Saturday, September 30, 2006

Countdown - Supernaut - Young & Innocent - Google Video

Wow. I was in love with Gary Twinn when I was 14 or 15, I thought Supernaut were wonderful and drove all my friends crazy. They liked Bay City Rollers and Abba. I had my hair permed at one stage and it was stuffed up, so I told everyone it was supposed to be like Gary Twinn's. ROFLMAO I've only been able to find 2 of their video's though, but they also did *Too hot to touch* and * The kids are out tonight*
Talk about going backwards in time!

Click below to watch Young & Innocent on Countdown.
Countdown - Supernaut - Young & Innocent - Google Video

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Spent the afternoon watching 80's music vids on you tube. Ahhhhh,Icehouse, Men at Work, Depeche Mode... I am in heaven. Marti Pellow and that smile!

Eldest is pregnant, so went to Baby Shop so she could show me the pram she was going to buy. Saleslady freaked out when she called me Mum, she thought I was her older sister supposedly. I am too damn short for my age.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Charlie on my mind, Customer Service Special

My favourite perfume is Fidji by Guy Laroche, sadly it is getting harder to get and more expensive if you can find it. So, I've been on a mission to find an alternate. I'm pretty picky at how I smell and hate girly cloying perfume. I may not be girly girly but I like to smell nice.

You can get it at Duty shops at airports but I am not planning on leaving Australia any time soon. The only person I know going OS is going on a charity ride in SA for Riders for Health [ yes, my fault LOL* ] and I don't think he'd wanna be carting around exy bottles in his bag. Anyway...

Charlie - by Revlon, the original was based on Fidji. Supposedly it is readily available. Ok, well, yes, that would probably be true if the 2 checkout chicks could be assed to do anything more than say Nope, don't have it. They had Charlie Red & Charlie Blue, so I sprayed the Red & wanted to test the Blue, so back to the disinterested chicks again, answer was Nah, don't have a tester for it. So, my answer was, Well, that solved my problem of where to spend $100 +, not here that's for sure. I'm sure with that kind of stellar customer service the Store's future is guaranteed. When I see the 2 of them near a Centrelink Office, I certainly won't be surprised.

The shop I went to was not the shop I linked to above, they are great and answer stupid questions over the phone and are apparently interested in selling their items. Unlike another national company who specialise in female beauty products, like perfume & makeup but obviously not so specialised at customer service.

Charlie Red still smells nice on me after 12+ hours, so I think I might just go for that one.

* I saw an article about Riders for Health and showed my mate. After 2 years of fundraising & planning he leaves in a few weeks for it, he's the only Aussie going this year. I hope he has great fun but gets home safely in time so we can go to testing days at Phillip Island.
Hugs matey!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

winds of change

I've just spent ages trying to locate a font designer. He was very popular and seems to have disappeared into cyberether. I want to use his font on the new site I am designing, so if anyone knows how to contact Graham Meade of Australia, please let me know at

Antikva Art & Design is changing as well, I have a partner in crime now. Dragonsand is a mate from Uni who loves print design [ Why? I have no idea either! LOL He's demented.] All the legalities have been done, so we are off and running... err well, he's running, I'm kind of waddling along behind. So, there are going to be changes apart from the move to our own server [ yeah, sorry 'bout that! it was a bit of a cluster]

Dragonsand is an excellent graphic designer/illustrator/artist and friend, so I'm in a happy place with this change. Plus, he's used to random convo's with me LOL and is quite happy to put up with me charging off into the Illumination side at the same time.

Well, I am off to get some work done. Might go play JewelQuest for a while. Yeah. I know *G*

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Back from the Motogp at Phillip Island. Yes, of course we had a great time :-) It only rained when the main race was about to start, then when they swapped bikes, it pretty much stopped raining as well LOL So this year the weather was pretty good. Sunny and cool at the same time. First year I didn't get sunburn and frostbite on my ears ROFL

Did hear good news though, Max Biaggi has signed to ride for WSBK next season.
Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra to be precise, so that made me a very happy lil vegemite. LOL, yes, diehard Max fan here, so there! I like the WSBK paddock better than Motogp as it's less formalised, less people, we don't sit in the stands, we hang off the fenceline near Turn One.

Working on a new artwork, so I'll put up some work in progress shots later this week. This one is a lot larger than I normally work at, so I'll have to work out how to manouevre it as I move along the sheet of paper.

Well, I better get to the backlog of stuff I have to do. heh. See what happens when you sneak a week off!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Blimey. That took a long time! Didya miss me? no? ok. moving on.
Let's see...

I just had my annual full check up, I am as healthy as a horse this time. They took so much blood this time, I think I actually lost weight LOL My PA indicators weren't so crash hot though, which would explain why I walk as if all my clothes have been washed in starch a hundred times. That's cool though as everything else is normal. Hubby will have to go to Plan B to get rid of me now :-)

I wasn't going to go to the Motogp this year with all the drama of the kidlets etc but I am now. Dave is flying down from Sydney, so if you see the 2 nuts doing the F18 flyover wave at the top of the Wayne Gardner straight stand, that's us! heh. Sorry, it's extremely funny to us at least. I'm a bit sad though, my favourite rider Max Biaggi isn't going to be there this year. *sigh*

I have a new online project underway, but it's a secret for a while until I get it done. I do need a couple of female beta testers though, so feel free to put your hand up if you'd like to read and give feedback. Err, you do have to like sports though, in particular motor sports.

The 2 eldest heiresses [heirii???? LOL] both have f/t jobs now, so they are going to be able to flee the nest again shortly. The 3rd heiress in line is doing well at school and the heir is playing runescape or off flying a kite. Really. he is. Mind you it's 3x his size, so he has to have parental supervision so he doesn't take off into the stratosphere.
He's grown an inch in the last couple of months, he is going to be very tall like my brother. I'm still going to be the shortest person in the family. How rude.

Last week was a shocker, I'm still gobsmacked at the deaths of 2 Aussie legends.
RIP Steve Irwin
RIP Peter Brock

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