Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sounds wonderful! My less than a year old laptop Acer 3503 is showing this error message and is stuck in a loading loop. I'm about to throw it out the freaking door.

So, of course Tech support for Acer is enjoying time off and I am going insane trying to repair it. Who was it that said computers make life easier? BAH!

On a brighter note, I have plugged my phone in and am merrily making new ring tones for my phone YAY! Although I did cause the kidlets to have a fit when I put a wallpaper on of Robbie Williams and all you could see was his bare butt. MUWAHAHAHAHA! I am sure that will cause some future counselling sessions! hehe. It could have been worse...

I'm off to continue the search for answers to my dilemna! Adios.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I was going to do Fridays Feast, but it's Saturday and I still haven't gotten to it! Story of my life lately. heh.

I found out all my comment messages were going to the spam folder, so I'll answer everyone who has commented that I have missed. Sorry, sorry, sorry! See, and I just thought nobody loved me. Why Google thinks their own blog service is spam is beyond me though. *snigger, snort*

I got a new mobile for my birthday, so I've hooked it up to the laptop and made a couple of mp3 ringtones for it. It's only going to take me 3 years to read the instruction book LOL Everyone better be careful now, it has a video camera as well as a still camera. So, be prepared for some amusing vids of my hubby & kidlets.

Poor things, they tried to get me tickets to the Robbie Williams concert in Dec but didn't. They even tried to win some on the radio stations but missed out. Poor MOTH nearly had a heart attack when he saw the prices on Ebay. So, they bought me the phone to make up for it. I nearly fell over when I opened it!

MOTH also gave me a hula hoop ?????????? ROFLMAO.

Son gave me a special present which he wrapped himself. I'm still unwrapping it 2 days later. He's a cunning little toad, he's wrapped it in packing tape and then hidden the start of it with more tape. I'll have to think of something more evil to do to him for his 12th birthday. MUWAHAHAHA. I could cheat and cut it, but he thinks he has one over me. And, as all parents know, letting them think that, is a good thing. heh.

Well mateys, don't forget to avagoodweegend! I'm off to get sleep!