Thursday, December 01, 2005

Breaking in the shower

I managed to get myself trapped in the shower for 30 mins today. It's a 3 door glass thingy and each of them move. In opposite directions and at funny angles as it turns out and not wide enough to make a space to squeeze out through. Even more so when you break the plastic hinges in desperation.
Of course, I didn't want to break it to get out, so I tried the Send hubby vibes thing, thinking he'd worry when I didn't turn up for lunch and come looking for me. Nope.

So, I ended up saying really bad things to the door, then being nice, then after the water ran cold, I pushed on it until the hinge broke and I could lift it out.

Get to the MOTH's place of employment and he's out the back having a brew with the boys! After he stopped laughing himself stupid at my expense and telling everyone,
He says he took off his wife vibe receiving antenna while he was working.
How rude.

Remind me to take out a bigger insurance policy on him as a Christmas present.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

Look I am the first one to subscribe to The Vibes theory . . but . . assuming he felt the vibe, he would have phoned you - and you would have been trapped in the shower!!
A good thing that it ended safely and cleanly. HaHahaaaaaaaaaa

antikva said...

True Brownie, but I am still increasing the Insurance policy ROFL

Yes, verrrrry cleanly as a matter of fact. heh.

Hey, I love your icon BTW