Sunday, October 31, 2010

is back...

as a certain lovely lady blogger friend [ who sends me the MOST AMAZING miniature persian rugs and who I love most dearly, more on that in a future post] commented on my Facebook status, just in time for All Hallows Eve :D I am the Quuueeeeeeeen of Bad Timing ROFL

The Wedding was wonderful, the bride BEEEYOTIFUL and the damned veil *I* ended up having to shove in her head did. not. fall. out. once...errr, well, except for when it got caught on my bracelet after the first successful insertion just before we left for the church... heh.... and is a long story involving $2 laundry bags, a cosmetic sponge and BOOST juice! 

The bridal bouquet was not. tears and emergency additions with the help of Johnny the Limo Driver [ such a lovely guy!] made it more respectable. Many BOO's to the florist.

The Bride was late for a most important date and the rain cleared just as the Limo [ Thanks Johnny!] left the freeway, which was a most definite *PHEW* moment.

 Then on to the photo's [ will put one up later, once I have bribed them] in the park and a drive by from the local constabulary who whooped the siren with much hand waving and smiles all round. Thanks guys :D Then onto the feasting and drunking and much merriment was had by all including our 15 yr old son who pwned the dance floor. All night long! 

Then we drove the newlyweds to their home in the wilderness, then to the hotel in the city, then back to the wilderness, then hubby drove a bridesmaid to the airport for a 6am flight out, then back out to the wilderness to pick us all up.

Then we all drove home to Bendigo. The End.

As usual, I decided to add some fun to the fun and games and once we were home, did a partial twist with a reverse pike and smacked my head on the door frame before perfecting a horizontal landing flat on my back. A high score resulted with concussion, bruising and some damaged ligaments and muscles, so have spent the past week amusing myself with the level of dizziness I could invoke by trying to read credits on the tv screen.  I still have some minor vision blur but apart from that am almost back up and running... errr, welll, almost :D

Just in time to start organising a birthday bash for the almost 21 year old.