Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh dear, pass me a tissue

Yikes, I must really be sick or I'm getting old and mushy. Leo Sayer singing Happy Christmas at Carols on the Domain had me in tears.
I keep wondering what our little one's are going to grow up like, seeing all this hate in the world. Yes, every generation for a long time has grown up with some kind of conflict/racism happening, but I can't remember such open hatred here before.
Not happy, Jan.

The HOFF can sing. scary shit. Altho, the dramatic poses put me off a little. He must be from the dramatic pause school of music.
Here was me thinking the Hoff's Christmas cd email I got was yet another Hoff spoof. Obviously not.

Did you know Leo Sayer moved to Sydney and released a new cd? No? Me either. I do now though, after being told by the presenters every time they went to them. Ok, well not every time, but it seemed like it. Why don't they just give his home address out and be done with it. heh.

WTF? Nikki Webster straightened her hair. Ohhhh Noooooo, she doesn't look like her without her curly hair. Being a straight haired girl, who lusts after curls, it causes me severe heartburn when curly girls straighten their hair. Harumph.

Oooooh, spunky Italian guy alert!
Patrizio Buanne, I must admit I do have a soft spot in my soul for a crooner and he is apparently taking on Anthony Callea. Dunno about that, but he dresses like a Rat Packer, which is kinda cool.

Human Nature are back.
I think I better take a bex and have a nice lay down.

Feelin' - still slightly sick
Hearin' - Carols in the Domain

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