Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh dear...

It's a good thing I have never publically claimed to have high intelligence :D

Did you know that when you get the comments on your blog by email that it's not the person's actual email address? sigh.

I have been replying to everyone's comments but for some reason have replied by email and only realised that it does not go to the person I thought I was replying too. How embarassment!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some teasers : I took them on my phone and so the quality is absolutely dreadful but here are some things that may or may not be related to some posts in the very near future  :D like from next Monday...

Yes, the horse is a happy chappy :D I have no idea why he decided to smile but I liked it.
My photographer started Uni, so is too busy to take proper photo's until later this week so these will have to do for now. 

I've also gessoed 18 boards [ about 6x2"] & some canvases ready to get plastered and backgrounded and screwed the chains into them, which killed my fingers but their done! I have whole series that I've been plodding away on and ready to go.  I've also started on the artwork for the Art Award, which has to be in by the 17 March, can't show a pic of that yet. One art doll is done but she's going to someone already :D and I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped her up :( but have one that is similiar that I've started so will take pics of that one. LOL

Apart from that, I've been kind of wandering along, not stressing as I'm going pretty well healthwise except for the ankle bits, so everything stored on top of bookshelves has to either wait till the youngest [ who is also the tallest LOL] is home from school or is already at my level so I don't get up on tippytoes *grinz* I was offered a stepladder but declined cos to be honest, I'd fall off for sure!

Plus I have been steadily working away on the wedding stuff, none of which I am allowed to show anyone yet :( <---- that's really a pout LOL

Adios Amigos, until tomorrow! :D I'm off to get some zzzzzz's

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I am not a happy lil vegemite because for the 2nd year in a row I won't be going to Phillip Island for WSBK.

In other news in the unhappy category, I have stretched/torn my right achilles tendon being overly ambitious in the Year of me finally allowed to do more physical stuff. So for the last couple of weeks I have been hobbling around or plonked with an elevated leg and ice on it and it's getting old, fast.

Why yes, patience *IS* one of my most valuable personality traits, thanks for asking :D

So, fritters for tea using the leftovers from last nights tea of roast pork.

School started yesterday and Uni starts in a couple of weeks. TG. I decided to stand in shorter queues earlier than everybody else did. Except for one rude A at the bookshop who decided that I was invisible and walked over to be served before me after I had been there over an hour waiting AHEAD of him & then smirked at me! I hit the rage level of incandescence, he'd want to hope that he is never in a queue near me ever again. Tool. He was lucky he left the carpark before me though because I went looking for him to thank him for being a rude arrogant prick. politely of course :D

I have changed the casting material I was using as it's either old stock or the product is just crap as all the casts have not worked properly & cracked or broken as I've released them. Working on some research for an exhibition piece and I am trying to get my studio organised again. again. heh. It's driving me nuts to have stuff in different ends of the house, so once hubby finishes this week he's going to help me shove stuff around. Like tetris :D

Oops, off to feed the vultures! catchya later...