Thursday, December 08, 2005


I noticed a weird hit in my stats today, from the company below. Strange type of company server to be wandering through my site, so I was curious enough to go see who they are & what they do. Apparently, writing Robbie Williams in a post recently is enough to draw the cyber cops to see if I am pirating music & storing it on my server.

What's really funny, is that a lot of bloggers do what I do, have the *current music playing* text list at the bottom of their posts. So, they're gonna be trawling the net for a lot of ghost entries with no music attached to them. Very efficient. I wonder if this is why they are trying to hit people with such huge fines, the amount of money they're paying for the dud hits?

Actually, no, I don't believe in ripping off artists trying to make a living. I think the artist has the right to make money from his/her work. I damn well expect to get paid for my work and don't appreciate someone else profiting from me without my agreeing to it. I've got kids to feed & music to buy.
So, while I may listen to the artists free streams from their sites, I buy the music. I'm still a tangible cd type of chick though, so I generally buy the cd and pay through the nose, even though I know the artist doesn't get a huge cut.
I did try Bigpond music, but don't like Win Media player due to problems I had with it, but I absolutely LOVE iTunes and will use that instead now it's here in Oz, I've already bought 3 back catalogue items I wanted.

So, the first link is to their official site, note to the boys, if you DON'T want someone to notice you trawling & blogging about it when bored, change the name. DUH.

Cyveillance Online Risk Monitoring and Management

Cyveillance Exposed

For the correct recording of statistics, I am
Hearin' : Electric Jesus - Adam Thompson [Yep, bought & paid for!]
Feelin' : creative

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BwcaBrownie said...

Love it!


Antikva - 1

BwcaBrownie said...

I liked it so much I stole it from you. xxx thanks

antikva said...

That's cool chickie babe *g* Thanks for the kind words too. Now you've made me go all tongue tied and shy. heh.
Good thing I have that mask ;-)