Saturday, May 30, 2009

Germany - Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Final - BBC One

I dunno, I reckon this one should have won Eurovision! I mean what's not to love? Tight shiny pants, tap dancing, girls in suits and Dita Von Teese just in case the rest didn't get ya LOL

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bye Sol, we will all miss your cheery face! not.

Did you know that the knitting hook you use to loom knit with is actually VERY painful to sit on? They are. very. You're welcome, I am always more than happy to sacrifice my butt to save others :D

Tonight I will be road testing sewing needles and seed beads :D

In other news, I have now watched the complete series of To A Manor Born, got to Master Boss level in Mafia Wars and was rewarded with a golden toilet :D and watched Eurovision entries on YouTube.

I tell ya, that's the highlight of my life this week, right there. I am so bored BUT have almost mastered the art of being more vertical than horizontal again. I look a bit like a newborn foal or more like an old drunk staggering out the pub at closing.

Hubby cooked a stew with me yelling directions and ingredients from the bedroom lol It was very tasty too, even if he did chop the celery too thick :D

Oh, I forgot, the actual highlight was the idiot [me] who accidentally set the heater to doonah smoulder while I was practicing my vertical skills in the bathroom.

I am off to Spotlight this arvo to obtain some fabric to do a test run for the daughters wedding favours. At last, I have found a way to reduce the number of seed beads I have! I also want to check out the fabric store of wonderment that Jenxo posted about, but that will have to wait until next week. I want some non ironing fabric to make pants for summer out of, so no rush. I want to try my hand at making wearable art. Whether it ends up either or neither is the fun part hehehe

So, hopefully I have kicked the resident bug permanently out now, I feel much better but strangely enough, still tired! I think we should buy shares in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

If you emailed me and haven't gotten a reply, sorry, I am almost caught up.

And now, with a nod to Dogbait who posted the first swine flu joke, here's my contribution

A lion, a bear and a pig are in the pub, showing off. The lion claims, "I'm the mightiest creature on the planet, I roar and the Plains shake." The bear claims, "I'm the mightiest creature on the planet, I roar and the Forests shake." The pig replied, "I'm the mightiest creature on the planet, I cough and The Whole world shit's itself...


If you receive an email from the Department of Health telling you not to eat tinned pork because of swine flu - ignore it. It's just spam.

and that's all. Adios Amigos, till next time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I really hate being unwell and I seem to have been nothing else since we moved here. I'd have to say that it's stress based as the Universe seems intent on kicking my arse just because she can and it all coincided with our move and change of life. So, no point whining about it or you know what happens! However, I am making myself sick by internalising my feelings, so watch out if you piss me off, I will not walk away telling you what I think in my head but to your face. out loud. and I will no longer say thank you to those who don't deserve it.

I used to be so good with change, this time, not so much. I am working on my feeling of displacement but need to stop trying to fit in. If I do, great, if not, sorry, move along if you don't like me. I think I've been suffocating my personality so people like me and I have friends and have to thank someone for making me realise that, even if she doesn't know she did :-)

So, last night I took a night off from everyone's dramas and watched some Midsomer Murders episodes, read a book in bed and stopped fretting and worrying. Did some more knitting for the coat I'm making for BattleQueen 3 [Hi Honey! lol]

Pebbles the cat laid on me, over me, beside me and generally snuggled up to me all night. At 5am she decided to go kitteh pscho all over the house and did the *boing* jump on to me from the cupboard. At that point I told her sternly GO.TO.SLEEP. and she did. HA! at least the cat listens and obeys :D

Did some ideas sketches and worked on getting the image in my head started on paper.

Have revisited a theme I had abandoned for others and am wandering along plotting and planning.