Thursday, March 18, 2010

I swear this project is jinxed. honestly.

not happy. stuck in bed with foot up in air so ankle stops being the size of a house stump & knee realigns. Noone home, want coffee. Have to use stupid crutches to make coffee, why don't they have coffeeholders inbuilt [An iPod holder would be good too]
so I can carry it back to bed, so noone knows I got out of bed in the first place and lectures me.

Cat gives me disapproving look too. Nice.

Camera has gone off on a holiday without me, hope it sends back photos. So while stuck in bed doing nothing am still working on more stuff but bored. Only so many reruns to watch.

Don't tell anyone I was up and on my laptop posting ;D, it will be our little secret until youngest daughter sneaks over to read my blog LOL

4 Even Wiser people reply:

Tailor Made PR said...

Hi my names Andre and you retweeted a message by The Candle Thieves on twitter I'd like to reward such kindness by sending you a digital copy of the album for your listening pleasure so could you send your email addy to andre @ workitmedia . net

Ozfemme said...

hope you're up and feeling better soom. really, a house stump? bloody ouch. take vodka and raspberry for it. (have discovered that there is such a thing as "real" raspberry

Ozfemme said...

soon. I mean soon.

Jayne said...

Hope you're back on your pins by now!