Monday, April 11, 2011


after 6 months?? [ not sure now, but  seems like forever!] my vision finally unblurred 2 days ago. I waited to make sure I didn't jinx myself though :) but finally I can finish off work that has sat untouched mocking me.

I can read books again too & my computer screen is now back to normal size. Even with it set to the highest zoom, it was still painful after about 10 minutes to even look at.  Some people asked if I had a short attention span when I posted on facebook or twitter because my replies were frequently hours apart :) Well, yes, I do have the attention span of a gnat...oooh, pretty shiny things!... but not that bad :)

Funnily enough, I haven't had the urge to be online as much as I used to be though. Surprised me, because I thought I'd be on the instant I could but I went out and bought 3 books to read instead & have some dvds I want to watch. I have lots of weird scribbles in my art journal so am going through them trying to remember what I was thinking at the time :D