curls, it causes me severe heartburn when curly girls straighten their hair. Harumph.

Oooooh, spunky Italian guy alert!
Patrizio Buanne, I must admit I do have a soft spot in my soul for a crooner and he is apparently taking on Anthony Callea. Dunno about that, but he dresses like a Rat Packer, which is kinda cool.

Human Nature are back.
I think I better take a bex and have a nice lay down.

Feelin' - still slightly sick
Hearin' - Carols in the Domain

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Theatre Appt

No surgery tomorrow, I have Yoda's virus. So they can't do the gen anaesthetic, so it's being rescheuled.
Still can't go to Green Day though :-(

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Root planing by Quadrants

Mia [kidlet formerly known as BattleQueen 3] woke me from a nanny nap this arvo gibbering absolute rubbish and jumping up & down like a complete lunatic whilst simultaneously waving her mobile around like she was wielding a light sabre.
She's won VIP tickets to Channel V's 'What you Want' Kate DeAraugo's concert or words to that effect. I'm still trying to shove my heart back in my chest & retrieve my fingernails from the ceiling.
So, she's having a good weekend, on Saturday she goes to Green Day, yes, in the Idiot Zone, nothing like killing your hearing at an early age. The MOTH has to take her as I have a theatre appointment with a lovely man on Friday *g*
Ok, ok, I'm having day surgery with a dentist under a general anaesthetic, so I won't be a happy lil vegemite for a couple of days. Root Planing by Quadrant does not sound like it's going to be enjoyable. Well, not as much as if I was at a Green Day concert *sigh*

This should be good, I'll be moaned at for the next few years about him having to go. ROFL You thought I was joking about him only liking Pop Tart music, didn't you?

Hearin': Swallow my Pride - Ramones
Feelin': ripped off by the universe


I am not really a grammar or spelling nazi and don't like to correct people as a rule. But there's one word that seems to be everywhere I go lately and drives me utterly batshit. That would be the latest cool buzz word, 'Anyways'. Every time I see that word spoken or written I have to quell a near irresistible urge to put my hands around their neck. It's not cute or warmly folksy to me, it's just stupid.

It's ANYWAY. Adverbs cannot be plural. No Anyways about it.

In any way or manner whatever: Get the job done anyway you can.
In any case; at least: I don't know if it was lost or stolen; anyway, it's gone.
Nevertheless; regardless: It was raining but they played the game anyway. "

Monday, December 12, 2005

Just for shits'n'giggles

What makes Jetstar think that someone who is stupid enough to take a butane gas can on a plane, not only once, but TWICE is going to have $100,000- to reimburse them?

I'm also curious as to why the passengers luggage was not searched when they landed, BEFORE they put them on other planes. DUH. What was sposed to make me feel safe on a plane? Oh. Riiiight. Security screening processes. So,why do I have to take my shoes off if they don't check the luggage for all prohibited articles? Just for shits'n'giggles obviously.

Jetstar may sue man who grounded flight - Queensland - Breaking News 24/7 -

About the other major news today, Yobbo's the lot of them, both sides. Every. single. one.
Now the tourism board has their theme for next year's Essence of Australia campaign "Yobbo's R Us". The pollies also have their main diversionary tactic for the next 6 months to take the focus off the IR changes.

Ok, is it just me or is the general IQ level of the population dropping like a stone? Why would you be picking flowers at a zoo anyway? They must have run out of free plants at her local council. Silly woman.

Lion bites woman's fingertip off - Top stories - Breaking News 24/7 -

Vale Diane

My friend Diane died unexpectedly, I didn't go to her funeral as she lives in the US & by the time I got there, it would have been too late. After being ill for many months, she was diagnosed with cancer 4 days before she died.

I first met Diane in 1998 when I went to Los Angeles to see Lord of the Dance, we stood in queues for hours waiting to see the troupes dance at tapings of tv shows and then all met out the front of each show and intermissions to scope out empty seats closer to the stage. We were part of a group called Flatheads made up of Lord of the Dance fans from all over the world who congregated at the original site's guestbook. She and her daughter made special ID tags for all of us to wear, which took them ages with our names and tiny unicorns on them. I met several wonderful people who have become like family to me, Diane was one of them.

Diane and her family drove me to Vegas for 3 days, we saw Troupe 3 dance each night, hit the strip and crammed as much fun as we could into those 3 days. Her husband & son slept in my room, so the 3 of us could continue with the girl talk about the dancers until early morning. She made sure I was introduced to those she knew and teased me about being shy, yet travelling across the world by myself. Most of our real life and phone convo's consisted of Huh? and Pardon? due to the different accents. heh.

We also went to the Star Trek themed casino and she laughed herself silly when someone thought I was the actress who played Kira Nerys in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and asked me for an autograph. Ever since then, she always called me Kira. She howled with laughter when the Klingon guys walked up behind me and didn't let on that they were there until one put his hand on my shoulder and growled something about evil humans. I must have jumped 10 ft in the air with fright, she thought it was hysterically funny.

We laughed at the tourists who held books up in front of naked statues outside Caesars palace and shrieked our heads off when we realised the guy next to us wasn't wearing a thick scarf but a Live snake. Diane introduced me to some disgusting concoction called a carpetbagger steak, it was her favourite food.

The last few years had been hard on her family, her husband was injured at work and had to retire, so Diane started freelance editing to help out financially, her daughter was injured while teaching dancing and developed CFS. She had trouble walking for a long time, but thought it was due to her back & leg, although she was often in pain, she rarely complained. She wasn't bitter at going through hard times though and her emails were always positive and happy mostly. She was truly one of the nicest people I have ever known.

I miss her heaps.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I am not a Xerox machine...

I reckon after reading this latest story on the BBC site,
Bolshevik Brownie might be right about the knock on the door at midnight. They seem to be serious about this 'the internets is subversive to commerce and must be stopped at all costs' theory.
Good thing she's a feisty feline so they won't get her either. Having 9 lives probably comes in handy too.

Further to my visit from the cybercops the other day, I read a BBC article [linked below], which caused my eyeballs to perform dangerous gymnastic feats and shot my eyebrows through my hairline, which, is definitely not a good look for me btw. That's in addition to causing the crime of stupidest run-on sentence in history.

The way this crap is going though, you won't be able to even sing along to a favourite song in the shower or you'll get slapped with breach of copyright, fined & sent to stir for a few years. The Day the Music died, indeed.

Parents, if you hear your kids playing something over and over trying to work out the lyrics or work out the music for whatever instrument they play...
For they are evil and must be stopped before they cripple the music industry. They belong in jail. So sayeth the man. Yeah, I can see it now-:
"Wotchya in for dude?"
"Errrr, playing Smoke on the Water on my guitar with illegally obtained tabs I got by replaying the song a hundred times on my iPod. I made the mistake of writing them down & showin' me mates."

Better not step near a karaoke machine then, the text lyrics running along the bottom are probably illegal too and you'll get arrested. Forget drugs, the clubs will all be raided for illegal text activity. Although, in all honesty, a convincing argument could be made for shutting down karaoke nights at the best of times. heh.

Oooh, And what about all us evil bloggers who put the song title in each post? Or GASP, post the lyrics to a favourite song? Shit, better chuck us hardened criminals into jail as well.

Who's gonna fund the court system to handle the extra load and the extra jails that would be needed? Not the fat arse sitting behind the desk counting his pennies saved from the latest tax minimisation scheme, that's for sure.

ROFL, I guess this post is guaranteed to bring the cybercops back for a quick visit. While they're here, I'd like to point out to them that they are breaching MY copyright if they store any of my images.

and, no. Still no illegal music,lyrics or scores stored on my site.

Mr Keiser said he did not just want to shut websites and impose fines, saying if authorities can "throw in some jail time I think we'll be a little more effective".
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Song sites face legal crackdown

Friday, December 09, 2005

Rock gathering

I have a headache. Why oh why do husbands try to *fix* things, which they broke *fixing* in the first place?

I. am. not. washing. clothes. by. hand.
nor down by the creek with a rock *rolls eyes*

I'd rather have an asset division and buy a new washing machine.

I am so mean. heh. I really do have a headache though, caused by being hunched over a lightboard all day, correcting and re-drawing light pencil lines. Husband is off to buy yet another belt for the machine.

Washing machine 2
Husband 0

Hearin' - Made in Heaven - Queen [ Ironic, huh? LOL]
Feelin' - cranky

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Art & Beer...

all in the same place! Seriously though, I have been to Broken Hill many times and it's a great place to go. The colours there are gorgeous.

But through some quirk of fate, Broken Hill and its surrounding towns have perhaps the highest concentration of artists in the nation.
Travel - Broken Hill - Australia - Creative space -


I noticed a weird hit in my stats today, from the company below. Strange type of company server to be wandering through my site, so I was curious enough to go see who they are & what they do. Apparently, writing Robbie Williams in a post recently is enough to draw the cyber cops to see if I am pirating music & storing it on my server.

What's really funny, is that a lot of bloggers do what I do, have the *current music playing* text list at the bottom of their posts. So, they're gonna be trawling the net for a lot of ghost entries with no music attached to them. Very efficient. I wonder if this is why they are trying to hit people with such huge fines, the amount of money they're paying for the dud hits?

Actually, no, I don't believe in ripping off artists trying to make a living. I think the artist has the right to make money from his/her work. I damn well expect to get paid for my work and don't appreciate someone else profiting from me without my agreeing to it. I've got kids to feed & music to buy.
So, while I may listen to the artists free streams from their sites, I buy the music. I'm still a tangible cd type of chick though, so I generally buy the cd and pay through the nose, even though I know the artist doesn't get a huge cut.
I did try Bigpond music, but don't like Win Media player due to problems I had with it, but I absolutely LOVE iTunes and will use that instead now it's here in Oz, I've already bought 3 back catalogue items I wanted.

So, the first link is to their official site, note to the boys, if you DON'T want someone to notice you trawling & blogging about it when bored, change the name. DUH.

Cyveillance Online Risk Monitoring and Management

Cyveillance Exposed

For the correct recording of statistics, I am
Hearin' : Electric Jesus - Adam Thompson [Yep, bought & paid for!]
Feelin' : creative

Monday, December 05, 2005

Toxic Culture: Paintings by Matthew Jackson, Elements Gallery 340 Hay Street Subiaco

One of my friends on LJ, Matthew Jackson just opened his exhibition called Toxic Culture. He also has a website MATTHEW JACKSON / artist
After watching this series grow over the last year, I have to congratulate a truly gifted artist on his successful exhibition. WTG Mate! Apart from being a great artist, he's a wonderful person and deserves this.

Read this review, go look at his work:

artwall: An independent site for art reviews.: Toxic Culture: Paintings by Matthew Jackson, Elements Gallery 340 Hay Street Subiaco

I just snorted coffee out my nose!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Do I miss this? errrr...

The bank, which has been holding workshops to show staff the "full potential" of their new corporate attire, was proud of the way its staff presented to the public, Mr Harley said in a statement.

Herald Sun: Bank sorry over grooming [05dec05]

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The artist as brand - Arts - Entertainment -

Good article on US artist, Barbara Kruger

I relate completely to this sentence, except I'm stuck in the chrysalis stage.

"My work as a designer morphed - with a great deal of change - into my job as an artist."

The artist as brand - Arts - Entertainment -

Friday's Feast

When do you feel impatient?
When I have an idea for a design or painting. It's gotta get OUT!

How many times in your life have you had a broken heart?

Name a book you would like to see made into a movie.
Battle Axe by Sara Douglass

Main Course
If you could thank one teacher for what they taught you, who would it be and what would you thank them for?

Bob, he taught me with great patience to gild and introduced me to Illuminated Manuscripts & books. I have alot of knowledge about a dying art thanks to his willingness to share and encouragement. He's also a kickass artist.

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Shephards pie

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Energy Fiend ? Death by Caffeine


Energy Fiend ? Death by Caffeine: "After 124.57 cups of Brewed Coffee, you'd be pushing up daisies "

I'm alive, I'm alive!

Made it back alive, in one piece and only got lost once. Which bright spark put an Avalon airport exit sign next to the Melb Next Exit sign? Dipshits.

So, I got off onto the Western Ring Rd, then detoured back via Pascoevale Rd. Only screamed at the MOTH once over the phone, when he said he knew where I was, but didn't. He was already as pissed as a fart. So, some guy at the servo told me how to get back onto the Tullamarine Fwy because if I'd followed the inebriated one's instructions, I would have ended up in Wodonga.

The minute I got on the Monash freeway it started pouring and didn't stop until I got home again. Typical.

So, should be a piece of cake from now on! heh.
Then again, now I won't have an excuse NOT to pick someone up at the airport LOL

Friday, December 02, 2005

fish and fear

Argggggggggggh. I am going nuts. I can't quite get the right combo of colours for a celtic tropical reef image I'm working on.
Off to start again. This is like the 10th version of it I've done. Although, I can just about do the celtic knots in my sleep now ROFL and the little fishies are cuties. Good practice though! and I'm getting lots of of it! heh.

I'm also working on a 7 deadly sins image as a Christmas present for a friend, so I might switch to that one before I start foaming at the mouth.

After all that, I'm putting everything except the exhibition stuff online and my new logo is ready to go.
By Monday I swear, LHAT

I have to drive across Melbourne tonight to pick my Mum up from the airport, of course it's raining like crazy here *sigh* The MOTH is off on a boozey night at the mess, so I have no choice. Can you believe I drove in LA after a 14 hr flight, on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road in peak hour on freeways.

And I'm scared to drive across Melbourne by myself *rolls eyes at self*

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Breaking in the shower

I managed to get myself trapped in the shower for 30 mins today. It's a 3 door glass thingy and each of them move. In opposite directions and at funny angles as it turns out and not wide enough to make a space to squeeze out through. Even more so when you break the plastic hinges in desperation.
Of course, I didn't want to break it to get out, so I tried the Send hubby vibes thing, thinking he'd worry when I didn't turn up for lunch and come looking for me. Nope.

So, I ended up saying really bad things to the door, then being nice, then after the water ran cold, I pushed on it until the hinge broke and I could lift it out.

Get to the MOTH's place of employment and he's out the back having a brew with the boys! After he stopped laughing himself stupid at my expense and telling everyone,
He says he took off his wife vibe receiving antenna while he was working.
How rude.

Remind me to take out a bigger insurance policy on him as a Christmas present.

Monday, November 28, 2005

I swear, some people should be tested for intelligence before they're unleashed on the rest of us poor unsuspecting netizens. It's not often I am bored shitless by a troll, they usually manage to keep me amused for a while, but I'm just about asleep on my keyboard, I'm even scrolling past their posts. Pretty sad state of affairs, I reckon.

On another note, why don't we have militiary schools here? My latest threat to duct tape the brat to the wall and throw darts at her, had her laughing hysterically. No, she didn't clean her bears den room. It looks like I'm going to have don hazmat gear and do it myself. Can you believe a 10 yr old boy keeps his room cleaner than a 16 yr old girl?

Nite all, I'm off to sleep.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Sorry, I feel extra tired and unsociable today.

I did get a new wireless mouse yesterday and it flies across the monitor. In fact it moves so quick, I'm sure it's getting to Fiji before my brain catches up and I keep accidentally rolling over those stupid PITA ads on news sites that then flip up obscuring the story you want to read. Sure, it's a simple click to close them, but have you noticed they are putting the *skip* text link in obscure corners in very tiny text. Arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Not to mention that the instant *musack* at any cost race is back on for many websites & is leaching over into blogs? *sigh* Who made that the retro fashion again for websites/blogs? along with yet more flashy doodads. Geeeeeezzzzzz.

Hearin'- Box - Chocolate Starfish
Feelin' - Grumpy

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Christmas cards

I'm trying to be very organised this year, so anyone who would like me to send a Christmas card, please email your name and addy to me antikva at gmail dot com.
but don't come complaining to me if you leave it till New Years LOL

I'm exhausted. Night everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not sweet enough

This is interesting research at the links below, I thought some people might be interested in the first link as much as I am. The second while not encouraging personally for me as such [heart disease as well as PA???] may lead to drug treatments with less side effects than the curent one's or a cure. Or possibly a quicker diagnosis, it took them 7 years to work out what was wrong with me.

A little sugar can help reduce chronic pain. No, this isn't the sugar you'll find in ice cream or soda pop, but it does have a sweet effect on pain conditions like fibromyalgia.
Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - Treat Pain With Sugar

The results from the five-year study suggest that cardiovascular disease is associated with abnormal blood cholesterol levels from the outset, suggesting a genetic link between the diseases. This discovery may be the key to genetic profiling for psoriasis. Profiling could be an essential tool for finding innovative, more targeted forms of diagnosis and treatment for the 125 million people around the globe who live with the misery of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
Genetic link between heart disease and psoriasis

bunyip potentates and string

I thought people were supposed to move more slowly as they got older, not bloody run around like the energiser bunny. Geez! My Dad has been dragging me from pillar to post trying find an Atari for my Mum. Don't ask *roll eyes* My parents are weird, always have been, always will be.

Speaking of weird, the running of the bulls [school pick up time] was so damn funny today. Some guy screaming at another over mobile phone use. Little kids all around, some swearing and a finger gesture or two and WW3 broke out. I actually thought they were going to punch each other, or drop dead from heart attacks, both were so incensed at the other. Apart from that, we had the usual 90 degree angle parkers and strangely one who parked perfectly on the cricket pitch as if it was his own personal marked space far away from the mere mortals in the back lot. ROFL

The MOTH is snoring on the couch watching Gridiron, so I think that's my cue to wander off to sleep.

Ooroo cobbers!

Hearin' - Intensive Care - Robbie Williams
Feelin' - sleepy

Friday, November 18, 2005

whine with cheese

I just paid for the dental stuff happening next month. So, all up, my Out of pocket payment is nearly $1700-

Mia [child formerly known as BQ2 & not her real name] is flouncing around the house giving me the furrowed brow look, I keep expecting her to fling her hand to her brow a la old silent movies but so far she has resisted. I'm not helping as I keep smiling at her and asking if she'd like some cheese. Bad Mummy!

Yoda [ errr, no, not his real name either] was great on stage last night, didn't forget a single line. Although, the hook on the fishing line got stuck in the wooden wall, which was pretty funny. A lot of parents turned up as well, so the kids were rapt.

Ohhhhhh, I nearly died of embarassment today, as you know my Dad is visiting. I have the new Robbie Williams cd in the car, I turned it up slightly to hear it better *g* Yeah, I know. Anyway, the cd started playing at Your Gay Friend, but the reaction time was a fraction delayed before I started hitting random buttons in a panic trying to change the song or turn the damn thing off. Dad just looked at me and started laughing. I think my face is still burning.

Well, let's see, what else? Oh, the HS graduates down the road had a party last night and the cops were called. How do I know? heh. I almost inhaled my icecream cone when the cop car came flying up beside us with it's lights on, no siren though, scared the daylights out of me. So, must have been bad kiddies as one had handcuffs on and required the presence of 2 paddy wagons, 1 pursuit car and a patrol car. We woke up this morning to shopping trolleys hung on all the street signs. And in some weird ritual, crime scene tape hung from trolleys arranged in a circle with an upturned trolley in the middle of the supermarket carpark. Huh?

Oroo cobbers, Avagoodweegend!

Hearin' - RECONNECTED - Adam Thompson
Feelin' - Embarassed

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I am a numpty,

Not really, I just play one on the Internets! LOL
So sorry to be ignorant and not update, I have been busy having a minor meltdown, being harassed via email [ 36 virus attachments until I closed the email address] and errrr, various other sundry distractions.
Oh yeah, My Dad is here for a fortnight. I am the child most like him in personality, or, in other words, I argue back. So far, so good, but give it another day or so LOL
Yoda has a school play tonight, so comes home and announces I have to go down to the shops and buy him stuff to make him smell nice *g* then he choked on his chockie frog and upchucked all over me! So, I also bought some stuff to make me smell nice as eau de choc frog is not quite my favourite fragrance.
Well, if anyone wants a Christmas Card from me, email me at antikva at gmail dot com and let me know.

Ciao mateys!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

the shrinking woman.

Oh bugger! I've shrunk, I'm only 5'2. I used to be 5'3, I'm positive. How the hell did that happen?
I've always been the shortest in my family, but this is ridiculous.

Being the big chicken that I have become, I have opted for the dentist to do everything under a general, he's also replacing old fillings, putting on the crown and a scale and clean. Then I only have to have a clean every 6 mths. He's replacing all the amalgam fillings with the white stuff just in case they're leaching into my system and making my PA worse. I don't know if that's true, but the fillings all need replacing anyway, so who cares? It's worth a shot LOL

So, I've decided to have 2 months off work from then, aren't I slack? ROFL, I'll still be painting, but won't have to stress over meeting deadlines etc and can just go with the artistic flow.

Read books, watch cricket, go to the beach and take the kids to exciting places like the Art gallery and the Zoo, I love their twilight program. I'll be able to just chill and not have to because I'm sick. YAY!

Interesting Art

I love this sort of art. Yes, I found all 11 in the last pic, do I get a lollipop now?

Interesting Art

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Sorry, had an oops moment! accidentally deleted myself.

Monday, October 10, 2005


All I can say is, TG I have private health cover! Aforementioned broken tooth needs to be crowned hehe. I dub thee Queen Costalot! 2250-00 all up it's going to cost *yikes*
Should only cost me 500- gap cost though, so that's a little better, but still. My Mil says get it yanked, but it's a main chewing tooth, so will be better to keep it for another 20 years, given how young I am, according to my dentist, Mr Wonderful *g* I like him.

I'm off to finish my school project on whale sharks. [ ok, it's really Yoda's but I'm helping]

Sunday, October 09, 2005

hello world!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for your comments and emails when Nana died. Truly, truly appreciated :-) Hugs to all of you.

I think us girls did great and Nana would be proud of us all. Everybody kept saying how much we are all like her in both looks and personality. Which is kind of scary, thinking I'm turning into my Mother and she's turning into her Mother LOL

I've always thought it was pretty cool to have a Nana with a tattoo on her knee, as my cousin said, how could your Mum say no, when her mother had one? ROFL. I was never quite game to ask as a kid, but it was a ritual thing with the girls at the boarding house she stayed at as a teeneager. Similiar to blood brothers/sisters but involving ink instead, they all tattooed their own initials on their knees. So, see what genetics I have, there was never any hope for me to grow up conformist and conventional. Altho, I did try but it never quite worked *G*

I should be safe for the rest of the year at least now, if you believe on the tradition of bad luck running in 3's. I just didn't think they would all happen in the space of 2 days!

I just got Mia tickets to the aptly named Idiot Zone section for the Greenday concert here. Due to the hectic confusion and me having to leave quickly, she missed out [well, she doesn't have her own credit card, does she? you silly mother!] so I ended up paying $308- on ebay for 2 tickets. * insert aghast expression here* Amazing what guilt at forgetting something so vitally important to a teenager can make you do! ROFL

So, for the time being I am back in the good books and she's gonna be Mummy's lil helper for a veeeerrrry long time *g* cos, you know, I'm mean like that LOL

Yodabug got given Nana's fake fishtank, so he's also a happy lil vegemite. When Nana first got it, when Yoda was much younger, he didn't believe that they were fake fish, cos they were in water and swam around. So, Nana would give him fake fish food to feed them with and it became a great joke between them as he got older and realised.

I have another dentist appointment Monday :-( I really really have a phobia about dentist's [ previous bad experience] so everyone think good thoughts for me k? ta muchly :-)

Hope everyone is doing well and the world is yellow not grey.

Monday, September 26, 2005


waaah, I'm so tired! My fault, I've been a night owl doing some research. The funeral is now Wednesday, my little bro is flying down, so we have to go collect him and then he gets to sit in the back with the cranky old great aunt on the drive down heh. Mum is going to come up on Friday and stay here till she flies home on Sunday. I found out where I get the quirky music appreciation from LOL To say I was surprised at the music selections my Mum and Aunt have made, is an understatement!

Mia made her first ever unsupervised chocolate cake, looked great, so she iced it and then stuck it in the oven so the cats wouldn't eat it [or her brother!] You should have seen the look on her face when she went to proudly show me and the icing had melted into a puddle on the plate LOL Poor kid didn't realise that the oven was still a tad warm. 'twas nice though :-)

I've been running around trying to find her a formal dress, she's suddenly decided to be a social butterfly. Really, they should have a better market for darklings, they do like to do some normal social activities [contrary to popular belief!] but don't like to wear the sparkly stuff. Wow, I better not get started on that subject, I've just had a verbal battle over individuality and conformation. LOL Our kidlets are such a variety of personalities, one's a princess, one's a darkling, Yoda's the sensitive but laid back dude and the eldest one is techno/trance type.

Well, I'm finally tired, think I 'll hit the hay, only prob is I keep thinking that, then get back up cos I can't sleep.

Friday, September 23, 2005

My Nana

Nana went peacefully in her sleep yesterday afternoon. We got the chance to kiss her and hug her while she was still awake and the four of us stayed there with her overnight. I'm really glad that Mum got there in time, so that Nana knew she was there too.
We're having a simple service with a slideshow of her life with family and friends on Monday as she didn't want a fussy funeral. When she was little she never had a teddy bear, so the bear she has now will be going with her. No black to be worn and then we're doing a pokie crawl. She didn't drink or smoke but she LOVED the pokies! [not in a gambling problem way though] A couple of years ago,when Dad, Mum and Nana were visiting us in Wodonga, RCK got up for work at 6am and Nana scared the crap out of him when she cheerily chirped Good morning from the lounge chair LOL She was all dressed and ready to go while everyone else was still snoring.

I'm home for now, we're taking Nana's sister back down with us otherwise she can't get there.
I'm off to the dentist cos I broke a bloody tooth yesterday on a choc chip bikkie of all things.

Hugs everyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

sad :-(

I won't be around for a few days as my Grandmother is seriously ill and not expected to live much longer.

If you email me for a quote or regarding your deadline, please note that I will be away for approximately a week.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Stew for tea

We have a guest in the house, I will try to put up a pic later. He's a bit of a rude guest however, hogs the bathroom, ate all my carrots & to top it off, he bit me! Well, nibbled on my arm anyway, but he's so cute and has the biggest brown eyes that makes him instantly forgivable.
Got home yesterday after making RCK drive me to the art shop for supplies, we see a rabbit [of all things!] sitting on our front lawn in the pouring rain. Bloody thing can run too, let me tell ya! We finally snagged him & began the door knocking. Nobody is missing a rabbit, but they did see him in our yard for 2 days [ What The???????] He's lucky our cats are inside cats & too fat & lazy to chase anything. He's very friendly & we've only had one fluffed tail, when Pebbles opened the door and she's more jealous that an usurper was taking her rightful petting time LOL
Soooo, if anyone knows of someone who has lost a rabbit, let me know! We've called him Stew [much to the horror of the kidlets.] told them that's why we're only feeding him veges.heh.

I now have 2 rooms in the house, a computer room and an art studio, too much crap to cram in the tiny space I was using, I was falling over stuff everywhere. So, RCK moved everything while I was sick. We fiiiiinally got the 2 new couches for the family room, we got the new clik clak one's, they're great, but I have to alter my colour scheme now, as they only come in 3 colours, none of which matched the rest of the room.

Anyone know the best way to kill European wasps? We have lots of them in the Christmas tree things out the front, I don't want to remove all the trees yet, so the wasps must go. We don't have the nest and can't find it, according to the Council, the nest can be up to 5 klms away :-(

Well, I'm off, Cya's round like a rissole :-)

Feelin' : sleepy
Hearin' - Shine -Shannon Noll

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

moaney myrtle

After having Mia home sick first, now Yodabug has been home for 2 weeks with a chest infection & severe asthma, my mind is boggling at how much snot a 10 yr old boy creates! He's gone thru 6 boxes of tissues since Monday. So for the last few weeks, all you can smell all through the house is Eucalyptus/Peppermint Oil and Vicks. He's been on antibiotics, ventolin as well as steroids and Singulair. This started out as a simple cold 2 1/2 weeks ago. So, if you have a cold & develop a croup type cough, get your arse to the Dr straight away.

Being a sharing soul, he's given the creeping crud to me as well. I feel like absolute crap. I feel so bad I don't even want to look at the computer screen. I am on antibiotics as well, and the Dr upped my pain relief if I want to take more as my joints are hot & excruciatingly painful, the Dr thinks it might just be transient with the flu thing & once I get over the worst, I'll be back in remission.

So, I'll be back when I feel human again.

feelin' - sick & whiney
hearin' - me coughing up a lung!

Friday, September 02, 2005

hmmm,are u as sexc as hot goat jeans???


You have been warned, do not come back here all snarky. *g*
PMSL reading the feedback this guy leaves for his Sellers. Oh man, now I can honestly say I have seen everything on Ebay now. It's not like he's been buying any... ummm, ahem, adult items.


"The Australian Government will donate $10 million to assist relief operations in the wake of hurricane Katrina in the United States.Prime Minister John Howard said
the money would be given to the American Red Cross and used for emergency relief carried out by the organisation"
"He said he had already offered to send a team of emergency specialists to the disaster area but the US was yet to accept the offer."

Aussies who want to donate can do so via the Australian Red Cross

Foreign governments line up to help after Katrina - Yahoo! News

Network for Good has many links that you can donate to, for both humans and animals.

Foreign governments line up to help after Katrina
I've read comments at other places from people in America thinking that noone ever offers to help them out. We do, we have before and we will again. After Hurricane Katrina, over 20 countries have offered aid, we're just waiting for you guys to say yes.

"More than 20 countries, from allies Germany and Japan to prickly Venezuela and poor Honduras, have offered to help the United States cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rockin' Reading

Geez, big scaredy cats live here! LOL, yes we had a big storm,no, it wasn't like Cyclone Tracy at all, this was just a baby! I guess I shouldn't be mean tho, being a North Queenslander I'm used to cyclones. We live on the top of a hill, so when we were upstairs, the wind was howling like crazy past the windows. The kids weren't even scared, Mia [that's what she wants as her net name] was more worried about the HUGE [heh, not!] spider on her bed. Yoda went to battle with the spider brush for her & calmly wandered down with it dangling from it.

Today I wandered around DFO, one of my favourite shops is the book shop, books at least half the price of the big bookshops. I can always get at least 1 or 2 great reference books for at least a third of retail and then wander around the fiction section. I read pretty much anything [ even the back of the loo roll packet *g*] but my favourite genre's are Historical fiction and Sci fi fantasy. I also like crime fiction but it has to be good to retain my attention. My favourite authors are Katherine Kerr, Melanie Rawn & Australian authors Sara Douglass & Traci Harding.

Anyway, it's rare to find those there but quite often I find a great new book to read, this week I bought Blood Ties by C.C. Humphreys, based on Anne Boleyn and her daughter Elizabeth.

What do you read?

feelin' - calm
hearin' - Play Me - Adam Thompson [RECONNECTED]

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

social nerd

I feel socially inept on the net.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The return of painting

The return of painting - Arts - Entertainment -

At last, maybe schools won't dump art & music from the curriculum quite as easily as they appear to have been doing.

"As a result of this painterly pressure cooker, all over the world art schools are employing sessional staff who know the ancient skills of stretching a canvas. They are seeking those artists who can pass on the century's old skills of creating a painting from minerals, pigments, oils and binding agents. It is the true alchemist's art, turning base materials into intellectual, emotional and financial gold. In short, painting, like The Terminator, is back. From artist-run-spaces to the auction houses of Christie's and Sotheby's, all forms of painting are being bought, argued over, and enjoyed. And it no longer matters if it is figurative or abstract, modernist or postmodernist - so long as it is painting. Around the world, as we will see, the pages of popular magazines, specialist journals and daily broadsheets are filling with "welcome back" articles on painting's timely return, happening at the very moment when what's been called "techno-fatigue" is hitting the previously dominant areas of digital art, video, and new media."

feelin' - busy
hearin' - Bat out of Hell -Meatloaf

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have a theory...

about a conspiracy! LOL
Ok,here goes, while I was doing my treatment, I found my skin thinned & became dryer. I could only use "very" soft toilet paper. So, I found a brand I liked that was very soft & it became "the" essential brand, even better, if it was on special. Except...I have discovered a peculiar trend in TP fashion. For a little while it's fine & soft, everything seems ok, BUT, then after a while, the composition of the paper changes and it is no longer as soft, this usually occurs after the "special" of the brand in question finishes & takes place a month or so later. At first, I thought I was imagining this
peculiar phenomonen, but, no, I'm not and I have tested this theory with several brands.
Soooo, there ya go, only buy the advertised *soft* toilet paper on special or risk the sandpaper effect!

Well, now that I have shared this wisdom with you, I must go & take Yoda's lunch to school for him. He left it sitting on the kitchen bench. Sadly for him, I left my bag at home, so he couldn't have tuckshop. I think I foiled his master plan. heh.

feelin' - accomplished
hearin' - Live at Knebworth - Robbie Williams

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fans clash at football brawl

Fans clash at football brawl | National Breaking News | Breaking News 24/7 - (21-08-2005)

No, I wasn't spending my Sunday arvo doing this. I'm a good girl and was at MIL & FIL's, although we did notice a large police presence around the place as we were closer to home.

feelin' - tired
hearin' - You're the Voice - John Farnham

Swapping over

The Courier-Mail: Art world dines on delicious scandal [20aug05]

Uhoh. If I have ever given you one of mine, you better email me and get me to write up documentation to prove I gave it to you. I guess I better ask friends that have swapped works with me to give me documentation too. I don't want to be accused of stealing them in 20 years time.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

pretentious prattling

I really dislike pretentious prats who dribble with all their superiority about subjects of which they have no knowledge whatsoever...
except for the adventure stories they read in bed at nighttime.

feelin' - irked
listenin' - Why don't you all get F*cked - Skyhooks

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


heehee, my son has my sense of humour.
Yoda got some Do not Disturb door hangers in a mag tonight, one is of Britney singing with *Do not Disturb, I'm singing* on it. So, while his sister is in her room singing to the radio, He added the word *badly* underneath & hung it on her door.
She's just discovered it. heh.

feelin' - impressed
listenin' - Easy - Faith No More

what a load...

Brother in bid to reclaim Korp video | The Nation | Breaking News 24/7 - (16-08-2005)

Limited time of high value, indeed.
This family seems to have failed Diginity 101.

Feelin' - irritated
Listenin' - Moulin Rouge soundtrack

Monday, August 15, 2005



If you're looking for the band that the guy who crashed the BB05 finale stage to promote, this is the link on his tshirt.Hmmm, wonder if the security guards caught him :-)

Feelin' - chipper
Listenin'- Consumed - KiLLTV

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Oh noes!

Last night I worked on the new domain, except for the portfolio part as I still need to get some pics of images I've sold. I set up a new email account for it & happily emailed all my clients with the new email, sent some personal emails & replied to an email list I am subscribed to.

Today I realised that I had set the signature block in OE to ALL outgoing emails, not just the new business one. DUH! Now everyone subscribed to the mailing list I replied to has my mobile number! aaargggghhhhhhh.

Anyone have spare brain cells I can borrow?

The wind is howling outside & we have a gale warning [almost like being in Townsville again LOL] the kids have asked if school will be cancelled tommorrrow [snerk] I hope not, I've got things to do, like go to a movie *g* Yes, I am vertical again, altho I am walking verrrry sloooowly. I have to get out of the house or I will start screaming.

I found a pair of black leather pants dating from my misguided youth, so I'm going to cut them up & use them for a book cover. It's not like I'm ever gonna get my rear into them ever again! I think I'll keep this one for me though as I wore these to the very first concert I went to, which was Skyhooks at the Townsville soundshell.
We didn't get many big name acts up there, so this was a huge deal & altho we had tickets, it was more fun to sneak in under the fence & leg it before security nabbed us. We were very proud of ourselves LOL

Feelin' - happy
Listenin' - Made in Heaven - Queen

MindComet :: Blog In Space

MindComet :: Blog In Space

I was all ready to do my part in reaching out into the galaxy with my blog, so added my link, then on the next page of registration it says this -

*Bloggers who use this site are urged to keep their blogs devoid of any language, comments or content that might offend, taunt or provoke alien life forms in any way. Let's not start an intergalactic war :) *

I better not register then. bummer.

Feelin' - sad
Listenin' - Bounce - Bon Jovi

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Ok, I think I finally got everything working correctly and the network secured LOL I hate the technical side of computers, drives me nuts!
Not much happening anyway, still not moving around much, but it's getting better.

I just got a great batch of glass beads from Ebay, they are destined not for jewellery but attached bookmarks to some of the handmade books I'm working on.
I'll have some more artwork up by the end of the week, and have nearly finished my new site [ YAY!] I've also caught up on some books I've been meaning to read & even watched a couple of dvd's. Amazing, I don't feel so behind in the social whirl of reading & movies anymore *g*
BQ2 has me bidding on drum sets & bass guitars on Ebay for her *roll eyes* I am also frantically looking for a quality set of ear plugs for me LOL I am the most tone deaf person you could ever know, so it's a good thing she takes after her father for the musical side LOL

I have also nearly finished re-entering all the family tree data I lost when my old comp died, so now I just have to find the scans I saved.

Well, cheerio cobbers *g* I'm off for a snooze *g*

Feelin': Annoyingly cheerful
Listenin' : Play Me - Adam Thompson

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I am just testing to make sure I am online & posting again :-) I am unable to move very well because I am a twit. I picked up my 10 yr old who altho skinny weighs much more than he looks! Well, it was an emergency situation! Soooo, I have been flat on my back for a week.Unable to stand my whining anymore, RCK bought me a wireless laptop to shut me the hell up :-) so here I am posting from bed :-)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

question of the day LOL

has anybody heard anything good about the hematite bracelets? It's supposed to work like the copper one's, in that it helps with pain etc. One of my quirks is a natural aversion to medication, if you saw me trying to take a tablet/pill etc you would die laughing. I have tried all the tricks. nada. It always takes 10 mins to get one down, even tiny one's LOL So, if something I don't have to swallow works, hey, I'm all for it. I was looking at these bracelets that apparently help reduce blood pressure,cholesterol and pain, they're a bit exxy though.

Nothing else to say, I've been pretty busy doing nothing at all.

Added:I have no idea why this didn't post the 1st time around. weird.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Google Moon - Lunar Landing Sites

LOL. Go to google moon, click on a landing site and zoom right in. I always knew they were faked *g*

Google Moon - Lunar Landing Sites

Friday, July 22, 2005

Absolutely shameful!

This is just disgusting. At least Qantas gave a toss and helped him out.

Bungle leaves Digger lost in airport | NSW/ACT | Breaking News 24/7 - (22-07-2005): "A BUNGLE by the Department of Veterans Affairs left a 91-year-old Digger wandering lost in Sydney airport in his pyjamas, days after major surgery.
Norm Cuthill, from Port Macquarie on the New South Wales North coast, was supposed to have been driven to the airport in an ambulance last Monday, six days after having surgery at Fairfield Private Hospital to remove a cyst from a collapsed lung. "

Thursday, July 21, 2005


For some reason today, I am verrrrrrrrry tired & all my joints have blown up. So tired I can't sleep & moving is way too much effort. I feel like I'm walking around with weights on :-(

I don't know whether it's the new drug the Dr gave me or if I'm having a mini flare or what the hell is wrong. I feel the way I did before they reset my immune system and I really feel like shit. Blah.

Anyway, enough moaning...
I love ebay :-)
I won a Max bike replica on ebay & got it yesterday. It's in mint cond and they're worth around $100 upwards and I got it for $17- *g*

I also got some emu feathers to make some new quills. I just made a new batch of ink from gum tree branches, it turned out a really gorgeous inky black, so I might keep them and give them away for birthday presents. or not. heh. I might keep it all to myself. LOL

I've also nearly finished BQ2's 16th birthday present. She's a gothlet in training, so I've made her a blank book with a leather cover and black/dk purple beading sewn onto the leather cover with really cool clasps. The whole thing is black, with black pages and really gothic looking, so I'm pretty sure she'll like it. I'm going to add in some gold & silver ink & an emu quill, then I have to start on everyone's Christmas presents.

Well, I am off to lay down for an hour and read a book.

PS. For the person who wanted it, here's my email addy. It's a graphic, so you can't click to email me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh boy!

I think I have had every single moronic driver in Melbourne either directly before me or after me today. One idiot overtook me & then cut me off turning into the street 10 metres down the bloody road. Luckily, when I drove through later, when he was holding the stop/slow sign for the roadworks there, I resisted the temptation! Obviously he was late for work and needed to get there 5 secs earlier than if he had stayed behind me doing the actual speed limit. People pulling out to the right to turn left [and vice versa] or pulling out as if I'm invisible. Hello, big red car here! Bloody idiots.

BQ2 had her email & MSN Mgr hacked by some of her *friends* yesterday. After I reset the pw's they did it again. Sadly for them, I have their IP addy's now *g* They read the note I left in there for them, so I wonder how well they slept last night and if they jump at the knock on the door for a couple of days LOL One of them has been very friendly to BQ2 today. The IT dept at school is also investigating their logs as they did it first at school.
Little shits! 15/16 yr old females are such little cows. I'm positive I was never that bad *vewg* hmmm, I don't think my Mum would agree. heh.

I must be off, I have a 10 yr old back from camp to collect. I'm sure he's itching to get back home [to watch cartoons, not cos he's missed his Mum]

'Ooroo cobbers!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


My baby is all growned up :-( Yoda is going to his first school camp on Monday. Yesterday he learnt how to make cups of coffee/tea [ I wouldn't let him so he conned BQ2 into teaching him] and he knows how to operate essential appliances like the microwave, dvd,tv and the fox box *g* Oh yeah, and much to his Grandad's disgust, a hairdryer LOL. I am now obsolete.

Added later : We've just done the run for Harry Potter. Do you know how freaking cold it is outside? meh. next time the kid can go get her bloody own!
Altho, she did make me a cup of tea when we got back. I did notice one odd thing though, many new cars driving around have either no tail lights or only one. Very strange.

I actually sat and watched a movie tonight, Queen Latifah comedy called Taxi. I must have liked it cos I sat there the whole time not doing anything else *g*

I am still dangerous with sharp objects. 2 stitch thingies in my index finger and I'll have to redo the page :-( I did manage to find some more thick scratchboard after 2 years of looking. I love working with it but it's a pita to find the thick sheets.
Well, I'm off to make glair & garlic juice [for gilding] so I'll cya's later.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I just got my test results back from the Dr, for the first time in 15 years NO abnormal cells! YAHOO! No more surgery,no more biopsies, no more crappy drugs. I only have to go back once a year now. 2 separate tests showed normal cells. I am totally gobsmacked.

My AN factor is still high, but pretty good compared to what it has been like. He thinks this remission should last a while before I have another flare and the chances are they will only be small one's. So, for a change, I got GOOD news from the Dr, I can't remember how long that has been. PA is not fatal, so right now, I am so happy I am bouncing off the walls *g*

Big happy hugs to everyone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


My life is never going to be the same again...

BattleQueen3 wants a drum kit. A 5 pce drum kit, you know, crashing cymbals and loud banging sounds LOL

Luckily though, she takes after me in musical taste and not her father. He only likes pop music, if it isn't in the top 40, he hates it. I call it pop tart music as most of is titsout and bouncing, if you know what I mean ;-)

I'm more of a Queen, Bon Jovi, Skyhooks,Robbie Williams fan etc I love Aussie rock and 80's music and I do like most other music,but they're my favourite. My current cd of choice in the car is Adam Thompson's [Chocolate Starfish] album RECONNECTED.

Yoda loves Pop goes the Planet from it & that's the current song we sing on the way home from school in the car. I am totally tone deaf, so we turn the speakers up so noone can hear us murder the song *g*

I listen to yahoo launchcast a lot during the day, Made in Australia or one of the rock stations.

If you ever hear reggae mixed with bagpipes or the Lord of the Dance sound track with taps at full blast, say hi to me :-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's a mystery...

"You need more self confidence!"

This phrase is the one I hear the most in my life. How do you get more self confidence? Go pick some up at the supermarket? or on Ebay?
How will I know when I have enough?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

We're not Afraid!

Great blog.

We're Not Afraid!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


These are my stats for this month so far, it's what? 6 days in? this month is gonna be painful.
3320 Emails Received, 2198 Spam Filtered

I should start sending them invoices for the time it takes to delete this shit. $125- an hour.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The London Line : I'd rather have a bowl of... crack?

The London Line : I'd rather have a bowl of... crack?


early morning wake up call

This is what I woke up to this morning. I guess I should be grateful that the crushing sensation in my chest was just the cat! LOL


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain:
Where do you plan to go on vacation this year, or where would you want to go?

France & Italy is where I want to go, Phillip Island it will be [ Motogp & V8's :-) ] then a week there with RCK, kidlets & the outlaws doing the penguin thing *g* plus, I'm going to Falls Creek for a weekend.

What color is your bedroom? If you could redecorate it, what would you change?

Cream with Indigo. I'd get rid of the tv [RCK can't sleep without it on, I can't sleep with it on]

Do you have a bumper sticker on your vehicle? What does it say?

Main Course
What's the worst pain you've ever been in?
It's depressing to write about.

Who is your favorite celebrity? What do they do that inspires you?
Max Biaggi. Rides a motorbike at amazing speeds. Never gives up.

The current mood of antikva is feeling : at

Friday, July 01, 2005

kharma is a bitch

I just watched a guy get bitch slapped by kharma and I am still cackling with glee. We went to see my Nana today [she's 95 on Wed] in Queenscliff then dropped by to see MIL & FIL on the way back, as it was so late by the time we got back home we stopped to get a chook & salad at the local supermarket.

We parked in the first spot next to the disabled area. RCK went in & a couple of minutes later this red sports car comes flying in beside us in the disabled spot, guy jumps out and runs to the bottle shop.
So, I'm thinking, Wow, that guy sure can move for someone who's disabled! I'm looking at his windscreen at a piece of paper trying to see if it's a disabled parking sticker. Cop car parks in front of his car, just as he comes running back out with a carton ROFLMAO So, he's getting a ticket for parking illegally in a disabled zone. The piece of paper I was looking at? heh. a canary.
They were radioing for a tow truck just as we left. I hope that carton feels really heavy while he's walking home MUWAHAHA! I love watching kharma in action.

I managed to find 3 Mills & Boons romances which matched the strict criteria I was given for Nana's birthday present -:

a/ No red one's [ they have sex in them & Nana hates those one's, she is 95 after all ]
b/ HAVE to be Doctor & Nurse one's [her favourites]
c/ Has to be the thin books not the thick one's as she has trouble holding them.
I won't tell you how many newsagents I had to go to before I found them. No wonder I don't like reading them. She loved them :-)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

LJ:: Without Wax ::

I started using this blog again recently & copying over the public posts from my other one. Blogger is more easily customised than Live Journal & this one will eventually [ I'm lazy *g*] be more work related [art & design] LJ though is good for private entries, so I can fool unsuspecting visitors into thinking I'm nice LOL. You can click on the link above to get to my LJ.

ps. I'm not really lazy, I'm so jammed with clients & RL, I haven't had time to finish my own site :-(


I wondered why I had a sudden huge spike in visitors to my old domain... all searching for a woman with the same name as me. Bloody Shane Warne!
I am a bit miffed that someone with the same name as me has such bloody bad taste in men. Geez woman, get some class.

Not again!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You know it's school holidays when...

Little toads. This is what hit the window last night and scared the absolute crap out of me. They threw it so hard it tore the screen, so I guess I'm lucky the window didn't break as well. We were the last egg in the carton as they also dumped that on the road.

Monday, June 27, 2005


I had to go back to the Dr, I developed tinnitus from the methotrexate, usually I can mask it but the last couple of days with my cold it's driving me nuts. My levels are a little high, so he's put me back on a newer pain relief drug to help me sleep. I can handle the pain during the day but lately I've been having probs getting to sleep & staying that way. I wonder if this drug will be recalled as well.

Central heating is fixed YAY!
bonus, don't have to pay the 1st dude as he tried to install the incorrect circuit panel & blew the whole thing up. 2nd dude only charged 30 mins as he broke a floor tile when he dropped his ladder. I have a replacement tile in the shed :-)

can I take it back.

I just stepped outside my comfort zone. Yikes.
I'll let you know if I got it or got bitch slapped into eternity *g*


Sunday, June 26, 2005

gallery: Artwork

Here's some of my artwork
gallery: Artwork

MIT Weblog Survey

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm grumpy.

There should be a cyberlaw somewhere that requires people to pass reading comprehension 101 before unleashing them onto the net or at the very least the world of MB's & Blogs.
This comment is not directed at anyone here.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh My...

The things you can buy on ebay LOL I have to say though, that this auction is better than a piece of toast *g*

I'll be your friend for a whole year

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Australian Red Cross Blood Bank stocks low nationally

If your a healthy Aussie, Get your butt to the nearest blood bank Donate Blood or click to find out about Operation Lifeblood 2005. Give now. [ please :-)]

This is the lowest levels in 25 years the Red Cross have had in the blood bank, they may have to cancel surgeries. You even get a cup of tea, only takes 30 mins of your time and you'll get warm fuzzies from knowing you may have saved a life. Let me know if you donate :-)

Yoda had a transfusion at 5 weeks old, BQ1 & RCK just donated, I even made my Dad go [ heh, that was fun!] BQ2 would have but she's too young. I can't due to the drugs the Dr has me on at the moment.

My Big Day Out... Not.

I am seriously pissed off. I wanted to go to the Art Gallery today, but I have to go by public transport. After careful consideration of time scheds & school pick ups etc the best option was the train. Except. the train was cancelled. So, no Art Gallery.
I seriously wonder how they can, with a straight face, promote public transport as being a better option. Numnuts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pop Art

If you like Andy Warhol's art and/or his protege Jean-Michel Basquiat, the BBC has some pics of their collaborations being sold from Versace's collection
The estate of slain fashion designer Gianni Versace is auctioning some of his art collection in London and New York.

Sunshine & Dragons

Last night at karate, Yoda accidentally contacted his instructor [ hands] Adult Instructor freaked a little & kept asking him if he was ok, checked his hands etc to make sure. Didn't hurt the little booger at all, but as the Instructor walked away he was rubbing his hand LOL Yoda is very proud. Yoda & BQ2 have been practicing all the time & are competing against each other to see who gets the grading first LOL.

BQ1 got a tattoo of a cubist butterfly. heh. she is her mother's daughter.

BQ2 is driving me nuts with the repeated playing of funeral dirge type music. Another 2 1/2 weeks of it. As a form of protest I'm thinking of playing Sunshine,Lollypops & Rainbows or Puff the Magic Dragon repeatedly *g*

Please excuse the bragging *g* Unlike the older 2, who were painful at school -:

BQ2 report card, she got A's with a B+ Polite, Excellent team worker, reliable. Now she's not being bullied at school [this school deals with them,not just shoves it under the table, so she hasn't been bullied at this school at all] her grades have gone back up. She's maintaining them as well so I'm very proud of her. BQ2 has also been doing the Uni program & goes to a lecture once a week.

Yoda's report card, he's going well & is improving rapidly, he's just below the ELO for his grade. Only one area with a B+ which is reading & writing [learning prob due to prematurity & partially deaf] His reading has recently clicked, so by the end of this year we are aiming for Consistent +. He has overcome most of his learning problems with a lot of effort and I'm really proud of him. He gets frustrated still but the calming techniques we've used are working and he is using them himself without prompting from an adult. The area we are having most problems with now are Handwriting, he's a messy writer and struggles to be both neat and finish on time,maybe he's going to be a Dr? :-)
His teacher wrote that Yoda is friendly, has a kind nature & is a genuinely nice person. I've never seen that written in a report card before but it is a nice thing to know that your child is a nice person and their teacher likes them. His teacher is proactive with learning & actively encourages all parents to help their child [ that's sad to write but a lot of parents don't involve themselves]
Expected Learning Outcome for age group mid year = Consolidating

Saturday, June 18, 2005


How to get a teenager to voluntarily tidy up & wash dishes -
BQ2 used my pc today to check her email, she decided to click on a link in a spam email to remove herself from their mailing list [ against all my rules of computer use] & shit herself when all my anti virus progs started flashing & the siren sounded alerting to a trojan.
Now she sees the sense in my draconian rules for computer usage *g*
Kitchen is sparkly LOL

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain

Appetizer What's one word or phrase that you use a lot?
WALK [ anyone who has kidlets knows this :-)]

Soup Name something you always seem to put off until the last minute.

Salad What was the last great bumper sticker you saw?
Looking for sympathy?
You'll find it in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis

Main Course If you could be invisible for one day, how would you spend your time?
hehehehehehehe, not telling, but it's evil.

Dessert Describe your hair.
short,red & all over the place [hmm,that would also work as a general description of me]

Friday, June 17, 2005

Whine with cheese

I just had a whiny baby post written out, but I changed my mind. It could be a lot worse and many are worse off than I am, so I think I'll just sit here and mull over the meaning of life & distract myself.

Ah crap, I just remembered it's 42, so there goes my distraction of the day!

meh, think I'll just go work on my skeletons dancing with death instead *g* [ for the benefit of my troll, it's a painting. dipstick.]

Central heating won't be fixed until next Friday, so that hasn't helped either, although I am a lot better in a cold low air pressure enviroment, actually being cold makes me worse. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a small heater for the bottom of the house, the bedrooms upstairs have reverse a/c's that help take the chill off up there but downstairs it's like walking into a coldroom.

heh, I must look shifty *g*
Yesterday I was parked at school to pick up Yoda, I was a little early, but not that much. Anyway, sitting there reading my book & I looked up to see in my rear vision mirror, a cop jumping the fence behind me.
PO : Are you ********* ?
Me : errr, yeah [ except I knew she had run my plates as she called me by both names not just my first, which really pisses me off when people do that LOL]
PO : What are you doing?
Me : Huh [ stunned] umm, waiting for school to finish...
PO : On the oval?
Me : Yes, this is the parent's car park
PO : Oh ok then, just checking to make sure the car wasn't abandoned [HUH????] or stolen
Me : No

She then jumped back over the fence and left. It turns out that the school was vandalised again [twice in a fortnight] so although it's good they're increasing patrols & checking up, it's not so good as my car seems to be an object of noticeability [heh, like that mangling of english!] Since I got it back I've had my plates run 4 times! I need to dye my hair purple or green to look more hoonish or something *g*

Ok, see? it worked I've distracted myself & feel much better [ can anyone say short attention span? heh]

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The heating dude came today to replace the central heating circuit board & blew the whole system. I'm sitting here tonight freezing my virtual cahones off. Not happy.

one person can make a difference

I've been a member of for the last 5 years. I don't take part in the race side of it but have provided links for people to click on to help if they want. It doesn't take much time each day to click on each link to help. It doesn't cost anything either, so feel free to click away :-) If you decide to join for free,let me know & I will add you to my network as well. Cya's mateys!

Join's Race to Save the Baby Seals!
Join's Race for the Rain Forest!
Join's Race for the Oceans!
Join's Race for the Big Cats!
Join's Race for the Primates!
Join's Race for Children!
Join's Race for Pets!
Join's Race to Stop Violence Against Women!
Join and The Breast Cancer Fund's Climb

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


hmmmm, I overestimated my powers, is currently being worked on. Tis nearly finished & should be up soon. I am working as fast as my creativity is letting me *g* Nah, I just wanted to put all new stuff here rather than drag over older work from my old domain.

Hugs bunnies!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Welcome to the Art of Rebecca Cox

This is my friend Rebecca's site. She is a very talented digital artist and I am the proud owner of one of her prints.

Welcome to the Art of Rebecca Cox

I am going to be using this blog to update on my work and links that I like as I travail around cyberspace.