Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I forgot to put this up here. This was my entry in the Art Award. The text is the Lord's Prayer in Cornish as the themef or the festival this year was Welcome Back Cousin Jack as well as the Mapping of  Eaglehawk. The background is the map of Eaglehawk gold fields which had to be used as part of the Artist brief. The bird is a chough.
Gouache, Watercolour, Acrrylic, 24 ct gold on Arches Satine.

So, I now also have stitches in my big toe, same foot as the ankle. I stepped into a pane of vertically stored glass that had a broken edge and bloody hell did it hurt . Lots of blood all over a piece of lino I was saving for a lino cut print :( Hubby says I could wash it off, frame it, call it DNA and sell it. ewwwww is my response. It was either the lino or the carpet, so I thought the lino would be a cheaper option.

We also had our portable aircon recalled by the Manufacturer, high fire risk *eeek*. The repair guy says 100+ have been sold locally by one store and he's only had 2 come in. He's the only auth repairer for them locally, so that's not really good.

I'm off to bed, done some designs, set up my basic shop, have written out some listing text and am editing some of the photo's. Progress at last! :D

PS. I am doing a limited print run of my Butterfly artwork for my friends, let me know [via email with a postal addy] if you want one. Printed in archival ink on Arches Satine.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I swear this project is jinxed. honestly.

not happy. stuck in bed with foot up in air so ankle stops being the size of a house stump & knee realigns. Noone home, want coffee. Have to use stupid crutches to make coffee, why don't they have coffeeholders inbuilt [An iPod holder would be good too]
so I can carry it back to bed, so noone knows I got out of bed in the first place and lectures me.

Cat gives me disapproving look too. Nice.

Camera has gone off on a holiday without me, hope it sends back photos. So while stuck in bed doing nothing am still working on more stuff but bored. Only so many reruns to watch.

Don't tell anyone I was up and on my laptop posting ;D, it will be our little secret until youngest daughter sneaks over to read my blog LOL

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Is It Now by The Brays

Ooooooooh, while you're waiting with bated breath [ no, not baited..that's just eeeeeeeeew!] for my next post in which there will be giveaways and a new link to go look at later tonight/early morning :D check these guys out! I absolutely love their music and have played this song non stop all weekend and then gone and listened to the rest on their Myspace page :D so off you go, check them out! it's worth it. So worth it, the minute they put up new stuff on iTunes, I am buying it all [ well, apart from the 2 they have listed now :D]

link to The Brays Myspace page :

Monday, March 08, 2010

tomorrow is another day...

come back tomorrow for a giveaway and some news! was meant to be today but my head hurts, so am going back to bed.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I should buy a lottery ticket....

One of those days where the A3 printer decided it didn't like paper, phone calls and not a portable phone where they are meant to be, the r on my laptop keyboard decided it was going on a holiday and my clay oven stopped working. *sigh* so, have moulds for buttons ready to bake and nowhere to bake the bloody things.

 Apart from that, working on daughters wedding and the art award entry, both going well :D

Have to clean my studio though as I have crap everywhere and it's driving me crazy.

Youngest Daughter is having fun at Uni and has done well in her first O week :D

And I'm off to swear at the clay oven some more and make Spaghetti Carbonara for tea.